Confguration server 2008 70 640 course - chapter 1 installation of ad


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PowerPoint slides created for the Course Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory for Instructor use. Exam: 70-640

Installation of Active Directory is the main issue in this presentation

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Confguration server 2008 70 640 course - chapter 1 installation of ad

  1. 1. Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Chapter 1 – Installation NæringsAkademiet Fredrikstad Jørn Jensen -
  2. 2. Installing AD En løsning for Indentity and Access(IDA) : Stores information about: Users Groups Computers Other networking objects Authenitcation of identy Control Access Audit
  3. 3. AD Consist of five tecnologies: Active Directory Domain Services (Identity) Active Directory Lighweight Services (Application) Active Directory Certificate Services (Trust) Active Directory Right Management Services (Integrity) documents Active Directory Federation Services (Partnership) andre tecnologys
  4. 4. What is AD? Active Directory consist of objects The Schema defines objects classes and attributes Example:  The Object User uses among others the attributes username and password Replication services distributes informationa across the network to Domain Controllers (DC) Windows server is based on Policy Based administration Global Catalog is an index that is used to find objects in AD NTDS.DIT in the Windowsntds folder is the main AD databasefile Domain Controller – stores the AD database in the network and syncronise each other
  5. 5. AD Domain – is an administrative unit Forest – a collection of domains (First root domain, is of course the first) Tree - continuous domains in an Forest Functional Level – compatible with older version of AS Organizational units (OU) Site (a limited part of the network with good connection)
  6. 6. Create a new forrest Domain name, must be unique  Short name or NetBios name, uses by units that do not support the AD name scheme Nafr Depends on a DNS service, not necessarily Microsoft DNS, others can also be used To install AD use dcpromo.exe First install Server 2008 Then run Dcpromo to install AD on the first domain controller
  7. 7. Server 2008 Core Installation An installation of Windows Server 2008 that contains only the most necessary files Size is about 3 GB Contains noe GUI (Graphic User Interface) Can be managed from other machines with GUI Locally, one is dependent on using command line tools
  8. 8. Some commands Netsh interface ipv4 Cscript – runs VB script Slmgr.vbs – a VB script that activates Windows server Netdom – join a domain Ocsetup.exe add roles, components or features Oclist.exe – view installes components Scregedit.wsf Dnscmd.exe – configures DNS Dfscmd.exe – configures DFS (Distributed File System)