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Kimbia: Sustaining Giving Made Easy With Technology


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Our fundraising experts Miriam Kagan and Taylor Shanklin will walk you through the different features that will keep sustainers happy such as: Ask arrays and donation forms, Simple pay option for prior one-time donors, Automated data capture and pre-filled information, Payment types (ACH, CC, checks)

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Kimbia: Sustaining Giving Made Easy With Technology

  1. 1. Fundraise Faster. Est. in Austin, TX 2007
  2. 2. Week #2 Sustaining Donors: Make the Most of Your Campaign With the Right Technology #kimbiawebinars Gather around the campfire
  3. 3. Hello! • Nickname: “T-Shank” • Sr. Manager, Product Mktg @ Kimbia • Peer-to-peer Boss Lady • Nonprofit tech nerd and writer • Coffee, kids, wine • Follow @tshankcycles • Nickname: “Yoda” • Sr. Principle @ Kimbia • Strategy Ninja and Goddess • Nonprofit tech nerd and writer • Puppies! Who doesn’t love puppies! • Follow @miriamkagan Miriam Kagan Taylor Shanklin #kimbiawebinars
  4. 4. Kimbia provides an all-in-one solution for... Online Fundraising Event Registration Peer-to-Peer, Team & DIY Fundraising Giving Days / Crowdfunding Custom Forms #kimbiawebinars
  5. 5. Recap: Week 1 of Sustainer Summer Camp Sustainer Models How to Prospect Conversion Pathways Offering Incentives #kimbiawebinars
  6. 6. Agenda #kimbiawebinars Communication Workflow Best Practices: Setting Up Your Forms Make it Simple to Give Again Payment Types & “Managing It All” Measure & Track Q & A
  7. 7. Communication Automate Your Workflow #kimbiawebinars
  8. 8. Automate Communications #kimbiawebinars • Plan & Automate • Set Up A Calendar/Schedule • Use Your Email Marketing Provider’s Scheduling Tools • Use Social Scheduling Tools like Hootsuite or Buffer • Set Up Thank You Message Autoresponders from your Online Fundraising Provider
  9. 9. Automate Communications #kimbiawebinars
  10. 10. Prospect, then Segment Levels/Donor Groups #kimbiawebinars RECENCY FREQUENCY MONETARY SUSTAINER PROSPECT UNIVERSE If gave $50 in past 12 months, place in Group 1  Receives Ask amounts Level 1 If gave $500- $1000 in past 12 months, place in Group 3  Receives Ask Amounts Level 3 If gave $100 - $250 in past 12 months, place in Group 2  Receives Ask Amounts Level 2 If gave $1000+ in past 12 months, place in Group 4  Receives Ask Amounts Level 4 Different Messages for Different Donors
  11. 11. Segment Levels, Show Impact #kimbiawebinars
  12. 12. Technology On Your Forms What are the possibilities? #kimbiawebinars
  13. 13. Ask Amounts: Dynamic Impact #kimbiawebinars
  14. 14. Be Transparent Upfront #kimbiawebinars
  15. 15. Make Options Easily Accessible and Appropriate For the Ask #kimbiawebinars
  16. 16. Not Just for Everyday Giving Donation Forms #kimbiawebinars Peer-to-Peer and DIY Fundraising Campaigns Giving Tuesday and EOY Campaigns Giving Days
  17. 17. Make it SIMPLE. #kimbiawebinars 1, 2, 3 – Voila!
  18. 18. Reduce Clicks & Remove Barriers #kimbiawebinars • Repeat donors can give again faster • Two simple steps: Name & Zip code, click to donate • Secure information always remains with your payment gateway
  19. 19. Improve donor experience with faster transactions for returning donors • Keep it simple for your loyal, returning supporters • Pre-fill ID = Kimbia data tag containing interaction history data • Pre-fill form with donor details such as name/email Effective Results with Smart Data & Pre-fill ID
  20. 20. Payment Types #kimbiawebinars And Managing ”It All”
  21. 21. Offer wide variety in payment methods #kimbiawebinars
  22. 22. Tips for Managing Sustainers #kimbiawebinars • Run Reports: Use your online fundraising platform to identify donors who are close to CC expiration • Set up automation • Automate segment to build on a weekly or monthly basis and re-build the group that includes those who are a month away from CC expiration • Send automated emails to that group • Remind people their CC is about to expire • Send them a link to update their CC in your online fundraising system
  23. 23. Measure & Track #kimbiawebinars What is working and what isn’t?
  24. 24. Review Sustainer Performance #kimbiawebinars • Run reports to keep track of successful transactions • Run reports to see if sustainer are engaging in some other way with your organization • Upgrades: review who has been giving regularly for 2+ years and create upgrade program (think back to simple pay) • Create a major donor conversion funnel
  25. 25. Set Goals #kimbiawebinars • Determine what % of your file should be on a sustainer path. If you are not sure, set a realistic goal and work towards it. • Determine what % of your sustainers should be active 12 months from now. Understand key reasons that goal is not being met and measure it. • Determine by how much you’d like to upgrade sustainers. Test campaigns to upgrade.
  26. 26. Gather Back at the Campfire for Week 3 of Summer Camp on August 9 at 1pm CT. Register at Thank you! Follow us on Twitter #kimbiawebinars @Kimbiainc @miriamkagan @tshankcycles Want to learn more about working with Kimbia? Sign up for a demo at:
  27. 27. Q &A Ask us now or send an email to #kimbiawebinars