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Hotels and OTA


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Hotels and OTA

  1. 1. ResearchArticles and info on hotels + hotel companies relationships with OTAs -positive - negative
  2. 2. 1. An Example: Plaza Athene Facebook Twitter Youtube present on :,,, Voyage SNCF, Expedia, eBookers,• on Tripadvisor 41/ 1854 . Only good opinion and a Guest Relation Manager answer.• Score obtained by guests on Booking is 9.1 Superb
  3. 3. 2. Hotel-OTA relationship Based on new data from RateGain, max. 1 out of 5 hotels in major EU cities have introduced a rate parity based rate strategy for the coming three month. We can conclude that in case of the great majority of hotels prices on OTA sites were lower than on their own website. Popular destinations like Paris andLondon, only a little more than 20% of three, four and five star hotels have a rateparity strategy in place.Amsterdam – the bad examplethe lowest rate parity adoption: 3% of hotels having a rate parity strategy in place,and 87% of hotels offering lower rates on OTAs than their own website.• rity_is_for_otas_not_hotels
  4. 4. Hotel Rate Parity Trends - Europe (Nov 2011 - Jan 2012)