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IBM Storwize V7000 — unikátní virtualizační diskové pole


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Představení diskového systému a jeho jedinečných funkcionalit. Jan Vojtěch (Avnet)

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IBM Storwize V7000 — unikátní virtualizační diskové pole

  1. 1. IBM Storwize V7000 — unikátní virtualizačnídiskové poleKvěten 2012Jan Vojtěch, Avnet © 2011 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Disk Portfolio 4Q2011 Optimized for ‘open systems’ Optimized for z/OS and IBM i Block File DS8000 XIV SONAS For clients requiring: For clients requiring: For clients requiring:  Advanced disaster recovery  Breakthrough ease of use and  Massive I/O, backup, or with 3-way mirroring and management restores System z GDPS support  High utilization with automated  Consolidation, or scale largeEnterprise  Continuous availability, no downtime for upgrades performance (“hot spot”) management numbers of clusters  Best-in-class response time for  Virtually unlimited snapshots OLTP or transaction  Advanced self-healing workloads, flash optimization architecture  Single system capacity N series scalable to the PB range For clients requiring:  NAS storage  Simple two-site high availability DS5000 Storwize V7000 For clients requiring: For clients requiring:  Good cost/performance,  10s of TB of rack-mounted general-purpose storage storage with sophisticatedMidrange  Need to add capacity to software functions existing configuration  Breakthrough ease of use and  10s of TB of capacity management  Non-disruptive migration from, or virtualization of, existing disk DS3000Entry For clients requiring:  SMBs or branch office locations; cost sensitive; start at as small as 100s GB, up to low TB capacity SVC, Easy Tier, ProtecTIER, Information Archive, Real Time CompressionStorage Optimizers For clients requiring optimization of storage costs:  Storage technologies that add function, performance, ease of use, or efficiency to new or existing storage © 2011 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. © 2011 IBM CorporationStorwize V7000 2U  Control enclosure: dual controllers and up to twelve 3.5” or twenty-four 2.5” drives in just 2U  Eight 8Gb FC ports, four 1Gb iSCSI plus and four 10Gb ports per controller pair (FCoE post-GA)  Expansion enclosure: drives only  Up to nine expansion enclosures attach to one control enclosureBuilt-in Software inherited from SVC and DS8000 RAID Manageability RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10  New User interface (easy-to-use, web based) Storage Virtualization  Integrated SAN-wide Management (internal disks and external arrays) (Tivoli Storage Productivity Center) Non-disruptive Data Migration  Integrated IBM server and storage mgmt (Systems Director Storage Control)Efficiency Replication Thin Provisioning  Application integrated Easy Tier (Oracle, DB2, SAP, Domino, Exchange, SQL Server) (dynamic data movement across SSD/HDD)  Efficient use of space (thin provisioned, incremental, deduplicated)  DR automation (failover/fail back, site switching)  IP or Fibre Channel
  4. 4. © 2011 IBM CorporationWhat is the Storwize V7000  Storwize V7000 is a midrange storage system that can also virtualize external storage  Based on proven SVC software technology  SAS network for enclosure expansion  SSD, 10K SAS, 15K SAS and Nearline SAS  Maximum 240 disk drives using 2.5” drives  Maximum 120 disk drives using 3.5” drives  120…240 drives depending on combination  Dual-active, hot-swappable controllers  8GB of cache per controller – 16GB total  Three host interface options  Eight 8 Gbps FC ports  Four 1 Gbps iSCSI ports  Four 10 Gbps iSCSI ports  Customer installable and maintainable  All primary components are hot-swappable CRUs (Customer Replaceable Units)
  5. 5. Storwize V7000 - Start Small and Grow IBM Storwize V7000 provides scalable growth and flexibility in drive types, sizes, and number of enclosures Drive Choices  2.5-inch: up to 24 drives/encl Grow Big – 146 GB 15K RPM SAS – 300 GB 15K RPM SAS – 300 GB 10K RPM SAS – 450 GB 10K RPM SAS Storwize V7000 Enclosures – 600 GB 10K RPM SAS  Add up to 9 expansion enclosures per control enclosure – 300 GB E-MLC Solid-State  Up to 4 control enclosures w/RPQ – 1 TB 7,200 RPM NL-SAS  Intermix 12 and 24 bay enclosures  3.5-inch: up to 12 drives/encl – 2 TB 7,200 RPM NL-SAS  Mix drives within an enclosure  Expand up to 960TB w/RPQ  RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10  All enclosures are 2U in size Start Small5 © Copyright IBM Corporation, 2011
