El aire y las plantas justine


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El aire y las plantas justine

  1. 1. AIR AND PLANTS. Student: ELLIE JUSTINE TORRES G. School: Reuven Feuerstein
  2. 2. To make this experiment we used two little bottles of plastic and we broke them into a half with a scalpel. September 22nd, 2013
  3. 3. We put soil into the bottles and planted some lentil seeds.
  4. 4. Then, we put one of the top of the bottles on its other part and we joined it with some tape. The bottle must be covered carefully so no air can get in it.
  5. 5. Few days later, we noticed that plant which had air was growing, while the one that was covered with its top part wasn´t growing.
  6. 6. The days passed and the plant which had no air wasn´t still growing.
  7. 7. CONCLUSIONS With this interesting experiment I could see and understand that plants as animals and people need air to live and grow up.
  8. 8. LIGHT AND GERMINATION How do presence absence of affect the seeds? the or light pea
  9. 9. On September the 22nd the seeds were planted.
  10. 10. On September 28th, we noticed that the pea plant that recieved light showed a growth on its root, while the one that didn´t recieve light showed no growth. With light Without light
  11. 11. On October 2nd, we noticed that the plant with presence of light continue to show a bigger growth on its root, while the one with absence of light showed a poor growth on its root. With light Without light
  12. 12. On October 6th we saw that the root of the pea seed with no light had grown 4 cms and its stem was just about sprouting , and the root of the pea seed with light hadn´t grown as much as the one of the pea seed without light, and its stem had grown more than the plant without light. With light Without light
  13. 13. On October 10th we saw that the root and stem of the pea seed without light had grown faster than the one with light whose growth was poor and slower. Without light With light
  14. 14. On October 12th we saw that the stem and the root of the pea seed without light grew faster but weaker and the pea seed with light grew slower and its root didn´t grow too much. Without light With light
  15. 15. CONCLUSIONS    The pea seed in the absence of light grew faster and bigger. The plant with the presence of light grew less and slower, but its stem is stronger and it looks very green. The pea seed with light showed a normal photosynthesis growth process showing a green and stronger stem and root, while the pea seed without light grew faster but its stem looks yellow and with light colors.