Cushman & Wakefield - Industrial Fact of the Week - July 10 12


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Cushman & Wakefield - Industrial Fact of the Week - July 10 12

  1. 1. U.S HOU S. USING V WA VS. AREHO OUSE DEMAN NDKEY FACTS Y • Ind dustrial ware ehouse absorption reac ched its pea in third qu ak uarter 2005 with 39.5 msf. At t same tim housing starts and housing sales peaked with the me, g 1.7 million an 7.59 milli units, re 75 nd ion espectively. • Fo ollowing the peak, quart ter-over-qua eriorated for 12 arter housing starts dete con nsecutive quarters from 2Q06 thro m ough 1Q09 a housing sales fade in 12 and g ed of 14 quarters from 3Q05 through 1Q s 5 Q09. Waning housing demand coin g ncided wit the drop i warehous absorptio during the same per th in se on riod. When the bru of the re unt ecession wa felt in 200 warehou users sh as 08, use huttered the eir businesses an returned 66.5 msf fro 3Q08 to 2Q10. nd om o • Fir quarter 2 rst 2009 marked the low in warehouse absorption at negative 36.2 d e n e ms and housi starts at 360,000. A the econo sf ing t As omy began to recover in mid- 2010, new hou using starts picked up, averaging 4 450,000 new units each w h quarter since 2 2Q10. • vailable new housing, co Av w oupled with low interes rates lifted housing sa st d ales, ave eraging more than 4.0 million quar rterly sales o over the pas two years st s. Inc creased hou using activity drives dem y mand from r retailers and suppliers f new d for spa to lease Conseque ace e. ently, wareh house absorption totale 119.5 ms over ed sf the past eight quarters. eTed.H Harrison@ @cushwake. .com 602-2 229-5936 field Research, Moody’ Analytics/Source: Cushman & Wakef ’s /Economy.ccom. Only m marketstrack by Cush ked hman & Wakkefield office are includ in this a es ded analysis.INDUSTRIAL FACT TE L EAMTina Arambulo Ted Harris son Jared Jacobs dLos A Angeles Phoenix Philad delphiaJame Breeze es Steve Harr ris Aman Ortiz ndaLos A Angeles Dallas Chica agoNeil Hamilton Robert Ho oeferOrlan ndo Houston
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