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Internet of Things, OWASP & WAF


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Kemp solutions securing IOT infrastructure in a connected world including multiple security and Traffic Management, packet monitoring, edge security, traffic encryption, DDoS protection.

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Internet of Things, OWASP & WAF

  1. 1. The Internet of Things, OWASP and WAF
  2. 2. The World is becoming more connected IoT devices = 23 billion The explosion of IoT devices allows for security breaches and potential targets for malicious actors IoT devices = 50 billion IoT devices = 75 billion Many IoT devices have the same default and weak security settings, making them easy to compromise 2018 2023 2025
  3. 3. “IoT and smart home devices, along with AI and autonomous cars, are the primary focus of the new technology being shown. 2019 CES tradeshow attendees
  4. 4. OWASP IoT Using weak, guessable, or hardcoded passwords Running on insecure network services Communicating vis insecure ecosystem APIs Not having a secure method to update devices Using outdated components that are known to be insecure Insecurely storing private data on devices Lack of encryption when transferring data over the network, and when at rest on the device Poor device management and monitoring Deployment with default settings Lack of physical hardening to protect devices
  5. 5. Kemp Solutions to secure IoT Infrastructure The Kemp Virtual LoadMaster is an industry leading application load balancer that supports multi-cloud deployment on your hypervisor of choice. Kemp provides a range of tools: 1. To help to secure your IoT infrastructure 2. Prevent attacks on your network from compromised IoT devices
  6. 6. Multiple Security and Traffic Management Kemp Solutions Web Application Firewall Edge Security Packet Monitoring Traffic Encryption DDoS Protection
  7. 7. Other LoadMaster® features The number of ADC instances in use can be flexed up and down in real time as required based on network load. Costs of specific ADCs are metered and billed monthly based on traffic throughput. Load balancing of network traffic based on many different algorithms to provide a resilient and adaptive application infrastructure. Monitoring with alerts and intelligent load balancing to prevent overload or service outages. Elastic Scaling Metered Licensing Intelligent Content Switching & Routing Health Checking
  8. 8. Application and network layer packet inspection to identify suspicious traffic with IP blacklisting to prevent attacks from compromised domains or network devices. LoadMaster can take over TLS certificate encryption to offload this resource- intensive task from application servers. This is updated with new rules daily is also available for deployment on LoadMaster instances. Security TLS Offloading Web Application Firewall Other LoadMaster® features
  9. 9. Kemp Solutions for a Connected World Kemp solutions deliver the Agility, Analytics, and Automation that modern multi- cloud application delivery IoT infrastructure requires to accommodate a flexible, and ever- changing infrastructure. As more and more connected devices are added to private networks and the Internet, Kemp security, management, and monitoring solutions can be used to keep your core infrastructure secure and operational.
  10. 10. Keep up to date with the latest Kemp resources Web Application Firewall Pack (AFP ) WAF integrated into Free Load Balancer Try Kemp Load Balancer
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