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Think tank – paris 27 apr


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New ideas, conclusions

Published in: Technology, Business
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Think tank – paris 27 apr

  1. 1. THINK TANK – PARIS 27 APR. A summary
  2. 2. Multiplatforms Use as much as possible if not ALL the platforms to push info + to influence customers The multiplatforms must be tailor-made for all services => be present at all of the 8 stages of online travel buyer (exploring, researching, booking, pl anning, enjoying, sharing..etc) When creating a hotel application THINK WITH THE HEAD OF THE CUSTOMER => If I were a client, I want to know where to eat, shop, …near the hotel => « an online concierge in my hand »
  3. 3. The need of a story Finished the time when all depended on how many nice pictures u have under the « photo »link on the hotel website!! TODAY WE NEED STORIES TO ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS!!! BE CREATIVE WHEN « WRITING » UR HOTEL’ STORY!! P A HOTELSTORY + =PINEREST = A PERSONALITYCLIENT = Target market’s UR Self-identification HOTEL LV’s story : VOYAGE with Angelina Jolie
  4. 4. Advice for the future• New jobs Digital marketing manager (being in charge of marketing the hotel as a personality => blog =>what u as digital manager recommend to see, to taste (which is different from ohter hotel’s recommendation becasue it is a different persona!! )) =new training• More creativity + on all platforms (Not only social media, now it is the minimum!! If u don’t use as many platforms as u can, a marketshare could be lost!) Small hotels can write their own blogs, facebook pages, tweets but for professional advice contact companies like APPNOSTIC = working or setting up companies like that could be considered as an opportunity even for us.• Be friend with GOOGLE Key words, business page, map … + Use it to monitor ur competitor
  5. 5. WHAT ELSE?NO, not NESPRESSO!Finally we have KEYWORDS, FIRST TO APPEARAT GOOGLE, PINNED PICSAT PINTEREST BUT IT ISSTILL NOT ENOUGH!!!We need to write a blog. Ifwe are very good at, we Because at the end of the day whatare able to « sell » the is a hotel?whole city like David A place to stay, in a city full ofLynche does with Paris via life, experiences, tastes, views.the Lutetia blog.