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  1. 1. Question 4-How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation (interview and illustrative materials<br />
  2. 2. Research stage<br />Blogger<br />Youtube<br />
  3. 3. Blogger<br />All the theories, the conventions of a music video I was able to log here so that am reminded of the things I need to make a music video. Blogger helped because we were able to look at past A2 blog to help us with research.<br />The advantage of using this in this stage was that it allowed me to keep tabs on my work. I was able to log anything such as videos and essays that I had research that was related to music video.<br />A disadvantage of using this in this stage was that if the internet is down I wouldn’t be able to access my work.<br />
  4. 4. Youtube<br />YouTube helped me in this stage because I was able to look at professionally done video’s and get ideas on how a music video should look like. I was able to compare different music video’s and denote what they did to conform to their genre <br />I was able to get a rough idea on how a soft rock video should look like. From these video’s we were able to to come up with idea’s of how we wanted our video.<br />The only disadvantage was that when I was denoting the video’s it made me feel like we weren’t going to be able to come up original idea’s which wasn’t really a bother because post modernism was explain to us that nothing is really new.<br />I was also able to identify editing techniques they used that we could use in our video and other techniques such as different camera tricks. I was also able to look at past students work to denote what standard our work should be<br />
  5. 5. Planning Stage<br />Blogger<br />Animation of storyboard-imovie<br />Still camera<br />Slide Share<br />Recce<br />
  6. 6. Blogger<br />Blogger helped us in this stage because again it helped to log the work we do. Our production schedule was put on here which helped us to planned days we were going to do production. Idea’s of location where we want to record. We were also able to put presentation pitches on here and get feedback on these pitches and on any other things we did such as our flat plan of what our audience feedback would look like. Our shot list was placed here also which is good because it was used as a reminder of the different shots we needed. Blogger also helped us in this stage because all group members had access to it and was able to contribute individual idea’s on here to help the group. It also helped us to communicate with each other when we are separated. I think the main advantage we got from using blogger is that we could upload videos, images and write in it which is beneficial because to us because we were able to express our work in different formats <br />
  7. 7. I-Movie<br />The good thing about using I-movie was that it enable us to create animatic of our storyboard. Advantage of using I- movie in this stage was that it would be easy to access anywhere. Benefit of having it on I-movie is that the images are moving with the music which enable us to denote the timing of how long each shot would last and pace of how the content video. From this we were able to see what works and what doesn’t work in our storyboard.<br />An disadvantage using this is that it wasn’t has advance as final cut.<br />
  8. 8. Digital still camera<br />A benefit that we got from using digital camera is that because its digital where we can view the images we take at the same time to know whether or not the images are of good quality. Another good thing is that it is portable and pocket size making it easy bring with us and has a mass storage we were able to take many recce photo’s which was beneficial to us because we were able to choose from a numerous locations. We had to however use two different camera’s as you can see on the right because of the different quality they have.<br />A draw we had while using digital still camera during both construction and planning was that when the batteries die we would have to stop taking pictures as there is nothing we can do unless the battery is charged.<br />
  9. 9. Slide Share<br />A disadvantage of using this was that sometimes when the slides are uploaded they sometimes deleted some of the work for example in our group pitch most of the slides came up blank. Sometimes it takes forever to upload and when its almost uploaded it would say error where you would have wasted a good amount of time waiting to upload.<br />The advantage we got from using this in this stage was that we were able to upload presentations such as pitches and any other presentation related to our work that we did in Microsoft PowerPoint that wouldn’t upload on blogger. We were also used able to view our presentation at anytime as well. It also helped to organize each and everyone of our presentation in order.<br />
  10. 10. Microsoft PowerPoint<br />Microsoft PowerPoint was useful at this stage because most it make our work well presented. It more visual and you are also able to have detail analyses in our work. It allowed us to use images to back our work up. <br />The disadvantage of using this was that when we were finished doing our work it would upload on the blog so we could present our work.<br />
  11. 11. Construction <br />Video camera<br />I stop motion<br />Photoshop<br />Final cut<br />
  12. 12. Camera<br />The advantage we got from using this at this stage was that when compared to the camera below it quality was better and it gave it a more professional look. <br />Disadvantage of using this was that it restricted our movement when recording so it mainly remained in one place because of the heavy weight and the fact that it had to be plugged in when recording. Because this was used when recording the performance it was hard to get an low angle.<br />The advantage of using this camera was that it was light weight which was more easier to hand held when compared to the HD camera. Verbally the sound is better than the HD cam.So we were able to record from various positions using this camera<br />
  13. 13. I stop motion<br />Advantage of using this was that we were able make the gummy bears coming out of the phone which made that scene look realistic and made the candies move as well. It is one of the fastest ways to create animation and it is easy to use.<br />Disadvantage of using this was that it was time consuming and the actor had to remain still when taking the frames or else we would have to redo it. Also if you make a mistake it shows.<br />
  14. 14. Photoshop<br />We use this to make our digipack and posters. The good thing about using this was that we were able to alter pictures the way we want them to look. We could air brush the images giving a better quality making it look professional. We could create our own typography as you can see with our candy typography. We were also able to add filter effects to our images. Another advantage we got from using this was that we were able to crop things we didn’t need in the image and we could change the background to anything we wanted.<br />A disadvantage of using this was that not all group knew how to use this which made the work here unequal and it takes time for beginners to use this programme. Sometimes because the file is too big it may crash on you making you loose your work.<br />
  15. 15. Final Cut Express<br />The advantage of using this was that there is a lot of effects you can add when editing. You can cut precisely where you want to cut with the razor. There is shorts you can use your tool instead of using the mouse. You can adjust lighting of clips which was beneficial to us because we filmed on different days where final cut help us to make it seem as if they are done the same time. We could work on layers on top of layers. It also helped us to apply different transitions to clips. In final cut express we were able to experiment with green screen which is good because we good add back drops we have. We were able to make still images looked like moving images such as however lollipop scene. In final cut we were able to doing cropping which helped us in terms of mise en scene where we cropped things we didn’t need in certain shots.<br />A disadvantage of this was that it also crashed a lot so we had to save every time we edit something new or else we would loose our work. We also had to render the clips if not they become offline and unuseable which would make us have to upload the footage again. Another disadvantage is that you have to work on the same make you started on because the file on different macs.<br />
  16. 16. Evaluation<br />Facebook<br />Flip Camera<br />
  17. 17. Facebook<br />The advantage of using this was that we were able got get a majority of audience feedback. We were able to get area’s of improvement from this and denote what people thought was our strength. We were able to communicate with the audience more quickly and got feedback quickly which was better than recording because after we record we had to edit out things we didn’t need. Another advantage was that people could say what they wanted to say for e.g. when recording feedback the person recording may influence what they say.<br />The disadvantage was that people was able to share the video without our permission which could be an advantage if we got back the feedbacks. Another disadvantage was that people lie because they might be your friends so they lie because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. They also sometimes talk in slang forgetting that it is for educational purpose. Some feedbacks were sometimes unnecessary as they may not be linked to the video at all.<br />
  18. 18. Flip Camera<br />The advantage of using this as that we were able to film our audience feedback. The HD quality was good. It was portable which is better than other camera because then we wouldn’t need a tripod when using it.<br />It was easy to import because of the USB attached to it whereas when using other camera’s you have to insert fire wire.<br />A disadvantage of this is that it creates a wide screen which gives it a filmic effect which we don’t always want<br />