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DNS Record


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DNS Record

  1. 1. DNS RecordTing KangCOM585, Fall 2011University of Washington
  2. 2. What is DNS ?
  3. 3. Rootcom. org. edu. net.The DNS (Domain Name System) is a distributedhierarchical naming system for computers, services, or anyresources connected to the Internet or a private network. It’sused to resolve the hostname to IP address.
  4. 4. DNS Record (Resource Record) is the basic data elementin DNS. It allows the DNS server to convert name requestinto IP addresses that specifies where on the Internet theserver is located. In these domain servers, different recordtypes are used for different purposes. SOA AWhat is DNS Record ?
  5. 5. • An A (Address) record maps a hostname to an IP address. The AAAA Record, is very similar to an A record. It is also associate a domain name with the IP address. However, these records are used to specify an IPv6, while A records are used to specify an IPv4. Hostname Type A A 123.456.789.10A Record / AAAA Record
  6. 6. • A CNAME (Canonical NAME) record maps an alias name to another hostname which is in turn mapped to an IP address by an A record. Hostname Type A CNAME domain.comCNAME Record
  7. 7. • An MX (Mail exchanger) record specifies the hostname that will process incoming email for a domain. MX Record 2MX Record
  8. 8. • SOA Record (Start of Authority) The DNS server that has the most authority. It includes the primary name server, the email administrator of the domain, the domain serial number.• PTR Record (Pointer) A PTR record maps an IP address to a hostname.• SRV Record (Service) SRV records relate to a particular service of the domain, like FTP or SIP, rather than a specific machine the way A or C- name records do.More DNS record types
  9. 9. • S_resource_records•• at-is-a-dns-record-and-how-long-will-it-take-before-my- dns-record-changes•• nOCOCY&feature=relatedSources