Advocating for extended care for youths transitioning.


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Advocating for extended care for youths transitioning.

  1. 1. ExtendedSupport forYouthsTransitioningfrom FosterCare.By: Katherine Armitage, AlexaCallitsis, Rene Chen & KristyMolnar
  2. 2. What is Foster Care?
  3. 3. What Factors can Contribute toYouths being Placed in Foster Care?- Child being removed from the parentalhome due to :• - Abuse• - Loss of parents (death)• - Poverty• - Incarceration - a parents incarceration in prison or jail.• - Abandonment -parents have dropped the child at the sitters and neverreturned
  4. 4. What is the current age in whichsupport is tapered off?
  5. 5. Why do we feel it is important toextend care?• 42 % of young adults in Canada aged 20-29 live athome with their parents.• Irwin Ellmans report shows that extending carewould actually be more cost effective in the long run" For every dollar spent, the province would save$1.36,"
  6. 6. "Im actually terrified because when I turn 21, I haveno one and I will have nothing"
  7. 7. What do we want?• Tangible support; financial, housing.• Decision-making or problem-solvingassistance;• Support related to self-esteem; emotionalsupport• Providing job training opportunities
  8. 8. Who are our stakeholders?• Irwin ElmanOffice of the Provincial Advocate for Childrenand Youths.• Anna Ho & Jason McGuirk, Our Voice,Our TurnA group of foster youths and former fosteryouths who are advocating for extendedcare and support.
  9. 9. How did we go about advocatingfor extended care?
  10. 10. How will we continue to advocatefor this cause?
  11. 11. How can YOU get involved?Transitional Care for all Foster Youths GTA-Canada.Youth Leaving Care Hearings.
  12. 12. ReferencesOffice for the Provincial Advocate of Children and Youth:www.provincialadvocate.on.caStatistics Canada"25 is the new 21" Pdf Report by : Irwin EllmanPhotos:,%20pink%20boarder,%20black%20monogram%20and%2018%20topper.jpg