Survey of ce os 1


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Survey of ce os 1

  1. 1. 2013 RetreatCEO Survey 27/52
  2. 2.  Were young, small, underfunded, and growing rapidly. We arent exactly financially secure - however we are growing in Membership and planto add staff this summer. Were on a mission to sustainability. Right now while weregrowing I would not consider us secure. Were in a chicken/egg situation where wecant effectively support our growing Membership without more staff but have a verylimited budget. Best financial condition ever and just added staff. About same mumber of members, however, the revenues are growing as we reach outto larger companies. We are growing-- but not as strong as hoped. We need a development director to helpus focus on growth and renewals. Our membership and visibility has increased greatly, but traditional funding hasslipped markedly. (please make sure to delete choice b/2) Growing but not financially secure Membership is flat, but all other measures are up well: participation, media, influence,etc.
  3. 3.  Marketing workforce development mentorship program, comms / PR Programs & Events Coordinator coaches marketing and systems Marketing, PR I plan to hire tech workforce development
  4. 4. Homegrown - 4Salesforce - 4salesforce marketo hootsuiteInfusionsoftOlasoft (Olatech corporation)HubspotYourMembership is not working out for us and we are evaluating other optionswere no longer using an enterprise level software package (we stopped usingyourmembership about 3 years ago)Not 123signupParent company deployed Microsoft CRM
  5. 5.  This is still a work in progress. My hope is to see it through to real sustainability and impact. Tough to balance... One day it seems theres unlimited opportunity and on the next it seemswere spinning our wheels. Its tough to make enough headway to take a breath and getperspective. I feel privileged to be in the role that I am but I never feel like I have the presence ofmind to make the most of the opportunity as Im stuck in grind of keeping the wheels in motion.Note: We are just beginning in the area of policy. The ranking above is initial understanding - totalnew area of engagement for me. Enjoy helping our industry grow and given a lot of flexibility to lead. Love coming to work everyday. most challenging and potentially, the most rewarding Im a connector by nature. Love helping create a better future by helping our members get wherethey are going faster... Great opportunity to connect and make a difference as long as you stay focused. Awesome jobthat combines focused industry support and direction with other key stakeholders. My job reflects the best and worst aspects of my skills, thinking and other capabilities. Wereworking on more targeted board involvement to fill gaps and make the most of my strengths. I wish I could clone myself and add an hour or 2 to the day, then maybe I could keep up. Overwhelming at times, but generally creative and enjoyable. Internal respect and supportthrough our parent company has done a 180 degree turn