  6. 6. Storwize V7000 – High Speed Connectivity F Four 8 Gb FC T Two USB T Two Gb-E T Two SAS 2.0 T Two 10 Gb-E T 10 Gb-E Two T Two SAS 2.0 T Two Gb-E T Two USB F Four 8 Gb FC External Enclosure Ports # Ports Internal Enclosure Ports # Ports 8 Gb Fiber Channel SAN 8 SAS 2.0 4 4 1 Gb Ethernet 4 10 Gb Ethernet (Models 312/324) 4 Each SAS 2.0 ports has four s send/receive wire pairs USB 4 Each wire pair is 6 Gb/s or Note: Multi-path software is included at no cost 2 Gb/s total per SAS port 24 1 2 3 4 T Total bandwidth of 96 Gb/s 1 2 3 46 © Copyright IBM Corporation, 2011
  7. 7. © 2011 IBM CorporationTraditional RAID ControllersKaždý LUN Změna v konfiguraci RAID řadič rozkládáodpovídá místu nafyzických discích data na sadu diskůúložiště omezuje dostupnost aplikace LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 4 LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 4 RAID RAID controller 1 controller 2
  8. 8. © 2011 IBM CorporationIBM SAN Volume Controller, Storwize V7000 SCSI LUNy Volume SAN zůstávají mapovány 1:1 k SVC, Controller odstíní jako byly puvodnězměn servery od VD 1 VD 2 VD 5 VD 7 VD 3 VD 4 VD 6 Virtual disks Změny ve fyzické Servery nadále mapovány k serverům ve fyzickém The SAN Volume Virtual-to-physical Mapping konfiguraci omezují jako používají LUNy, úložišti Controller disky Managed High Perf Low Cost dostupnostbylyřídí aplikací by to seskupovány fyziké jsou mapování disky. Ve MD 1 MD 3 MD 4 MD 5 MD 6 MD 7 MD 2 MD 8 Managed disks managed disků Disk do „Managed na skutečnosti jsou virtuální podle Groups“ virtuální o kapacitě LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 4 LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 4 SCSI LUNs jejich vlastností a kvalitě podle (rychlé/levné…) RAID RAID požadavků aplikace controller 2 Mapování: controller 1 •Stripe přes managed disky •Sekvenčně postupně přes jeden a více managed disků •Image mode – 1:1 mapování managed disků
  9. 9. IBM Česká republikaTotalStorage SAN Volume Controller Copy Services SAN Volume Controller SAN Volume Controller LUN 1 LUN 4LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 4 LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 4 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 4 RAID RAID RAID RAIDcontroller 1 controller 2 controller 3 controller 4 SAN Metro Mirror SAN FlashCopy box” “outside the “outside the box”
  10. 10. IBM Česká republikaTotalStorage SAN Volume Controller Copy Services SAN Volume Controller SAN Volume Controller LUN 1 LUN 4LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 4 LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 4 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 4 RAID RAID RAID RAIDcontroller 1 controller 2 controller 3 controller 4 Cross-device consistency groups
  11. 11. © 2011 IBM CorporationStorwize V7000 Advanced Functions  Thin Provisioning – Included  Allows for storage optimization by consuming real capacity only when data is written  FlashCopy – Included  Allows use of FlashCopy function with internal Storwize V7000 volumes as well as external storage under Storwize V7000 management  Up sell opportunity: FlashCopy Manager  Easy Tier – Included  Allows for management of hotspots automatically by migrating extents from spinning drives to solid state drives as needed for higher performance  Up sell opportunity: TPC for Disk Midrange Edition  Metro and/or Global Mirror – Optional  Allows you to replicate data synchronously or asynchronously between Storwize V7000 systems  Up sell opportunity: TPC for Replication  External Virtualization – Optional  Allows you to bring external fibre channel disk systems under Storwize V7000 control providing access to all the functions of the Storwize V7000 virtualization software
  12. 12. © 2011 IBM CorporationEfficiency Features Thin provisioning More productive use of available storage Across all supported host platforms Dynamic growth Without thin provisioning, pre-allocated With thin provisioning, applications can space is reserved whether the application grow dynamically, but only consume space uses it or not. they are actually using. Easy Tier “Easy Tier” pools identify the busiest data extents and automatically relocate them to SSD Automatic highest performing Solid-state Disks relocation Remaining data extents can take advantage of higher capacity, price optimized disks HDD SSD Automatic relocation HDD
  13. 13. © 2011 IBM Corporation Host System AttachVMware Microsoft Novell IBM Sun HP SGI Linux Apple IBM SRM Windows NetWare AIX Solaris HP-UX IRIX (Intel/Power/zLinux) Mac OS X BladeCenter MSCS Clustering i6 VIOS VCS/SUN Tru64 RHEL/SUSE Win/Linux/VMWare/AIX MPIO, VSS, GDS HACMP /XD clustering OpenVMS RHEL 5 ia32, x64 OPM/FCS/IBS GPFS / VIO ServiceGuard with SDD RHEL 3 Power SLES 9 ia64 Up to 1024 Hosts Network Clustered XIV Storwize V7000 (SVC + XIV) For the most current, and more detailed, information please visit and click on “Interoperability”.
