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North America Industrial Indicators - In 7 Minutes


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Cushman & Wakefield Industrial Indicators - April 2012

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North America Industrial Indicators - In 7 Minutes

  1. 1. NORT AM CA TH MERICINDUSTR RIAL IN NDICAT TORS…IN 7 MIN NUTES AP PRIL 2012 2 CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD’S SEVEN-MINUTE W S E • Gra Alliance carr and riers NYK Line, Hapag-Lloyd an Orient nd OVERVIEW OF INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITY AND D Oveerseas Containe Line are leavin the Port of Se er ng eattle and TRENDS WAS DESIGNED FO TODAY’S S OR mov to the Was ving shington United Terminals in Taacoma. This BUSY REAL ES STATE PROFESSSIONAL; THIS sho ould reverse Taccoma’s recent doownward trend in container OVERVIEW PRROVIDES READDERS A volu ume resulting fro Maersk vaca om ating the port in 2010. COMPREHENS SIVE LOOK AT KEY MARKET • The Port of Long B e Beach welcomed the largest container ship ever d ERS, LEADING INDICATORS, AND STATISTICS IN A QUICKDRIVE A K to c to North Am call merica, the MSC Fabiola. The ve C essel, measuring TIBLE FORMAT.AND EASILY DIGEST 1,20 feet in length is the largest c 00 h, container vessel now servingThe gl lobal economy is expected to st off slowly in 2012, as debt tart U.S S.-Asia trade, and is capable of ca d arrying more tha 12,000 anresoluution issues rema a concern, an strengthen during the second ain nd d conntainer units. The Port of Long BBeach is investin $4.5 billion nghalf as underlying economic fundamen s ntals improve. Overall, the U.S. O ove the next deca to modernize its facilities. er ade ewill ex xperience modest growth during 2012 as uncert g tainty about debbt • Cannadian National Railway will exp pand its service t the growing toreduct tion and the elec ctions keeps bus sinesses and inve estors cautious. Por of Prince Rupe by adding a c rt ert container train c connection toHowe ever, with record corporate pro and improving consumer d ofits Edmmonton in June. The new connection, which will also bringdeman the U.S. appe poised for growth to accele nd, ears g erate in the add service to Calgary, comes as Alberta emerg as one of the ded s gessecond half of the yea Canada and Mexico are also expected to d ar. M e fast test growing indu ustrial and consumer based eco onomies in Northcontin to expand at generally stron nue t nger rates than in 2011, but n Ammerica.growt will be modes with demand from the U.S. re th st f emaining slow. • Inveestors are lookin to take advan ng ntage of growing population g cennters and evolvin trade routes. One such exam is the new ng mple “Ammerica’s Gatewa Logistics Cent ay ter” in Moore HHaven, FL., theNORT AMERICA – GDP GROW TH WTH larg ogistics center in Florida, boasting access to fou gest integrated lo n ur 6.0% % sea ports, major ra carriers, and m ail major air cargo ooperations. • Catterpillar Inc. has closed a locomootive plant in Lo ondon Ontario. 5.0% % The work will be re e elocated to the company’s othe assembly er 4.0% % plan in North and South America nts d a. 3.0% % MANU UFACTURING INVESTMEN RISING G NTS • Cat terpillar broke g ground on a new $200 million fa w acility near 2.0% % hens, Georgia. T site borders Athens-Clarke a Oconee Ath The and 1.0% % cou unties. Company officials say its new plant is cre y eating 1,400 jobs s. 2010 201 11 2012F 2 Cat terpillar will star producing and selling its const rt d truction and U.S. Canada a Mexico min equipment a its new facility by late 2013. ning at y • Cat terpillar Inc. also plans to expand its hydraulic fa o acility in Summter’s Black Rive Airport Indus er strial Park. The $ million $20MARK DRIVERS/ KET /INFRASTRUC CTURES inve estment is expec more than 80 new jobs over two cted to create m w o• Driiven by sharply lower freight rat especially on the Asia- l tes, n yea rs. Caterpillar’s expansion will n nearly triple the facility’s Eurrope route, and a 35%t increase in fuel costs, Maersk Line will e M foottprint. rem in the red this year, slumping to a $602 million loss in 2011 main t • The Linamar Corp.., which has plan and facilities in 11 countries, e nts afte a record $2.6 billion profit in 2010. er 6 receently offered a s sneak preview o its new North Carolina facility of y.• Coonstruction of buuildings and infra astructure at the Vancouver e The 400,000-sf plan will employ m e nt more than 250 w workers and will Shipyards and Victo Shipyards is expected to be in 2012 as a oria s egin star turning out en rt ngine block and wheel parts for heavy res of the $8-billion Seaspan Ma sult arine Corp. conttract won last fal ll. connstruction equipmment by early M May. Sev new non-com ven mbat ships will be built, with wo on the first b ork • Acc cording to a rece report by Accenture, some 61% of ent ship to begin in 2013. p man nufacturing execcutives surveyed by the consulta d ancy said they wer considering m re more closely mat tching supply loc cation with dem mand location by re-shoring man y nufacturing and supply.
