Philly Tech Fest Surfacing Data With Share Point And Reporting


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Slide presentation from Philly TechFest 2010

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Philly Tech Fest Surfacing Data With Share Point And Reporting

  1. 1. Surfacing Data with SharePoint, SSRS, and PerformancePoint Services Mike Gauntlett
  2. 2. Current Options for Surfacing Data Low IT Excel Involvement Access SSRS (with or without report models) SharePoint with SSRS or Excel SharePoint (with SPD) SSAS (cubes) with SSRS or Excel (hosted in or out of SharePoint) High IT SSAS (cubes) with Sharepoint Involvement PerformancePoint Services 2
  3. 3. SSRS Overview Build reports using most any data source Standard reporting features • Group, filter, drill-down, drill-through, conditional formatting, aggregates, parameters, charts, etc. Subscriptions Caching / Snapshots / History Report Manager Web Site 3
  4. 4. SSRS with SharePoint Reports reside in SharePoint libraries • Approval • Versioning • Workflow / Alerts • SharePoint API • SharePoint security Subscriptions can deliver to SP Libraries 4
  5. 5. Install and Configure SSRS Integration is included with SP 2010 Central Admin  General Application Settings  Reporting Services Activate Site Collection Feature Enable in Document Libraries 5
  6. 6. Demo 6
  7. 7. 6236: SSRS 8/30/2010 7
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