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TPP112: Legal BOL Disputes


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Avoid common legal nightmares on your property. Learn how to avoid boundary and legal conflicts resulting in court, and if you do end up in court, you will WIN.

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TPP112: Legal BOL Disputes

  1. 1. 112:LegalBOL Disputes Ken Jensen
  2. 2. Purchasing a Bug-Out Location (BOL) is a perfect example of a property that can be placed at the muzzle end of a “legal firing squad” Not only will you purchase a property that you may not be too familiar with, but you also will not be able to manage the property as well as a local resident of the area.
  3. 3. AvoidThese CommonLegal Nightmareson YourProperty ● Boundary Conflicts – Fighting over property lines between neighbours. ● Multiple Property Sales – People selling the same property multiple times. ● Illegal Residents – Squatters or people staying on your property without permission. ● Property Destruction or Theft – Vandalism or people stealing your stuff on the property. ● Livestock Disputes – Fighting about who the livestock belongs to. ● Illegal Sales – Many different ways that people can sale illegally, such as some short sales. ● Land Use and Resource Rights – Getting legal use of your property, access to your property, and the resources on the property. ● Leasing of Land – What rights you have, and actions you should take when improving leased land. ● Homeowners Associations – Government in its lowest form. Always opt-out.
  4. 4. Simple Tips To Help You Avoid Boundary Disputes on Your Bug Out Location
  5. 5. YourFenceLineisnotyourboundary/Learnitorbesued.
  6. 6. USEaGPSforEASyself-surveying
  7. 7. Hireasurveyorforalegalproofofownership
  8. 8. Ways to Win Every Dispute Over Your Livestock Ownership ● Tag Your Livestock– Tag each head of livestock so it is known that it is yours. Even if your animals look the same, having a good tag or brand will help others identify that you own that one. This will cut down on confusion. ● Keep Track of Your Animals –Keep an up-to-date ledger of your livestock and food consumption to prove numbers. All you are doing is leaving a good paper trail of your purchases, sales, and other metrics that you should be analysing any ways. ● Catch Them in the Act – Keep game cameras set up at all entrances for evidence of theft. Sometimes, you just can’t stop thieves, so you have to catch them. ● Be Friendly and Helpful – Become friends with the other farmers. They will be less likely to steal from or sue a friend. Think about it, do you really want to sue someone that has always been good to you, helped you when you needed it, and was always friendly?
  9. 9. AvoidThese CommonLegal Nightmareson YourProperty
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