  2. 2. UNIT TED STATES CANA ADA• U.S containerized imports rose 4.1% in January ye S. ear-over-year, to o • Cannada’s trade surp narrowed f plus from $2.9 billion CAD in n 1.5 million TEUs, driven by growth in furniture and auto parts d h d Dec cember to $2.1 billion in January 2012. This represented the y ship pments. It was the third straight month of year- t t -over-year gains. thir consecutive m rd month of trade s surplus. Thi data reflects the continued re is ecovery in auto sales and the s • Elev vated oil prices c continue to fuel mega projects a attached to oil rec cent improvement in housing sal which are tie closely to les, ed sand initiatives, and this is leading to the rise of sig ds gnificant furniture imports. Sales of existing homes have risen in three of S spe culative develop pment within Ca algary’s industria markets – with al h the last four month e hs. ove 3 million squa feet slated to rise in 2012 an 2013. er are o nd• The U.S. trade defi rose to a thr e icit ree-year high of $52.6 billion in • Cannadian ports saw increased or le cargo volum in 2011 with w evel mes h January as a 2.1% ju ump in imports outpaced a 1.4% rise in exports % s. seve ports recor eral rding record leve activity. Port Metro el It is the largest deficit since October 2008, as impo totaled s orts Van ncouver saw an a all-time record o activity and M of Montreal saw $23 33.4 billion again $180.8 billion in export. nst n douuble-digit growth h.• U.S manufacturing technology orde in January ro 8.4% year- S ers ose • Bot New Brunswiick and Nova Scotia should see some pick-up in th n ove er-year. The stro technology manufacturing re ong eport reinforces s eng gineering and connstruction activi as Irving Ship ity pbuilding Inc. the steady surge of expansion seen in overall facto production. e f n ory gea rs up to produc 20 large comb vessels under the shipbuildin ce bat ng U.S manufacturing production has expanded 30 st S. traight months con ntract. thr rough January. • Chr rysler Canada sa one of the st aw trongest January in history and ys• As domestic manuf facturing expand and powers a U.S. economic ds too first place in v ok vehicle sales for only the second time in its d rec covery, total U.S intermodal vol S. lume hauled by major U.S. m hist tory. railroads expanded 2.4% in Februa year-over-yea Intermodal d ary ar. • In Ja anuary (the mos recent data av st vailable), motor vehicle sales traf was up for th 27th straight month. ffic he ros e 2.6% to $4.5 bbillion, the seven consecutive month of sales nth• Ret sales exceeded expectations rising 4.1% in March. This tail s, M incrreases. Willingne to make “big ticket” purchas reflects ess g ses follows gains of 1.1% in February and 0.6% in Janua Sales were a ary. grow consumer confidence. owing buooyed by a 1.6% rise in sales of motor vehicles, reflecting pent-up r m r p • Althhough employment was unchang in February, the number of ged , demmand and growing confidence as job creation sp s peeds up. wor rkers declined, p pushing the unem mployment rate down by 0.2• Tra volume at th nation’s two top ports (Ports of Los Angeles ade he t s perrcentage points t 7.4%. Retail a wholesale trade, to and &LLong Beach) declined by 0.7% yeear-over-year, de espite the fact tran nsportation and warehousing sa declines, offse by gains in aw et tha total TEUs acr at ross the nation’s ten biggest por has grown by s rts y area such as financ insurance, re estate, and leasing. as ce, eal 0.8%. MEXIC CO• The recent slower activity at the So Cal ports has been partly due e S e • Mexxican industrial p production acceelerated in Janua (the most ary to t fact that India and Singapore are becoming major shipping the e rece data availablle), driven by sig ent gnificant gains in manufacturing hub and routes th bs, here favor the East Coast. Cons sequently, trade and construction, le d ending support f upward revis for sions to the volume at the Port of New York/N Jersey has risen 4.0% while t New r e cou untrys economic growth forecasts. Output clim c mbed 4.2% from Sav vannah has seen a 4.2% annual inncrease. the year earlier and 0.8% from Dec d cember.• The U.S. industrial market has clea transitioned into recovery in e arly n • Mannufacturing industry led the grow in industrial output, wth 201 and demand accelerated significantly as mark fundamentals 11 a ket s panding 5.6% fro a year earlier, followed by construction, exp om con ntinue to fall mo in-line with le ore evels seen prior to the r with 4.8% growth w h while mining fell 1.3%. rec cession. • Mexxico’s gross dom mestic product is expected to ex s xpand 3.5% in Wi improved lea ith ancy, the national asing velocity and gains in occupa d 201 2, down from 33.9% in 2011 as E Europe’s debt cr weighs on risis ove erall vacancy rate declined to 100.0% at year-end 2011, an 80- d glob demand. bal bas point (bp) dec sis crease from last year. t • Mex xico has reached an agreement with Brazil to im d mpose an export t quo on its auto sa to Brazil ov a three-year period. The ota ales verU.S. TRADE VOLU UME valu of Mexican ca exports to Br ue ar razil jumped around 70% in 201 1, contributing to a glut of chea aper imports tha are hurting at $2.0 Braazils automakers s. Chained US-$ in Trillions $1.5 • Mex xico’s potential real estate indus strial developme has ent $1.0 sub bstantial upside; t expansion o manufacturing industries and the of (2005) robbust growth in loogistics operatio continue. Sup is coming at ons pply t $0.7764 $1.4399 $0.8426 $1.5993 $0.9061 $1.7080 $0.9915 $1.8091 $1.0881 $1.8561 $1.1570 $1.7848 $1.0186 $1.5060 $1.1649 $1.7293 $1.2526 $1.8287 $0.5 attr ractive prices an d it is likely to f further diversify in order to mat a more soph tch histicated deman nd. $ $ $0.0 2003 20 004 2005 2006 2007 2008 20 009 2010 2011 GOO EXPORTS OD GOOD IMPO ORTSCushm & Wakefield World Headquarters man W For more informat F tion, please contac ct:1290 A Avenue of the Am mericas Tina Arambulo TNew YYork, NY 10104-6 6178 310-525-1918 (tina 3 a.arambulo@cush © 2012 Cushman & Wakefiel Inc. All rights reserved. ld,