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Sastemic april18.2013 copy (1)

  1. 1. US News And World Report
  2. 2. What do Mt. Rushmore, Aerobics, the Human Genome, the first personal computer, and the Loch Ness Monster have in common?
  3. 3. Durrell “Dee” Howard, The Dee Howard Company Hall of Fame Insert Images Dee Howard 1947
  4. 4. Star Film Ranch 1910 Gaston Méliès “Voyage a la lune”
  5. 5. Avatar, Star Wars: Episode 2, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Lord of the Rings, The Passion of the Christ, Spider- Man 2, The Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Hawk Down, Star Trek Nemesis, AI, Jimmy Neutron, Jurassic Park III, Spy Kids, Charlie’s Angels, The Gladiator, Red Planet, Titanic Tim Jenison
  6. 6. GUTZON BORGLUM August 10, 1927
  7. 7. Col. Harry Armstrong Aeromedical Problems of Space Travel San Antonio, 1948
  8. 8. Richard V. Butler, Ph.D. Mary E. Stefl, Ph.D. Trinity University SFBR is home to the world's largest computer cluster devoted to statistical genetic analysis. Home of military medicine. 2005
  9. 9. Palmaz and Schatz 1988 Palmaz-Schatz Stent
  10. 10. . The United States Air Force Security Service 1948
  11. 11. 2009 – Activation of 24th Air Force Home of Air Force Cyber
  12. 12. First VLSI implementation of the IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN protocol known as Wi-Fi (Michael Fischer, Intersil) Very large-scale integration allowing over 100,000 transistors on a
  13. 13. SwRI SFBR Founder Thomas Baker Slick Jr. - businessman, inventor, oilman, rancher, engineer, philanthropist, peacemaker, adventurer, and visionary. Tom Slick Professorship of World Peace at the University of Texas Institute for Inventive Research, 1949, Reader’s Digest, 1000 a week, Circus Tent, 114 Viable Mind Science Foundation
  14. 14. General Bernard Schriever Feb. 19, 1957 Inaugural Air Force Office of Scientific Research Astronautics Symposium in San Diego. Commander of Western Development Division Headquarters Charles Wilson
  15. 15. John F. Kennedy, Nov 21, 1963 Man-In-Space Program
  16. 16. Lt. Colonel Edward White 1965
  17. 17. 1972 PC Architecture 1977 LAN ARCNET 1968 Chris Fox
  18. 18. ©numedeon,inc.2004
  19. 19. “The first person to walk on Mars will be from Texas.”
  20. 20. 23 PREFRESHMAN ENGINEERING PROGRAM PREP-USA: A PROVEN STEM PROGRAM American STEM Alliance San Antonio STEM Council Dr. Raul (Rudy) A. Reyna, Executive Director, UTSA
  21. 21. PREP Purpose To provide a challenging academic program designed to motivate and prepare middle and high school students for success in advanced studies leading to careers in science, technology, engineering or math fields.
  22. 22. 25 HISTORY  Founded by Dr. Manuel Berriozábal in 1979  TexPREP established in 1986  Proyecto Access established in 1997 (PREP-USA) First PREP Class Components  Academic  Career  Mentoring
  23. 23. 26 MODEL  Seven week summer program  Four year curriculum  Program Assistants/Mentors  Texas Education Agency credit  Career Speakers  Field trips  Scholarships
  24. 24. 27 CORE CURRICULUM Year 1 Logic and Its Applications to Mathematics Introduction to Engineering Year 2 Algebraic Structures Introduction to Physics Year 3 Introduction to Probability and Statistics Introduction to Technical Writing Year 4 Water Science Introduction to Computer Science
  25. 25. 28 CORE CURRICULUM (CONT.) Year 4 Sites in Houston, Laredo, San Antonio, Ft. Worth and Lubbock offer a 4th year curriculum All Years Topics in Problem Solving Career Component Research and Study Field Trips and Projects Program Evaluation University PREP San Antonio – College Credit Student’s projects are displayed at the Houston PREP Annual Engineering and NASA Days
  26. 26. TexPREP SITES SAN ANTONIO • University of Texas at San Antonio (1604 & Downtown Campuses) • St. Philip's College Southwest Campus • Palo Alto College • Texas A&M San Antonio • San Antonio College • Northwest Vista College • Northeast Lakeview College • University of the Incarnate Word (DEC) • St. Mary's University Corpus Christi San Antonio Laredo Edinburg Harlingen Ft. Worth Austin Arlington Houston, Bay City Brownsville McAllen (3) Victoria Dallas Lubbock 2,251 Students in 2007 2,985 Students in 2008 3,474 Students in 2009 4,026 Students in 2010 4,000 Students in 2011 3,600 Students in 2012 DALLAS El Centro College Richland College Mountain View College (2008) Eastfield College (2008) Cedar Valley College (2008) Brookhaven College (2010) Northlake College (2012) University of Texas Dallas (2009) University of North Texas Dallas (2009) FORT WORTH Texas Wesleyan Univ. Tarrant County Northwest Odessa
  27. 27. 30 TexPREP RESULTS Follow-up survey from 2012 indicates:  73% go to college  56% graduate from college  75% of the college grads are members of minority groups  44% of the college graduates are science, mathematics, or engineering majors  69% of the science, mathematics, and engineering graduates are members of minority groups Overall Minority and Gender Results (1979-2010):  81% under-represented minorities  53% women  38% economically disadvantaged
