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Photobucket story


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Photobucket story

  1. 1. Step by step instruction to contribute to my Photobucket story, The wedding of Kylaand Michael Baker. The Photobucket story was designed for guest who attended thewedding to contribute photos. ( As this is story is for the purpose of my Task 1 assignment inmy university unit, Living and Learning with Technology, please upload a photo of yourchoice.Step 1. Turn on your computer and let the home screen page load.Step 2. Click on the internet connect icon on your screen. On my home screen I have bothInternet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to load the internet 1
  2. 2. Step 3. When the internet has loaded find your email account. My email account is hosted bygmail, When in your email account you will need to email me at,explain that you are wanting to add to my photo book, I will then send and invitation that willallow you to contribute. This is my gmail sign in page.Step 4. When you receive your email invitation from me it will looks like this. Click on theadd to story icon. This will link you straight to my Photobucket story. 2
  3. 3. Step 5. When you arrive at the Photobucket site, the open window explains that you can addpictures, videos, text and comments. Click on the Get Started icon. Click icon to add photos etc.Step 6. After clicking on ‘Get Started’ you are asked to either sign into an existing account orcreate a Photobucket account. Photobucket allows you to sign in with an existing Facebook,Twitter or email account. Having you own account will allow you to upload photos andvideos to your own account, create your own stories and follow your friends and familiesstories and picture accounts. Easy sign up using existing accounts. 3
  4. 4. Step 7. Once you have your own account you will then be allowed to add photos, videos, textand comment on my story, The Wedding of Kyla and Michael Baker. On the screen you havean option to click the add photos or add text icons. Add photos and text iconsStep 8. If you click on the ‘add photo’ icon a window allowing you to upload photos bybrowsing your computer files will open. This window will also allow you to upload photosusing phone apps and Facebook. Browse computer files Mobile app and Facebook uploads 4
  5. 5. Step 9. Clicking the ‘browse photos’ icon will open a window that allows you to choose andupload photos from your computer. Select that photo you want to upload by clicking on it andselecting the button open. This will upload the picture to my story, The wedding of Kyla andMichael Baker. Clicking on the photo will highlight it. Press the open button when chosen photo has been selectedStep 10. The uploaded picture will then appear in the story book. Selected picture now appears in the story 5
  6. 6. Step 11. To add text to the story simple select the ‘add text’ button as shown in step 7. Onceyou have selected this a window will open allowing you to type a message that will be addedto the story. Type text in the box, change colour as desired. Click save to add to story.Step 12. Text appears in the story. 6
  7. 7. Step 13. When you are in the story it is also possible for you to comment on other photos.You do this by clicking on the comment icon which is represented by speech bubble. Once acomment is submitted on a photo, as the creator of the story I will get a notification thatsomeone has made a comment and the person who uploaded the photo will also receive anotification. Add comment and click submit buttonStep 14. When you have finished adding your photos, simply logout of Photobucket byclicking on your ID icon and selecting Logout. ID icon Logout 7
  8. 8. Thank you for contributing to my Photobucket story. Hopefully by assisting me to create astory you have been inspired to create your own using you new Photobucket account. 8