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Zero Configuration HTTP-CoAP Proxy Implementation based on CGI


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CoAP is a web protocol for constrained environments, and also designed in consideration of interoperability with HTTP. However, lack of best practices of implementing proxies that provide HTTP-CoAP translation obstructs veri cation and spread of new Web of Things services based on interactions between HTTP and CoAP devices. In this paper, we introduce a HTTP-CoAP proxy implementation. It does not require any con gurations on clients. It also can be easily added on top of conventional HTTP servers by utilizing CGI.

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Zero Configuration HTTP-CoAP Proxy Implementation based on CGI

  1. 1. Zero Configuration HTTP-CoAP Proxy based on CGI Jongsoo Jung, Jeehoon Lee, Haeyong Kim, Gyusang Shin, and Seontae Kim Embedded Software Research Department Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea {jsjeong, zardu22, haekim, gsshin, stkim10} Proxies for HC Translation Interception Forward ReverseHTTP, a de-facto REST protocol is CoAP, an emerging REST protocol Actual CoAPwidely used in computers, phones, for constrained devices will realize Destination Proxy Proxy resource and tablets, currently. Not compatible Internet of Things in the near future. with each other Actual CoAP Actual CoAP Sub resource of Request target resource Resource the proxy Configuration No Client Proxy Embedded HC Proxy (CGI) mapping or Apache2 URI mapping Homogeneous Not necessary additional complex Linux mappingSystem Overview GET http://{Proxy address}/cgi/coap/ GET coap://{CoAP URI path} Why CGI? {CoAP URI path}/sensor/temperature /sensor/temperature If the proxy should be implemented for the actual embedded devices such as Internet Constrained Network the border router, CGI will be an efficient solution because the CGI HTTP Client HTTP/1.1 200 OK … HC Proxy 0x62450405… CoAP Server programming can be implemented 20 (℃) (2.05 … 20 (℃)) lightly using C language.