Formal Statement
Hello to my friends, fans, online companions,
I’m afraid to have to write today the very sad news of my p...
Photographic work and video art. I shall, when I have completed, the new art upload
a small, cut example of my work for pu...
of ‘getting attention’ that I now realise is unprofessional.
I hope this gives a clear picture of how I feel and I hope no...
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Formal Statement about Going Offline after experiencing too much Online Bullying for me to Cope with.


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I have made the decision to go offline and have no more online interaction as a result of Online Bullying and jealousy, cruelty and malice toward me. I just cannot take anymore of this evil toward me. People have been really nasty and I haver been subjected to victimisation, discrimination and bullying and I have totally had enough. I don't have to take this. I'd rather not be online than deal with this pain from just real idiots that have nothing better to do than destroy other people's lives.

It seems people just are out to get me and pull me down.
Well well - done you've all managed to do it. I just cannot take anymore.

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Formal Statement about Going Offline after experiencing too much Online Bullying for me to Cope with.

  1. 1. Formal Statement Hello to my friends, fans, online companions, I’m afraid to have to write today the very sad news of my public departure as a result of more cruelty toward me. The public arena is an evil place with people with daggers simply stabbing and blooding each other. It is not a place of common courtesy, praise or respect. It will never be so. The public arena of the internet has now brought me to my last & final decision that I shall, indeed, be going offline for good. I have been victim to countless abusive comments and actions online, particularly from or American friends over the last months and I am now, afraid I just cannot take anymore. IT ENDS HERE. Not only am I experiencing bullying online, I am also experiencing bullying in my everyday life on a fairly widespread scale. London, particularly seems to be a place full of malice, greed, selfishness and cruelty, as well as the world outside London. I am amazed that people fail to have a conscience to their cruel actions and words toward me. I was abused repeatedly in France, for example, by cruel people who seem to have daggers for me! I truly am horrendously amazed at the cruel world that we have created. Yesterday, I received abuse from a man, who appeared to have no creative abilities whatsoever, he told me I couldn’t write, make art or music. He has had all my most viewed Youtube videos removed, even my Arty Strip Show that had NO OFFENDING CONTENT. It has the suggestion of a tit toward to end of the piece. I was particularly proud with this video and it was a very artistic expression of an intimate moment, with no real offending content compared to the content I have witnessed on Youtube in the past. The man was simply envious to the greenest degree of my capabilities. This was clearly obvious in his commentary that I was no artist! I couldn’t sing, play guitar or play piano according to him! My piano was be ‘banging on the keys’, which it certainly wasn’t! My piano, as I felt was very sensitively played! I am very hurt and I know that it is the MALICE & CRUELTY of HUMANITY. I expect such malice and I now am witness to the evil cruelty of humanity. I am deeply saddened to almost suicidal degree, which is the reason for my final actions to finally come out of the public arena for good. I cannot cope with such commentary or abuse and I am hurting and exasperated to how I have been treated and received online. I simply cannot take anymore and I now must protect my weeping heart! My heart cannot take much more evil, cruel abuse and I cannot subject myself to such public ridicule. I must come out of the public eye – offline whilst I work and I shall not be leaving the daily commentary or daily interaction that I you may have became accustomed to. I shall endeavour to make new art in my home, whilst I still live here, as I am planning a move as a result of bullying at home from neighbours too! I am writing my Graphic novel that I will be keeping secret, it is highly personal and I will not be posting much more information about this project online. The same goes for new
  2. 2. Photographic work and video art. I shall, when I have completed, the new art upload a small, cut example of my work for public access and the rest of the work shall stay private until I find ( or I may never find) an outlet for it. I do not wish to subject myself to public opinion anymore. I shall give a taste and flavour of the new work without giving away the full extent of my practice. In the past, you may have noticed that my art did contain ‘dirty’ content. My life has been particularly dirty! I have been living an underground existence of sex & drug ‘abuse’. I have made it clear that I wish to move away from this existence to a more creative, positive, forward thinking, imaginative place! At the same time I do not wish to become naive or childlike with my imagery! I am hoping to begin make new work on new subjects that are exciting, yet less ‘dirty’ & ‘degrading’. My past work was simply reflecting my filthy ‘low’ life! Although I am hoping to raise above the past and move on! I will, however, be keeping my new work fairly private. I can’t stay in the public eye anymore. I just cannot take the pressure of people having such intimate access to my vulnerable, fragile life. I am reconsidering my art and where I want to take it and move it forward to. I have a few ideas on the cards, but again, I need to stay secret and private in order to carry out my ideas. I cannot reveal too much publicly anymore because people will respond, react in malice and cruelty toward me. I am to keep my life & art private and secret on the whole and not leak out what I am doing in the compulsive manner that I have become used to! I have given too much of myself away, made myself vulnerable to attack in this still primitive semi-animal kingdom, where man is still against man. Not the way forward to a better world, it’s the way to hatred & hostility! I do not wish to play these pathetic political games that people play with one another online or in my everyday life. I wish to fully abstain from such activity even to the point of becoming total recluse. If words and actions are not sincere, honest and open, I wish for no contact and no interaction. Stupid games are for very stupid people, cruel, nasty, foolish people that are so wrapped up in themselves and the artificial world that we inhabit that they have lost contact with their hearts and minds! I enjoyed my online interaction and activity, but I have opened myself up to serious abuse and I don’t want that in my life. I have to much work to do with my art & writing to get wrapped up in all this nonsense! I have noticed a public reaction to me in my everyday life in the world, when I go out, for example and I am a fairly shy person, I do not want to continue making myself vulnerable so that people may begin to choose to attack me in the street for example. So I have made this final decision and I pleased that I have finally arrived here. I think I shall definitely produce more quality work as a result and be less wrapped up in the online reaction to me that is simply ‘going round in circles’. I’m looking forward to continuing work on my book and I may upload the occasional image as an example of what I am producing so that people may want to view the other images in a gallery, or perhaps even in a book if I get as far as to be published. I believe this will be a far more professional way of promoting myself and my work. I may also upload the occasional video clip with some hint at my capabilities and a preview into the wider range of my artistic practise. I am no longer gong to upload art as I produce as a way of ‘getting my work’ out there! It was a very foolish, naïve way
  3. 3. of ‘getting attention’ that I now realise is unprofessional. I hope this gives a clear picture of how I feel and I hope now you understand how this bullying and abuse if affecting me. I am a very sensitive person that cannot cope with attack and abuse without serious consequences, I may easily fall back down into a life of serious drug abuse and suicidal behaviour if I am continually ridiculed and abused and bullied, therefore I am choosing to now protect myself so that I may live and continue to work and not go under and possibly commit suicide as a result. This may sound far fetched, but as I have mentioned in the past, suicidal feelings have grown in me over the last year and I want to protect myself now, before its too late. I am shocked at the cruelty of man and it is this that has caused me to feel increasingly suicidal. I now intend to drive these feelings into my novel (graphic novel) so that I can focus them outside of myself in a therapeutic and expressive way. Thanks for reading and being interested in me and my work and I hope you continue to stay interested and respond to my new art positively when I finally release a small part of it online and hopefully may release more in a gallery or in a commercial situation. Kez (Kerrie) Turner