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113: Interview with David Kershner of Foreign and Domestic Book Series


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Be a super-prepper that knows it all! Check out this interview with David Kershner of Foreign & Domestic Book. Learn more about bugging out and amazing skills.

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113: Interview with David Kershner of Foreign and Domestic Book Series

  1. 1. 113: Interview with David Kershner, Author of the 3- Part, and soon to be 4, Book Series “Foreign and Domestic” By Ken Jensen
  2. 2. Who is David Kershner? • David Kershner is a husband, father of two teenage daughters. • David is an avid outdoorsman (hunting, fishing, camping, hiking • David is passionate about self reliance, self sufficiency, and preparedness. • David wrote a fictional series dealing with the collapse of the food system which leads to financial collapse and terrorism.
  3. 3. What do David books provide? • Each book provides information on a wide range of preparedness topics: food prep and storage (root cellar), heirloom seed procurement and harvesting, medicinal herb uses, emergency medical, independence, alt energy, BOB, BOL, Farming...
  4. 4. Message Body and Questions: • There are people out there that think that they HAVE TO HAVE carbs in their diets. They love to make bread. Packets of yeast last a year at best. What do you do? • I have a podcast all about harvesting and storing water on episode 87, But you have a simple calculation to measure the gallons people can collect from roof tops. How do people know how much they can catch? • If someone were thinking about stockpiling some barter items, what do you recommend? Where would you start?
  5. 5. • In episode 82, I talk about communities. Before SHTF, I should be in a community, but, if you failed to do it beforehand, how would you get through the gates once the SHTF? • I have covered BOLs in past episodes and more coming soon, but I realize that this is “the elephant in the room” with preppers. More discussions are ALWAYS welcome. If I'm trying to find the 'right' piece of land, what are some attributes I should be looking for? • What is your next planned survival step? • Where can EVERYONE get a Copy of the Book…………………….? • What is your most important recommendation for someone just starting out?
  6. 6. • You have a book out, Tell us about it, and why you wrote it... • What kind of information can be learned by reading your books? • I have an amazing survival training site coming out at Would you be willing to contribute amazing content or a ridiculous deal for everyone that joins the site? • How can people find you or where should they look next?
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