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Kelly's bridge presentation

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  1. 1. BridgesBy Kelly
  2. 2. Arch Bridges• An arch bridge is a bridge constructed in the shape of an arch, and is usually made of steel, stone, or another durable substance• An example of an arch bridge is the Alexander Hamilton bridge in New York and goes over the Harlem river, built in 1952 and now has 8 lanes
  3. 3. Suspension Bridge• A suspension bridge a bridge that has a deck suspended by cables or rods from other cables or chains that hang between two towers and are anchored at both ends• An example is the Golden Gate Bridge in California, built in 1937
  4. 4. Beam Bridge• A beam bridge is structure made of a bunch of steel or concrete beams that are parallel to traffic and support the roadway directly above them• An example of a beam bridge is Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in New Orleans, started to be built in 1948, and it took 8 years to complete
  5. 5. Cable Stay Bridge• Cable Stay Bridges are bridges that consist of one or more towers, with cables supporting the bridge deck.• An example of a Cable Second Severn Crossing in Wales, built in 1966• There was a poem written about the tolls on this bridge:• Two lands at last connectedAcross the waters wide,And all the tolls collectedOn the English side. 5