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Advanced Application Delivery for Microsoft Cloud


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Virtual Loadmaster (VLM) for Azure is a full-featured, advanced Layer 4-7 load balancing and content switching solution that enables seamless Azure application and service delivery. With its integrated security features and cost-effective scaling it delivers everything required for effective application and service delivery in Azure

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Advanced Application Delivery for Microsoft Cloud

  1. 1. Advanced Application Delivery for the Microsoft Cloud
  2. 2. Corporate Overview • LoadMaster™ family of • Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) • Load Balancers • Reverse Proxies • Strong market presence “front-ending” Microsoft workloads (SharePoint, IIS, ADFS, etc.) KEMP Technologies is the only Visionary in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers: “KEMP’s inclusion in…Microsoft’s Azure cloud offering have increased visibility and go-to-market capabilities.”
  3. 3. KEMP’s Azure Momentum Key Azure Milestones Q3 2013 First ADC in Azure Cloud First Certified ADC Azure Marketplace Solution Q4 2014 Top 10 Azure Marketplace solution with usage well over 100K hours/month Today
  4. 4. Virtual LoadMaster™ (VLM) for Azure A full-featured, advanced Layer 4-7 load balancing and content switching solution that enables seamless Azure application and service delivery, with integrated security features and cost-effective scaling Full-featured •Everything required for effective application and service delivery in Azure, including content switching, Layer 7 health checking, global server load balancing, security features and more •Keeps customer focus on application design, development and migration
  5. 5. Virtual LoadMaster™ (VLM) for Azure Secure •Advanced SSL traffic management, including centralized certificate handling •Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection and secure access via Reverse Proxy; client authentication and other edge security features •Increases customer comfort with cloud deployment
  6. 6. Virtual LoadMaster™ (VLM) for Azure Scalable •Supports throughput from 20Mbps up to 10Gbps •Scale capacity up or down through hourly Marketplace SKUs or simple, cost-effective BYOL upgrades; no vCPU, memory or disk usage limitations •Drives customer adoption through right- sized performance and economics
  7. 7. Virtual LoadMaster™ (VLM) for Azure
  8. 8. KEMP Extends and Enhances Azure Application Delivery Azure Load Balancer Optimized Deployments • Supports HA configuration • Easy to deploy application templates (e.g. SharePoint, ADFS) • Health checks (including SSL) Enhanced User Experience • Throughput to 10Gbps • Session persistence • Caching and compression Improved Security • Web Application Firewall • Client authentication • Intrusion detection/prevention Azure Traffic Manager Azure application Gateway Feature Azure with KEMP VLM for Azure Content/URL switching No  SSL offload/re-encrypt Limited  Session persistence Limited  Content caching No  Reverse Proxy No  Web Application Firewall (WAF) No  Client authentication & SSO No 
  9. 9. Why KEMP Virtual LoadMaster for Azure? Core value •Improves application availability, accessibility, performance and security •Eliminates common deployment barriers •Broad applicability across Azure IaaS, PaaS and SaaS workloads Increased customer satisfaction •Keeps Azure projects moving forward •Simplifies deployment for architects and admins •Improves end-user experience
  10. 10. Why KEMP Virtual LoadMaster for Azure? Friction-free adoption •Easy to set up and manage (self-service in many cases) •Freemium pricing strategy •World-class support Trusted by Microsoft Experts • Broad awareness among MVP and other expert communities • Proven reliability
  11. 11. Customer Success “Our college and scholarship matching tool is composed of two separate .NET web applications and Umbraco and WordPress CMS all served to prospective students via our website ( We rely on KEMP’s Azure VLM primarily for Layer 7 content switching to consolidate multiple web apps under one domain name.” Roody Dennis Manager of QA & Operations, Unigo Group
  12. 12. Common Use Cases | Content Switching Aggregate multiple application front-ends into a unified experience for end-users using a single domain name or IP address with the following capabilities: • Server Name Indicator (SNI) • Host Header Matching • Group Based Traffic Steering
  13. 13. Common Use Cases | Hybrid Deployment Safely and securely extend on-premises ADFS, IIS, SharePoint or custom web applications to take advantage of extra capacity in, or failover to, the Microsoft Cloud
  14. 14. Common Use Cases | Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) Virtual LoadMaster for Azure’s GEO capability allows for automatic re-routing across Azure regions in the event of failure
  15. 15. Common Use Cases | Security KEMP VLM for Azure has a number of integrated security features including: •Wide range of client authentication methods •Reverse Proxy •Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  16. 16. Next Steps: Try KEMP VLM for Azure free for 30 days: Learn how to deploy VLM for Azure (including HA): Go straight to KEMP’s Azure Marketplace solution: KEMP Azure Contacts: Jeff Fisher VP, Strategic Alliances Bhargav Shukla Director of Technology, Strategic Alliances