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  1. 1. Europe by Yehuda Solomon
  2. 2. Facts about the SwissAlps• The largest mountain in the range is 15,250 ft. tall, it iscalled Dufourspitze.• English Name: Swiss Alps German Name: Schweizer Alpen FrenchName: Alpes suissesItalian Name: Alpi svizzere, Romansh Name: Alps svizras
  3. 3. Swiss Alps Inhabitants Chamois MarmotIbex Alpine Salamander
  4. 4. Point2:France
  5. 5. LeLouvre
  6. 6. Fact 1 aboutLe Louvre:It has about 38,000objects and about3,500 works of art.
  7. 7. One of them is Mona Lisa
  8. 8. Fact 2: about 800 yearsago, Le Louvre wasoriginally a palace.
  9. 9. EiffelTower
  10. 10. Fact 1:The Eiffel Tower was built in1887 and was completed in1889. It was opened to thepublic on May 1 st , 1889
  11. 11. Fact 2: The Eiffel Tower isthe second tallest structurein France while the MillauViaduct is the tallest.
  12. 12. Point 3:Germany
  13. 13. Germany is home to many famous thingsFamous Auto Makers Popular Dogs Autobah n
  14. 14. Notable German Dog Breeds Rottweil German Shepher er d Doberman Boxe Pinscher r Pomerania Schnauz n er
  15. 15. German Auto Makers Pictures Have Links! Mercedes- Volkswage Benz n Maybach AudiFordDeutschland BMW Porsch
  16. 16. The Autobahn The Autobahn is a series of expressways that have no general speed limit although when there is an advisory, the speed limit becomes 81mph. This series of express ways take you many places throughout Germany.
  17. 17. Point 4: United Kingdom
  18. 18. Countries of the U.K
  19. 19. The U.K is home to popular cars, food, and dog breeds Fish and Chips English Bulldog Jack Russell TerrierLand Rover Tea MINI
  20. 20. Cars in the U.K that are also in the U.S.A
  21. 21. Some Pooches originating from the U.KEnglish Bulldog Labrador Retriever BeagleWestie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Welsh Corgi
  22. 22. The Border Collie This dog from the U.K is the brightest dog breed in the world. It is also one of the top ten most intelligent animals in the world. This intellectual breed was originated in Scotland or England as a sheepdog. These dogs come in black and white, red merle, blue merle, brown or chocolate, or combinations of theses coats. Since they are herding dogs, they need lots of exercise or else they will become aggressive and demolish all of your possessions. These canines have very high energy and agility. Since this is a bright dog, you can teach it many cool tricks. This smart pooch is the Albert Einstein of dogs.
  23. 23. Fish and ChipsThis dish is a very popular take out food in the U.K Itis made up of deep-fried battered fish with FrenchFries. It became a stock meal among the workingclasses while Great Britain was rapidly developing.The most popular fish for this dish are cod andhaddock. The dish also comes with coleslaw. Cod Haddock
  24. 24. Point 5: Spain
  25. 25. SpainSpain is the country wherethe Spanish languageoriginated from. This countryis famous for many sportssuch as soccer tennis,bullfighting, and evenFormula one these days.
  26. 26. Point 6: Sweden
  27. 27. SwedSweden was a country that enstayed neutral during bothWorld War 1 and World War2. This country served as arefuge and haven for Jews inNazi- occupied Europe duringWW2. This country isn’t inNATO (North Atlantic TreatyOrganization) or the Warsawpact. Pat of the Scandinavianmountains are in Sweden.
  28. 28. Minecraft is an online sensation created in Sweden by Markus “Notch” Persson. This online game has a cost of $26.95. This addictive game is a sandbox- building independent video game. This viral videogame has hit sales of over 1,000,000 copies! Once you buy this game, all the updates that will ever come The you will get it for free. This game has been known to be so addictive that it caused infamous people to stay up all night playing Minecraft. A fun, addictive video game, all Creeper for less than the price of a factory-new Notch, copy of Mario Kart 7.Creator ofMinecraft
  29. 29. Point 7: Poland
  30. 30. Poland was once acountry with a largepopulation of Jews likeus. But after WW2,most of that populationwas gone.Poland means “plains”.After the 2nd world warin 1945, Poland becamea Communist country. In1989, Poland became anindependent countryagain. This country isfamous for their Polishsausages.
  31. 31. Point 8:Russia
  32. 32. Russi aRussia is the world’s largest country by size. They sent the firstsatellite and the first organism into space as well. It was aCommunist country until 1992 when it became independent. It wasin the Allied powers helping America and other countries defeat theAxis Powers in World War 2. After WW2 Russia and America had thespace race, where it lost to America who got to the Moon first. Laikawas the first ever animal in space when she was sent into spaceaboard Sputnik 2. Russia has the world’s 2nd strongest military afterAmerica.
  33. 33. Map of Russia
  34. 34. A Few Four-legged Friends From RussiaSamoyed Siberian Borzoi Husky CentralBlack AsianRussian ShepherdTerrier Russian Dog Spaniel EastBolonka European Shepherd Laika
  35. 35. Laika the Space Dog 1954-1957Although Laika was born a lowly stray,she was a very famous dog. She was thefirst animal to be sent into space andorbit the Moon. She was sent aboardthe Soviet Union spacecraft, Sputnik 2where in the United States was called“Muttnik”. Her fate was caused by theSputnik 2 not being designed to beretrievable and she was never intendedto survive her flight. There is a statue ofher in Moscow.
  36. 36. Point 9: Italy
  37. 37. Italy A famous country known for its beauty, landmarks, pizza, and its famous cars. The most notable Italian cars are Lamborghini ,Ferrari, Fiat, and Maserati. There are also some cars we don’t know much about such as Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Pagani Zonda. One ofthe most obvious things from Italyis a nice, tasty food called pizza. Ifyou know your pooches very well, you would know that the St. Bernard originated here. This is a beautiful, yet famous land.
  38. 38. SaintBernard of dog. TheseThe Saint Bernard is alarge, beautiful breeddogs originated in beautiful Italy.These dogs were bred to rescuepeople trapped in the Alps. Thesepooches can smell a person buried20ft under snow and can sense anavalanche approaching. They comein red & white, reddish brownbrindle, brownish yellow, reddishbrown mantle, and reddish brownsplash. These canines are verygentle, friendly, and very tolerant ofchildren. These huge dogs have aweight range of 110-200lbs, a heightrange of 25.5-27.5 inches can have alifespan of 8-10 years.
  39. 39. Cars from Italy we don’t know much about
  40. 40. Point 10: 3 differentmaps of Europe
  41. 41. Sorry if I did not cover all of the countries inEurope. I only did the countries my worldgeography book talked about.
  42. 42. ThanksforWatching!