Custom add ons for share point users


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Citytech Software Private Limited is an IT services company, offering a wide array of solutions customized for a range of key industry verticals and horizontals. Established in 1993, we have developed competencies in developing and implementing web-based solutions, client server applications, ERP and Payroll management software and Point of Sale Solutions. Our need-driven deployment of domain and technology expertise brings to customers a range of solutions and products that enhance their performance and competitiveness.

Incorporated with state of art technology, our development center in Kolkata, India, constitutes of hand picked highly skilled professionals that serve the needs of our growing client network that stretches world wide covering USA, Australia, Europe and Asia. To offer global competitiveness, we deploy a global outsourcing model to leverage local competencies in the ever changing environment.

We have 3 state of the art development centers in the downtown Kolkata, India. Our Dubai office looks after our customers in MENA Region.

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Custom add ons for share point users

  1. 1. Citytech Software Private Limited presenting a barrage of SharePoint Add-ons Boost SharePoint Collaboration & File Sharing Efficiency with Thirdparty Add-ons Let’s decode your curiosity about origin & function of addons prior to riding on a visual tour of Citytech Addonworks.
  2. 2. Is SharePoint also a Web Application Development platform besides being a Server Product? Yes! SharePoint gives support for websites and workflows. Plus, its help in creating platform for the third-party add-on integration is laudable.
  3. 3. What are these add-ons actually? How do they deliver their services? These add-ons are Web-parts or Extensions, able to help SharePoint platform users utilize it in better way. Add-ons can extend built-in SharePoint functionality, which is already considerable, and make it more accessible and easier to use.
  4. 4. So, these Add-ons or Web-parts must be in great demand? Obviously, yes! Customization ability has led to an explosion of add-ons to meet SharePoint users’ demands. These addons are available from various sources, ranging from the free and open-source to their paid versions with better efficiency.
  5. 5. Why should a company embrace SharePoint Add-ons/Web-parts? A Company should embrace add-ons or web parts in order to tailor-make Microsoft SharePoint to suit their particular requirements.
  6. 6. How does Citytech Software participate in Add-on development? Citytech Software, a Software Development & IT Consulting Company, has developed 4 top useful add-ons, which can help do everything from Data Export to Bulk Attachment, or Search, or to Alert Messenger. SharePoint Developers scoured the marketplace to understand requirements of users and focused on their priority areas to facilitate users to work online and offline as per their requirements.
  7. 7. By using this web part, Site Admin can configure alerts for any users or user groups & any Lists or Libraries of the site. For various reasons, AW Alert Messenger can be useful. Know them
  8. 8. By using this web part, users can select Single/Multiple/A ll items from grid view of any Lists or Libraries or Forms & export them to Excel Format. To know more about them,
  9. 9. By using AW Bulk Attachment Utility web part, users can upload bulk attachments from any FTP server in the form of Library. Automated attachment of any file format is facilitated. of the add-on.
  10. 10. By using AW Search web part, users can choose the search parameters and bind them by AND logical operators in a list or library. To know about it, .
  11. 11. Free to Speak or Contact Addonworks Support Team. Login or Create an Account with them & learn the benefits of their services which include 30-day Money Back Assurance & 3month Free Update offer.
  12. 12. You may also contact the Add-on Support Team via Citytech Software office contacts. Citytech Website: Addonworks Website: