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Target audience powerpoint


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Target audience powerpoint

  1. 1. How my magazine appeals to the Target Audience By Robert Munden
  2. 2. Fonts Fonts: The font I have used for my front cover is sans serif which appeals greatly to the target audience as they’re younger and therefore it makes it more conventional of the genre , I found out through my research. Overall my fonts used are sans serif this is all conventional with the rock genre because the sans serif gives the feeling of rock, They are all bold and stand out which makes it clear and draws the reader in to the magazine.
  3. 3. Fonts Fonts: For the fonts on the contents page I have used on this page are nearly the same as the ones on the front cover, This is done to create recognisability within the magazine as I did with the colours. I have also used the fonts on the content s page bold as it stands out again, By making the headings larger and bolder so they stand out, This makes it more eyecatching, and then they’d concentrate on the actual content and read my magazine.
  4. 4. Fonts Fonts: the fonts I have used on the double page spread are less varied because I wanted to keep the body of the copy almost the same, The fonts used are all sans serif which is conventional of the genre, This draws the attention to the main image of the magazine because the headline and stand first catch the readers eye, And then this also is followed by the body copy catching the eye, And to keep appealing to my target audience I included the pull quotes.
  5. 5. Content Contents: The content I have used is conventional to rock as it’s a rock magazine, I’ve included information about what is inside the rest of the magazine. I’ve included a pull quote on the cover to attract attention with the audience, this is because it leaves them wondering about the full story as it says ‘ You left us struggling ‘ therefore it draws the reader into the magazine. I’ve also included featured bands along the bottom of the magazine in a strip this is to interest them about their favourite bands and that they are featured inside, The coverlines also draw the reader into turning the pages over. S overall the content of the front cover does the job needed of enticing the audience into reading on.
  6. 6. Content Content: The contents of this page is conventional as it includes typical elements of a contents page, The large image and additional eye catching features, so this appeals to the target audience. The image used on this page to attract the readers attention, as it’s conventional, this will draw the reader into reading on. The main features that appeal to the target audience are the editors report as they like to see what they contain in their magazine and the editors opinion. The subscription offer also attracts a lot of attention as it’s a special offer and therefore they will be saving money on the magazine.
  7. 7. Content The contents of my double page spread appeals to the target audience as the features I have included such as the one large image, main body copy, stand first, pull quote and caption make it appealing as they are conventional for a rock genre double page spread. They find it appealing because the large image draws the in the reader, the pull quote catches their attention and makes them want to read the article, And then the information used on the double page spread is broken up by questions which makes it get less boring so they therefore stay interested. The article is appealing because the language used is informal and includes slang words, which is appealing because it is regular language for the target audience, which they would use regularly in everyday life in their social groups.
  8. 8. Mode of address Mode of address: The mode of address on my front cover is aggressive, but it also puts across the tone of the magazine which is serious and meaningful. The fonts and colours all put across the tone of aggressive as the does the image with the facial expressions of him being serious. This therefore appeals to the target audience because of the conventional being used.
  9. 9. Mode of address The mode of address on content page is the same as in the front cover, so I thought this would appeal more, The main image used on the contents page expresses seriousness again, and the facial expressions show the other tones that are conventional of the genre, for example depressive as well as serious, the fonts and colours used also connote aggression as they are bold, large and stand out for the audience.
  10. 10. Mode of address The mode of address on the double page spread, The tone set by the main image is the same as the main image of the front cover, Serious and aggressive, They also show facial expressions which expresses the seriousness and aggression on their faces, For example aggression is good in the main image as also the fonts and colours used all connote aggression as they are bold, large and stand out for the target audience, Therefore making this appealing to the mode of address.