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Employee Assistance Contact Centre


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Your HR support is just a call away! Understand the benefits and how we can assist your company

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Employee Assistance Contact Centre

  1. 1. Employee Assistance Contact Centre
  2. 2. Why Do You Need an Employee Assistance Help Desk An Employee helpline is needed for all – Large Size Organizations , Sales Teams , BPOs , Operations, Sales & Service teams , Onsite teams , Employees on 3rd Party payroll etc . Employees ( Direct or Indirect) – Have direct access to HR @ head office Head office has direct access all employee grievances without dilution
  3. 3. Why Do You Need an Employee Assistance Help Desk Having an employee helpline is a simple & convenient way for employees to get in touch with the employer and to get a resolution to their queries Employees may want to know about –Policies –Best practices –Issues with Salary –Salary Slip, Form 16 –Transport –Medi-claims –Information about some accidents –Complaints with Vendors –Issues with Supervisors Whatever it is, it is just a phone call away.
  4. 4. How does it work? • We get a Toll free or Paid Phone number & Generic Email Id • A HR Service Team is set up as a dedicated team solely for managing calls from employees • Executives attending to the calls are trained on HR policies & processes. • A user friendly interactive voice response system is also built into the process. For example for payroll dial 1, for benefits dial 2, for recruitment dial 3. Calls can be transferred to the HR Service Executive who has expertise in the corresponding process • All calls are recorded for quality & monitoring . This also helps as record to a conversation & issues
  5. 5. Benefits of Employee Helpline • Position company as employee friendly and employee oriented • Better resolution turnaround time • Direct access to employee issues , hence faster root cause analysis • Clear, concise, uncomplicated advice and guidance on most HR issues and topics • Speedier resolution to employee’s HR related queries. • Whether an employee needs help in validating a decision, understanding changes in employment regulations, or managing employee relations, an employee helpline can be used as an effective medium of two way communication
  6. 6. How can Kankei Assist • Kankei can provide your company with a dedicated employee help desk staffed by trained resources • The resources will have a knowledge management system and also a information management system that enables them to take queries and track their responses • The assistance desk can play additional roles such as safety tracking of employees, RSVP of employee events, employee recognition contact and more
  7. 7. Contact Us Rashid Shaikh KANKEI A – 302 , Dipti Classic , Suren Road , Andheri East Mumbai – 400093 +91 22 66 77 3041