Hubba bubba


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Hubba bubba

  1. 1. Hubba Bubba
  2. 2. IntroPurim is a Jewish holiday where the Jews are more joyous than usual, people walk around in acostume, going to parties, listening to the Megilla, and giving Tzeddakah.
  3. 3. Shalach monosShalach monos is when you take a basket, fill it with treats , and give it to a friend.
  4. 4. Machtzis HashekelOn Purim, there is a custom to give a half dollar to charity. this is an addition to the mitzvah ofgiving portions of food to at least 2 poor people.
  5. 5. You must hear the Megilla once by day and once by night when you hear the rabbi say the nameHaman, make all the noise you can to drown out the word.
  6. 6. PartiesA lot of people like to party!
  7. 7. Dressing upThere is a custom to dress up on Purim because in the story, ‘s miracles where hidden.Because of this, our faces represent the medicals.
  8. 8. Da story
  9. 9. Achashveirosh makes a big party
  10. 10. Vashti refused to go to the Achashveirosh’s party I don’t want to go!
  11. 11. Vashti lost her head
  12. 12. The search for a new queen
  13. 13. Esther is chosenCongratulationsEsther, the newqueen of Persia! Oh, crud.
  14. 14. Guards try to poison the king
  15. 15. Mordechai saves the kings life !
  16. 16. Everyone bows to Haman except Mordechai
  17. 17. Haman convinces the King to have all the Jews killed
  18. 18. Mordechai tells Esther to go to the King
  19. 19. Jews fasted for 3 days
  20. 20. Esther goes to King and he listens
  21. 21. Esther makes party for Haman and the King
  22. 22. King couldn’t sleep that night. Read from book
  23. 23. King remembers to reward Mordechai for saving his life
  24. 24. Haman comes over that night and suggests hanging him
  25. 25. The King tells Haman to reward him instead.
  26. 26. Mordechai is rewarded
  27. 27. Haman’s daughter drops a chamber pot on Haman thinking he was Mordechai
  28. 28. Haman’s daughter commits suicide
  29. 29. Esther invites Haman andAchashveirosh to another party
  30. 30. Queen Esther Accuses Haman
  31. 31. Haman loses his last marble
  32. 32. Mordechai becomes top advisor and stops Haman’s plan
  33. 33. Haman is hanged.
  34. 34. From then on we fast on Taanis Esther
  35. 35. The Chachomim decreed to keep those 4mitzvos on Purim to celebrate our victory