How to write patches for Vim


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How to write patches for Vim

  1. 1. How to write patches for Vim – Be a patch meister – VimConf 2013 2013-11-16 K.Takata 1
  2. 2. Profile ● Name: K.Takata ● Twitter: @k_takata ● GitHub: k-takata ● Bitbucket: k_takata ● Web: ● Maintainer of Onigmo (The regex engine of Ruby 2.0) ● Author of bregonig.dll (Regex DLL used by Sakura Editor, etc.) ● Vimmer level: Beginner K.T I sometimes use cursor keys :-) ● Merged patches: About 75 patches (since 7.3.668) 2
  3. 3. Contents ● How to write patches – – Join the communities – Get the latest source code – Explore the Vim's source code – Write patches – Share your patches – ● Tools Categories of my patches My favorite patches – Merged patches – Undergoing patches 3
  4. 4. Tools ● Version Control System (VCS): – ● Mercurial (hg) and Mercurial Queues (MQ) Compiler: – Windows: ● – MSVC, MinGW (BCC doesn't seem to work) Linux, MacOS X and other OS: ● GCC, Clang ● Editor: Vim, of cause ;-) ● Other utilities: ctags, etc. 4
  5. 5. Join the communities ● vim_dev: Vim developers maillist!forum/vim_dev ● vim-jp: Japanese Vim community Top page: Issue tracker: – If you post an issue, you will be automatically added as a member in a few days. – For Japanese people, maybe it's better to discuss with vim-jp members before sending your patch to vim_dev. 5
  6. 6. Get the latest source code ● Vim from Mercurial: $ hg clone vim ● Build on Windows and Linux (Japanese): (Please someone write a page for MacOS X.) 6
  7. 7. Explore the Vim's source code ● Read src/README.txt first: buffer.c manipulating buffers (loaded files) eval.c expression evaluation (Vim script) fileio.c reading and writing files mbyte.c multi-byte character handling option.c options screen.c updating the windows gui*.c GUI if_*.c interface to other languages (python, etc.) and tools os_*.c OS depended codes proto/*.pro prototypes generated by cproto 7
  8. 8. Explore the Vim's source code ● Use tag jump with Exuberant Ctags: $ cd src $ ctags -R Open a source file with Vim and move the cursor to a symbol, then type Ctrl-]. For detail: :help tag :help window-tag :help -t ● If you install Emacs on Ubuntu, ctags may become a symlink to etags. To fix this, use the following command: $ sudo update-alternatives --config ctags A menu will be shown, then select ctags-exuberant. 8
  9. 9. Write patches You should see: :help coding-style :help development After writing comments or documents, use spell checker: :set spell For detail: :help spell ● Japanese translation of spell.txt is undergoing. Please join: ● Please also check: How to write patches (Japanese): 9
  10. 10. Share your patches ● ● If you want to share your series of patches with other people, use Bitbucket. K.Takata's patch queue for Vim: ? $ hg qclone -p vim $ cd vim $ hg qpush -a $ make ● To get the latest source code and patches when they are updated: $ hg qpop -a && hg pull -u && hg pull -u --mq && hg qpush -a 10
  11. 11. Categories of my patches ● OS: Windows, Linux, All Platforms ● Mutlibyte support ● Build system ● Fix typos in comments or documents ● Language interface (Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.) ● Tests ● Runtime files (e.g. less.vim) > Any kind of patch is welcome! < 11
  12. 12. My favorite patches ● Part 1: Merged patches – – symlinkfix – ● Cygwin clipboard spelllang-cjk Part 2: Undergoing patches – DirectWrite – breakindent 12
  13. 13. Cygwin clipboard (7.3.836) Authors: Frodak Baksik, Anton Sharonov and K.Takata Platform: Cygwin The first version backs to 2007. Cygwin Vim didn't support Win32 clipboard. You had to install the fakeclip plugin by Kana Natsuno. Now you can use Win32 clipboard without any plugins. 13
  14. 14. symlinkfix (7.3.1182) Authors: David Pope and K.Takata Platform: Windows Windows Vista and later support symlinks but Vim didn't support them when :set backup backupcopy=auto. (Symlinks became normal files after editing.) The original patch didn't support multibyte filenames, so I fixed it. This was my first patch for the main part of Vim. (I already sent some patches for runtime files.) It took about a year to be merged. This patch had a bug and the fix was merged as 7.3.1210. It took only 15 minutes!!! 14
  15. 15. 7.4.088 (spelllang-cjk) Author: K.Takata Platform: All This patch was merged this week! When :set spelllang=en,cjk, CJK characters are excluded from spell checking. 15
  16. 16. 7.4.088 (spelllang-cjk) :set spelllang=en :set spelllang=en,cjk 16
  17. 17. DirectWrite Authors: MURAOKA Taro and K.Takata Platform: Windows Better text rendering using DirectWrite. :set renderoptions=type:directx 17
  18. 18. breakindent Authors: Many authors Platform: All When :set breakindent, every wrapped line will continue visually indented. The first patch was written by Václav Šmilauer in 2004. I updated the patch for 7.4, and also fixed one FIXME. TODO: – There are still some FIXMEs in screen.c. – No test case. 18
  19. 19. breakindent Off On 19
  20. 20. Conclusions ● Build your own Vim. ● Any kind of patch is welcome. Don't be afraid. ● Find your favorite patch and improve it. 20
  21. 21. Enjoy Vimming! 21