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Rainy Daze Branding


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Rainy Daze Branding

  1. 1. Brand Positioning Statement For women ages 16 to 35, Rainy Daze’s function- meets-fashion rain gear makes it your personal solution to rainy day blues. Tough enough to endure a hurricane, yet stylish enough to make a splash on the runway.
  2. 2. Brand Architecture
  3. 3. Brand Territory-Outerwear/footwear-Weather resistant gear
  4. 4. Brand PersonalityThe brand is… Female, social, sassy. A professional, an adventuress.
  5. 5. Brand Properties Headline: Splash in Fashion Color scheme: Mature hues of primary colors
  6. 6. Logo Draft
  7. 7. Ripples & Reflections
  8. 8. Reflections & Ripples
  9. 9. Commercial
  10. 10. Cutting Room Floor.. Rainy Daze is the Head Honchos of Ponchos, the Top Sellas of Umbrellas, and the Cool Cats of Hats. We are the rainbow to your rain woes