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  1. 1. appnosticWHAT WE DO:• customize your company’s look & feel, monitor, react and engage with customers, and measure your progress with advanced user data, analytics and insights.
  2. 2. 1 What range of mediums do they provide solutions for - website, Facebook, Google Plus, etcsocial booker, social promoter, project interactive tweet agent (reate daily posts, monitor the buzz, interact withyour target audience and build your likes and followers)3. How do they address the issue direct bookings vs. 3rd partyFacebook direct booking, Twitter : activities in NYC, less about themselves.The Genares platform was designed to enable a hotel to optimize its distribution by offering the capability ofmanaging all distribution including GDS, IDS, IBE, PMS and emerging channels – all from a single real timeconnection. Genares does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach with our customers and works with ourcustomers to design the most far reaching distribution plan to match their business goals with a single imageinventory view designed to eliminate manual intervention as much as possible.2. How do their solutions address the issues of fan + friend engagement to generate bookings They will engagefriends, manage posts, Collect enhanced fan data and create targeted messaging.“Transform your Fan Page into aninteractive marketing engagement platform with access to an entire library of specialized applet”5. What types of hotels use their solutions: independent boutique hotel6. Is there a booking fee or commission for their products: no booking fee in case of Facebook booking, BookingApplication- save 15% of published rates when booking via our Facebook App
  3. 3. clients
  4. 4. 4. What data + analysis do they provide:Detect who likes you on Facebook and use this info for promotion, saleEvery kind on Facebook stat.: number of friends, time spent on site, things that are shared(video, blog, photo..etc) and what is being said on your wall Global reach
  5. 5. Check out a least 1 client hotel - view the booking + engagement solution in action