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Lot`s wife shimon


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Lot`s wife shimon

  1. 1. Lot`s Wife By Shimon
  2. 2. The people of Sedom and Aomorah (and three other cities) were evil and could no longer be allowed to live. One thing they did was cover Lot`d daughter in honey and have bees sting her to death. She was kind to a stranger, she had to be punished!
  3. 3. Fire and brimstone came down anddestroyed the city
  4. 4. upside down The whole areawas then turned was then turnedThe whole area upside down
  5. 5. The Malochim took Lot and his family and ran away from the cityLot`s wifewas kindof slow
  6. 6. They were only saved in the Merit of Avraham, Lot`s uncle.
  7. 7. Because of this they were not allowed to watch the cities beingdestroyed. If they would watch, they might think they were really better than all those dying.
  8. 8. The 2 Malochim told Lot and his family not to look back at the city being destroyed
  9. 9. Lot`s wife was slow and also not a good listener
  10. 10. The Medresh says that she would not put saltinto the food she cooked for guests. It was not tasty.
  11. 11. She Turned Into A Pillar Of Salt