The right to be protected against all forms of neglect, cruelty, and exploitation.We believe that this right in particular...
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  1. 1. The right to be protected against all forms of neglect, cruelty, and exploitation.We believe that this right in particular relates to the topic of childhood sexual abuse because it isone of the cruelest forms of abuse one can inflict on a child and when a child is being sexuallyabused they are not being given this right which they are entitled to. There are many things thatcan be done to protect this right of children such as raising awareness within the community and beyond. Some ways we can raise awareness locally include creating flyers, posters, providing workshops and door to door petitions. Some ways in which we can advocate globally are creating videos describing the prevalence of child sexual abuse, the signs and symptoms to be aware of and the facts and statistics related to sexual abuse. By forcing people to see this often swept under the rug issue, and by forcing them to hear the voices of the children who are often hushed, people may be more alert and willing to stand up for these children who are too afraid and alone to stand up for themselves. Another way in which we can ensure these rights are protected is to provide education to children about sexual abuse and empower them with the knowledge that they have control over their own bodies and nobody has the right to hurt them. We can do this through the local school systems and although many parents may object, we believe it is much more important for children to understand from a young age what is and what is not acceptable treatment. We alsothink that through local community groups we could provide educational seminars to parents and equip them with some knowledge of what to look out for as well as try to dispel some deeply rooted ideologies relating to the way in which people view children.From a global perspective, we believe that many countries are too lenient with their laws whichconcern children, for example, in many countries it is still the norm for girls to be married off ata very young age. We think that each countrys government has a duty to protect these rights of children and their governments need to enforce these laws to protect children at all costs.