  14. 14. © 2011 IBM Corporation External Virtualization Features Transparent data movement Application Efficiently manage technology upgrades and server lease terminations by transparently moving application data from legacy disk arrays to Network new IBM Virtualized Disk Solutions Legacy IBM disk Legacy disk attach Network Hitachi EMC NetApp IBM Sun HP NEC Bull Fujitsu Pillar USP CLARiiON, FAS ESS, FAStT StorageTek MA, EMA iStorage StoreWay Eternus AxiomLightning, Thunder Symmetrix, DS3/4/5/6/8 MSA, EVA TagmaStore VMAX XIV XP For the most current, and more detailed, information please visit and click on “Interoperability”.
  15. 15. © 2011 IBM CorporationManageability FeaturesOverview  User Interface – Adopted from the easy-to-use XIV GUI – For clients where the new IBM Midrange Disk System “is” Easy-to-use management GUI the infrastructure  Enterprise Management – Integrated management with a SAN-wide perspective – For clients where the new IBM Midrange Disk System is connected to a SAN with other, perhaps heterogeneous Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Integrated SAN-wide management storage  Server / Storage Management – Integrated management with a Systems and Storage perspective Systems Director Storage Control – For clients with IBM servers and storage Integrated IBM server and storage mgmt
  16. 16. © 2011 IBM CorporationFresh New User InterfaceBased on the well-received XIV interface System recommendations Visual task flow guidance Integrated video instruction System status always available Link to more information if needed
  17. 17. © 2011 IBM Corporation For Clients who Need Options for Storage Management Out of the box management: browser-based, included with storage AdminOption # 1 More complex, value-add storage management: Tivoli Storage Productivity Center (TPC) Storage Admin IBM IBM SVC DS3000 IBM TPC/SSPC IBM DS8000 DS4000 TS3500 DS5000 TS3310Option # 217
  18. 18. © 2011 IBM CorporationFor Clients who Need Options for Server andStorage Management Integrated IBM server and storage management: Systems Director + Storage Control Servers Storage “Systems” Admin Systems Director IBM DS3000 IBM IBM SVC +Storage Control IBM DS8000 DS4000 TS3500 Option # 1 DS5000 TS3310 Integrated IBM server and storage management with storage administration specialization TPC/SSPC Storage Admin IBM IBM SVC DS3000 IBM IBM DS8000 DS4000 TS3500 DS5000 TS3310 Systems Director “Systems” Admin Option # 218
  19. 19. © 2011 IBM Corporation IBM Systems Director Storage ControlCentralized management to System z Power Systemsreduces costs and complexityacross server and storage BladeCenter System x Power SystemsIntegrated:  Discovery  Inventory  Alerts  Monitoring  Configuration  Provisioning Director + Storage Control Brocade FibreWith VMControl: Channel switches  Integrated virtualization management across server, storage, network  Image repository and management: Storage provisioning for image creation, deployment, and cloning  Storage System Pools: Manage storage system pool DS6800 lifecycle, take group actions across Storwize V7000 IBM SVC Included in pool and policy based storage DS8100, Base Director placement, provisioning, and cloning DS8300, DS3400, DS3500, DS4100, DS4200, DS8700, actions within the pool DS4300, DS4400, DS4500, DS4700, DS4800, DS8800 DS5020, DS5100, DS5300, XIV Included in Base Director19
  20. 20. © 2011 IBM CorporationOffline Visually identify hardware areas of concern
  21. 21. Real Time Performance Statistics: GUI Screenshot (as backup) © 2011 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. © 2011 IBM CorporationFlashCopy Features FlashCopy Create instant application copies for backup or application testing Make better use of space with incremental (only changed blocks) or space-efficient (thin provisioned) snapshots FlashCopy Manager Integrated, instant copy for critical applications Virtually eliminate backup windows Rapidly create clones for application testing View inventory of application copies and instantly restore Enterprise FlashCopy Replication Replicate FlashCopy’s to a central Tivoli Storage Manager server for Unified Recovery Deduplicated Replication Management and disaster recovery Make better use of network resources by deduplicating data before transmission Storage Manager 6
  23. 23. © 2011 IBM CorporationPlanned EnhancementsEnhancements planned for 2011/2012 delivery – Clustering up to 4 Storwize V7000 controllers together (8 controllers) – Low bandwidth replication enhancements – Factory rack and stack – FC direct attach to Host Servers – 10 Gb FCoE – iSCSI based disk systems virtualization – Replication over native IP links – Replication between Storwize V7000 and SVC – Replication on volumes >2TB – Exploit VMware VAAI and ISV unique APIs
  24. 24. IBM System Storage™Odkazy na web•••• © 2011 IBM Corporation
  25. 25. IBM System Storage™ DOTAZY ? © 2011 IBM Corporation
  26. 26. © 2011 IBM Corporation