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  1. 1. SimonBy: Katherine Armitage.
  2. 2. A Little About AutismAutism Spectrum Disorder refers to a widerange of developmental disorders which rangefrom mild to severe or high to low functioning.There are five disorders that fall into theAutism spectrum and some commonalitiesbetween the five are :difficulties with socialinteractions, communication and behavioralchallenges.
  3. 3. 5 Categories of Autism SpectrumDisorder• Classic Autism- This disorder can relate toimpairments in socializing and communication aswell as pose emotional and behaviouralchallenges. Symptoms are usually apparent bythree years old.• Pervasive Developmental Disorder- PDD isusually diagnosed when a child showsimpairments in a specific area but they don’tmeet a general classification of anotherdiagnosis.
  4. 4. • Asperger’s Syndrome-People who haveAspergers Syndromecommonly displayimpairments in socialinteractions and facechallengesunderstanding socialcues.• ChildhoodDisintegrative Disorder-This disorder occursbetween 2-4 years oldwhen children begin toregress and losepreviously acquiredskills such as pottytraining, social, motordevelopment andcommunication skills.5 Categories Continued…
  5. 5. • Rett Syndrome- Which most commonly occursin females is a disorder that is marked by poorhead growth, loss of motor skills, clapping handsand lack of eye contact.
  6. 6. Once you’ve met one child withAutism….You’ve met one child with Autism.
  7. 7. Ways in which we can support Simonand his family.• First it is important to understand the form ofAutism Simon has been diagnosed with andhis personal characteristics.• It is also very important to communicate withSimon’s father and learn about some of hisstrategies, suggestions, wants and needs forhis son.
  8. 8. ObservationI believe that observation is a crucial toolwhen working with all children but possiblyeven more important when working withchildren who have special needs. I will firstbegin by conducting formal and informalobservation strategies to gain a deeperunderstanding of Simon’s strengths,challenges and learning styles.
  9. 9. Building a Support TeamThere are many people that can worktogether to support Simon and his family.These people can include :Simon, Simon’s family, the ECEs who areworking in the child care centre, socialworkers, Simon’s physician, resourcespecialists, occupational therapists and speechtherapists.
  10. 10. Learning Styles
  11. 11. How Simon LearnsIn Simon’s case study it was mentioned thathe is fascinated by wheels and cars, I thinkthat we could incorporate wheels and carsinto our activities and even use them as areward for attempting certain tasks.
  12. 12. Characteristics and Adaptations• Low impulse control• Echolalic Language• Use puppets, other propsor cues such as socialstories to help Simonunderstand how tocontrol his impulses andregulate his emotions.• Simon uses mainlyecholalic language andmay be responsive tovisual cues paired withverbal instruction andshort concise messages.
  13. 13. Other Common Characteristics andAdaptations.• Difficulties withtransitions• Feels most comfortablewith structure androutine.• We can create pictureboards that show Simonwhat is going to happennext and help preparehim for the transition.• Keep on task with dailyroutines and structuresand let Simon and hisfamily know ahead oftime if there will be anychanges.
  14. 14. Adaptations to the PhysicalEnvironmentConnectability.casuggests reducingdistractions in thephysical environment.We can also createcalming areas suited tochild where he can relaxand regroup.
  15. 15. Supporting Agencies in the G.T.AThe Geneva Centre for Autism is an agencythat provides fee based services to children,adults with ASD and their families in theToronto area.This agency provides many services such as,instructional therapy, speech therapy,physicians and more.
  16. 16. Ontario Ministry of Children and YouthServices.This is offered through the OntarioGovernment and available upon a doctor’sreferral. The services offered by the OntarioMinistry of Children and youth services aregovernment funded and include: AutismIntervention Programs, support services,information about summer camps andinformation, resources.
  17. 17. Family
  18. 18. I think it is also important to consider Simon’s fatherand older siblings and provide the family withresources on localcommunity teen groups as well as adult communitygroups.Kerry’s Place Autism Services provides social supportgroups to families and caregivers of children withAutism.
  19. 19. References & Resources••••• Class notes•
  20. 20. Self EvaluationThis assignment was very interesting to me because Iam extremely interested in Autism Spectrum Disordersand I hope to one day work in the field of supportingpeople who have ASD. I found my greatest challengewith this assignment was time management because Ididn’t accurately predict the time that would go intoresearching ways to support Simon. Autism is very nearand dear to my heart and I was pleased to find so muchinformation was out there and available in regards toASD. I think my greatest strength in this assignmentwas my ability to consider Simon first and his diagnosissecond.