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How to set up a facebook fan page and get it ready to be customized using the new Just Social Facebook Fan Page Builder App

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Facebook fanpage creation Just Social

  1. 1. Facebook FanPage Creation By
  2. 2. Facebook fan pages are now a standard marketing tool for business. You can createpages for the business itself, create product or service related pages, or even createpages for people, groups, or non-profit organizations. And it is not hard!I will walk you step by step through creating a fan page that you can start building yourFacebook marketing base from right away. So let’s get to it.The first thing to do is to log in to your personal Facebook account. Once insideFacebook you need to scroll right down to the bottom of the page. This is sometimeseasier said than done as Facebook keeps adding to the page length to allow you to seemore wall posts and comments. But eventually it will stop adding to the wall and allowyou to see the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page you will see some linksand one will say Create a Page.Click on this link to get started creating your first Facebook Fan Page.The next page you will see will be a choice as to what kind of page you want to create.Facebook does this so that it can group the pages according to main categories. Thesix main categories are:  Local Business or Place  Company, Organization, or Institution  Brand or Product  Artist, Band or Public Figure  Entertainment  Cause or CommunityAt this point you must choose which category best suits the type of Facebook Fan pageyou would like to create. In most cases for my clients I choose Local Business or Placepage. But I have created some Company pages as well as some Brand or Productpages.Either way, this is something that you can change at a later date – so don’t be tooworried if you choose the wrong category. As well, it is more related to Facebook’scategorization system – it has little to do with the end user – your client’s view of thepage. In fact, from an end user standpoint, I have not ever noticed the different pages.I only notice this when I am either creating a page or editing the page.Facebook Fan Page Creation Page 2
  3. 3. To choose your category simply click on the box that best matches your needs. Thiswill take you to the next area where you have to fill in some fundamental informationrelating to your Facebook Fan page. You will have to choose a business category and then fill out the details of your business. As this is a Local Business or Place – you need to give the address and phone number for the business. If you choose any of the other top level categories you only need to choose the business category and then fill in the business or product name. It is worthwhile to have this key information related to your local business as this will add to your authenticity on the internet and help to attract customers. All the search engines are using the information from social networking sites to a greater extent, so any information thatallows your customer to find you easier online will be an advantage for your business.Facebook Fan Page Creation Page 3
  4. 4. After checking off the box that you agree to Facebook Pages Terms (be sure to readthem as this is your business you are dealing with and you want to be sure you are notputting your income at any risk) – you can click on the Get Started button.Now you have your page created!But at this point it is not very pretty.And it does not have any information related to your business other than your name andaddress. Therefore it really is not a functioning marketing tool yet.We need to add to this very basic page. We will start with loading an image. This isimportant as the internet, and social networking in particular is a very visual medium.You need to have stimulating pictures that will grab people’s attention and help to getyour brand out into your community.Facebook Fan Page Creation Page 4
  5. 5. One quick thing we will do before we upload an image is to confirm our Page Category.Facebook wants to be sure we have chosen the right category so it asks us again. Wecan easily change it by using the two side by side drop boxes. If we do need to changethe category we would then click update category.But since we are happy with the original category, we will simply click on the X in the topright corner of the greyed area to close that section.Next on to changing the image. Two ways that this can be done. Facebook gives ussome nice steps on the setup page so we could click on the Upload an Image button.Or we can simply click on the question mark image in the upper left corner. Either waywe will get to an area where we get the Browse button that allows us to find an imageon our computer.Browse to your chosen image on your computer, click open and Facebook will uploadthe image to your Facebook Fan Page.Facebook Fan Page Creation Page 5
  6. 6. Once the image is uploaded – you will see it just to the left of the Browse section. Youare able to edit the thumbnail view of the picture – just like you can with your personalprofile image. Once that is complete click on the View Page button in the top right ofthe page and you will see your Facebook Fan page – now with your own customizedpicture.The next thing I would do is click on the Like button so that you like your own page.Hey – now you have 1 FAN – Congratulations!!!!If we look on the Get Started page you can see that Facebook gives us a number ofWelcome steps.Facebook Fan Page Creation Page 6
  7. 7. Unfortunately I believe that these steps tell you to prematurely invite your prospects (fans) and friends before the page is properly set up. Therefore I suggest a few modifications to your Facebook Fan page before you start getting new people to view it. You want to have a good first impression, so you should take some time to properly set up the fan page. To invite people too early would be like inviting someone to your home and not having things ready for them – not have a place for them to sit, to eat, to sleep. Therefore the first suggestion is to post a status update or two. This is like laying out the welcome mat. Saying come on in and chat with us. Giving your new fans a nice greeting.To do this jump to step 3 – Post status updates and click on the Post Update button.Facebook Fan Page Creation Page 7
  8. 8. Posting a status update is the same for a Facebook Fan page as it would be for yourpersonal Facebook page. All you do is click in the Status text box and type in whateveryou want to say to your future fans.It does not have to be text only.It could be a photo, a link, a video or a question.When starting off a new Facebook Fan page I usually make a few initial posts. Thismakes it that much more inviting when people start viewing your wall.As you see in the picture, the updates show with the Fan page picture – not thepersonal profile picture.At this point you must realize that now you have TWO PROFILES on Facebook. Theprimary profile is your personal one – this is the one you log in to Facebook with. Theother profile is your business one that is your Facebook Fan page.Facebook allows you to take on the role of either profile and use all the various featuresof Facebook acting as either a person or a business/fan page. Facebook does putcertain restrictions on you when you are using the fan page profile – such as not beingable to ‘friend’ a person. You can ‘Like’ another fan page though.This is a key feature of the Facebook Fan page that allows you to interact with yourprospects and clients as a business, and really make your business come to life. Thisallows you to deepen your brand by giving your brand personality. This is a verypowerful feature.Facebook Fan Page Creation Page 8
