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  1. 1. Content The video could be a Performance and Conceptual video. The video could be based on a candy theme. This will involve performance from the band shown from different backgrounds which will crosscut between the conceptual part of the video. We will be using istopmotion to make the conceptual part of the video using animation. The animation could involve various different types of candy. In the animation part we could have a scene where the lead singer sees a boy then he turns into candy and she starts chasing him.
  2. 2. Theory The theories I will employ are Richard Dyer theory to construct a star/ persona. We could also use the feminist theory by Laura Mulvey.
  3. 3. Genre The genre we choose is soft/pop rock. The song is Candy by the Twirl. This genre tends to focus on themes such as love, relationship and everyday life. The genre of the music is pop rock/ soft rock. The conventions that I would use to show the rock side to the song is within the performance part of the video by using the props of instrumental tools that are usually portrayed in rock video. The Pop side of the genre could be represented through costume with the bright colours.
  4. 4. Style and form Yes there are similar text that exist that have influence me such as Katy Perry California girls . We will be using conventions such as
  5. 5. Audience We are making this product to attract a audience from age 16-21. The Primary audience will be females from the white background due to the genre of music. The secondary audience will be from the different ethnic background due to the style and the members of the band. The style of the band will attract an Asian audience.
  6. 6. Representation