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Why Heroku Loves JHipster


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The answer is emphemeralization.

Published in: Technology
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Why Heroku Loves JHipster

  1. 1. Why Heroku Loves JHipster
  2. 2. Why Heroku Loves JHipster Joe Kutner @codefinger
  3. 3. Why Heroku Loves JHipster
  4. 4. Ephemeralization
  5. 5. Ephemeralization Ephemeralization et en français:
  6. 6. Buckminister Fuller "do more and more with less and less, until you can do everything with nothing"
  7. 7. Watching a movie
  8. 8. Ephemeralization @
  9. 9. git push heroku master
  10. 10. jhipster
  11. 11. jhipster heroku
  12. 12. jhipster heroku •Installs the Heroku dev tools •Creates a Heroku app •Creates a database •Deploys
  13. 13. Ephemeralization •Create Pipeline for you •Create prod app for you •Associate with Github •Enable CI, auto-deploys •More add-ons •Heroku in JHipster Online
  14. 14. Ephemeralization •Your infrastructure •Your internals •Your products
  15. 15. Merci Beaucoup