  9. 9. To make the switch over to actually using Facebook as a fan page there is a link in theright hand column. Just by clicking it you then become your business persona onFacebook. You can also get to that same link in the Account link in the upper right corner. It has both the link to use Facebook as a page and the link to switch back to your personal profile. Always keep track of which profile you have engaged – as you want to keep your business personavery true to your business brand!You can edit your page as either profile – Facebook does not limit the editing features toonly being on Facebook as a page. But there are some features that only can be usedas a person – but Facebook will inform you when these features come up.To clarify the concept of using Facebook as a page (your business fan page) – go toany personal or business page and make a comment. You will see your commentposted with your own personal photo beside it and your name above the comment.But when you use Facebook as a page – and go to another business fan page andmake a comment – you see your business name above the comment and the FacebookFan page picture beside the comment.Facebook Fan Page Creation Page 9
  10. 10. One exception to the rule.There is always exceptions to rules it seems.If you are using Facebook personally – that is you are logged in and have NOT selectedto use Facebook as a page.If you make posts and comments they all show up as your own personal name andpicture.BUT – if you go to your own page – and make a new status update or even comment onanother post – they will show up as coming from your business profile. That is thedefault way that Facebook has set up.This can be changed – it is part of the settings on Facebook. Simply click on the EditPage. And then click on the Your Settings link at the very top of the left hand column.This will bring up the Posting Preferences. The default is that when you are on theFacebook Fan Page you will always post or comment as the page profile. Not that youFacebook Fan Page Creation Page 10
  11. 11. will switch over to using Facebook as a page – but simply for those comments andposts you will show up as the page – not your personal self.But if you un-check the box for Posting Preferences – it will allow you to post on yourown page as your own personal profile. That is – allowing you to post and having yourpersonal name and picture show up next to the post.This is your decision. For less confusion, I would leave this option checked – but youcan decide whichever way you feel works best for you.The next section on the page we want to modify is the page which people will see thefirst time they visit your Facebook Fan page. For example if we go to a couple otherFacebook Fan pages we can see some unique pages.These custom pages show up to the viewer rather than the Facebook Fan page wall.How do they do that – set the default page to a page other than the wall page. We will not go into building a custom page at this time – only into the settings to allow you to change which is the default page that first time viewers that have not ‘Liked’ your page will see when they visit the page. If you want to customize your fan page you can do so very easily using the new fan page builder from Just To show Just we added in a couple custom full details Social. this go to www.justsocial.com for pages to our exampleget a custom page in just minutes! on how to Facebook Fan page. I added the page Summer Clothes and More info to our Facebook Fan page. Then I again will click on the Edit Page link in the topFacebook Fan Page Creation Page 11
  12. 12. left – just below the page name.The Facebook page settings I need to use for the default landing page is the ManagePermissions link.Once on the Manage Permissions settings page you should look for the Default Landing Tab option. Use the drop box and choose whichever of the links / pages you want to use as the default landing page. Be sure to save your changes with the button at the bottom. This will now set the default landing page to Summer Clothes for our sample page.We can also edit the order of the links on the lefthand side of our Facebook Fan page.When viewing your page – there will be the wordEdit just below the links.If you click on Edit it will allow you to change theorder of the links and even delete the links from view(be careful with this option).Facebook Fan Page Creation Page 12
  13. 13. Another option is the About information that can show up just below the links on the left hand side of the Facebook Fan page. This is very key information as it is very visible to your viewers or your page. Once you have entered in some information Facebook allows you to edit it simply with a link right at the content itself. But if you have not entered any About information you can do it in the Edit Page area under the Basic Information link. Simply enter whatever informationyou want to show up in the About section and be sure to save your changes with thebutton at the bottom.At the same time you can do any changes or updates to other sections in the BasicInformation area – such as address, hours, Description, etc. This information will allshow up on the info link on your Facebook Fan page.Facebook Fan Page Creation Page 13
  14. 14. If you have not watched the videos that accompany this guide to setting up a FacebookFan page be sure you take the time to view them.I hope that this makes setting up a Facebook Fan page simple and effortless for you.Fan pages are an excellent way to build your brand in the social media arena and arethe cornerstone of any social media campaign!The next step is to customise your fan page using the Just Social Fan page Builder app.This can be obtained by going to www.justsocial.comCustomizing your fan page is probably the most important step in your entire efforts touse social media to grow your business. Without it your page is dull and looks identicalto millions of other fan pages making it near impossible to stand out and to build yourbrand. With a custom page your facebook fan page immediately becomes attractive andexciting and somewhere people on facebook will want to check out. This leads to morefans, more fans leads to more customers and more customers to more revenue andawareness of your product or service! So go to www.justsocial.com and organise acustom fan page that will turn what you have set up here into a fully featured amazinglooking website inside of facebook!Facebook Fan Page Creation Page 14