The Definition Of Running


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  • I’m Josh – author of The Definition of RunningI just ran the half marathon from my house to get hereAnd felt like the guy you see on the screen the whole way
  • This is how I felt running at the age of three before my hippy parents reformed and stuffed my feet into shoesI fell victim to the fallacy of running that we all suffer from -
  • Running is painfulOnly 17% of Heel strikers are smiling while 43% of forefoot strikers run smilingYes Smiling while running is scientific proof the runner is happy
  • The problem is the definition itself “a rapid movement on foot, with long strides and both feet momentarily off the ground” So this guy is excluded
  • I don’t think Merriam & Webster were runners… Perhaps the lack of definition has to do with the $3B+ Running “Industry” For them of course Running means one thing – selling you another pair of these
  • over pronation, under pronationHow the Shoe’s sole absorbs the impact your body was naturally designed to takeJust so you can replace them in four to six months
  • 76% of people just start running like I did, they don’t pay a coach, they don’t read books, they just get out there and start pounding the running pathsResulting in pimply faced kids at running stores stuffing their feet into shoes that fix their gait
  • So what did you do when you were a kid and weren’t forced into the market hype of races and running?You took off your shoes and ran
  • The modern body has evolved to align our feet, knees, hips, rib cage, and shoulders into a streamlined running machineSo much so that all efforts to mimick our bodies has taken on a similar elastic form
  • The point is that, like our best friend’s hereYour body has been designed to absorb the impact of running with no help from special toolsYour emotions have been trained to react to a run that takes advantage of this fact of evolution
  • You too should turn off the stopwatch, the heart rate monitor, and turn on your smileRunning for the fun of running like you felt when you were a child
  • To incorporate running, let’s take a water break and re-learn how to runChi, Pose, there is a growing list of running instructionsAll designed to teach you what your kids already know
  • You have built in shock absorbersThe Achilles tendon and the arches of your footYou’ve just forgotten how to run on them and run for the right reasons
  • We know the arch is strong in modern architectureBut we forgot about how strong it is in our body and every day life
  • It’s like eating sushi for the first time and appreciating the glory of the taste of the fish.The inherent beauty of the raw components that we take for granted in so many things is exposed and we are forced to examine the capabilities and awesomeness that lies within.
  • You should appreciate running for the sake of running and incorporate it into your lifestyleIf walking to the grocery store takes to long… consider runningCarrying a bag or two of groceries in your hands or in a backpack is easier than you think it is
  • Invite a colleague for a run the next time you need a meeting, a half hour meeting on the run is much more effective than a lazy hour meeting at a desk.
  • Run to the match at the stadium or your kids match at the parkAnything to get out of the traffic and run for the sake of runningI guarantee it is easier than it looks
  • Run when you travelEvery city’s soul will reveal itself to you in the hour or two you spend running aroundIt would take years to get to know a city like this so the next time you travel somewhere get out for a run.
  • Put a smile on your face and run for the fun of it – that is the fastest way to rekindle the pleasureLook for my book – The Definition of Running for more insight into runningThank You
  • The Definition Of Running

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