  28. 28. 4 S 5 S 6 S 7 S 8 S (S=Summer) PREP-USA Prefreshman Engineering Program Strategy 9 S 10 S 11 S 12 Univ. PREP I II III Systems Academy For Young Engineers & Scientists • Systems Thinking / Dynamic Modeling • Robotics • Projects Elementary School Middle School • PREP IV – Advanced Science & Engineering • Systems Thinking / Dynamic Modeling • Information Security / Gaming • MedPREP (MAHPA) • University PREP (summer) High School PREP PhD Doctoral Track (Proposed) Grade
  29. 29. American STEM Alliance  The Hispanic STEM Initiative is a network of stakeholder groups and organizations that emerged from a working group that convened at a conference on the subject of the American Competitiveness Initiative at the University of Texas at El Paso in April 2007.  Launched in March 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the purpose of the Hispanic STEM Initiative is to form strategic alliances between stakeholder groups and organizations in order to maximize education outcomes for Hispanic students in the STEM disciplines, all along the education range.  It was established as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization in 2011 and convened its first meeting of the Board of Directors in Oakland, California in October of that same year. Background
  30. 30. American STEM Alliance Board of Directors Mike Acosta – Chairman National President Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists (MAES) El Paso, TX Adam Chavarria – President Hispanic STEM Initiative Corpus Christi, TX Nora Ramirez – Secretary Past President TODOS: Mathematics for All Tempe, AZ Dr. Rudy Reyna – Treasurer Executive Director PREP-USA San Antonio, TX Maria Esther Lopez Director, Institutional Advancement & Latino Leadership Connections Project El Valor Chicago, IL Dr. Michael Marder Co-Director, UTeach The University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX Diana Gomez Chair AHETEMS Los Angeles, CA Jorge Haynes Senior Director, External Relations California State University System, Office of the Chancellor Long Beach, CA David Valladolid National President & CEO PIQE-Parent Institute for Quality Education San Diego, CA Dr. Oscar F. Porter Executive Director Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) University of California Office of the President Oakland, CA
  31. 31. What is needed is a bold, new effort that mobilizes stakeholder groups and organizations in a collaborative way that leverages their combined assets to accelerate positive education outcomes and fulfill the nation’s need for talent in the STEM fields. American STEM Alliance
  32. 32. American STEM Alliance Objectives are to increase: 1. number of qualified math and science teachers in our classrooms 2. number of informed Hispanic parents and families involved in their children’s education 3. number of Hispanic high school graduates academically prepared to undertake the rigors of a college education, and; 4. number of Hispanic college graduates ready to pursue careers in the STEM fields.
  33. 33. Multi-level STEM Alliances – Stockton, CA Stockton Unified School District University of the Pacific • MESA • PIQE • PREP-USA • MAES Stockton, CA Dr. Rudy Reyna Executive Director PREP-USA Lead Partner
  34. 34. Career & Workforce Development Programs Early Childhood • Quality Child Care • Reading, Math, Science • Cognitive Development • Involve Parents/Family High School • Academic Preparation in Math & Science • Advanced Placement • Graduation • Effective Teachers College • Enrollment • Persistence • Completion • STEM Careers • STEM Teachers Pre K – 6 • Math/Science Proficiency • Academic Preparation • English-language Acquisition Corporate & Business Sectors Middle School • Academic Preparation in Math & Science • English-language Acquisition • Effective Teachers PreK-20 Partnerships in STEM Project Parent & Family Involvement: PIQE Hispanic Serving School District SWISD Hispanic Serving Higher Education Institutions Teacher Education/ Preparation: UTeach Early Childhood Development Programs: El Valor Academic Preparation: PREP- USA Community & Faith-based Organizations Hispanic STEM Associations SHPE, MAES Federal, State & Local Government Data Research Evaluation SEDL & REL SW STEM Advisory Council
  35. 35. • was founded in 1973 and now among the 20th largest Hispanic-serving non-profits in the U.S. • is the largest provider of Early Childhood Programs in Chicago after the public schools. • is among the largest providers of community- based disability programs in Illinois. • is a leader in graduating Latinos with master and doctoral degrees via a community-cohort model partnership with area universities. • is a partner with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service and with the White House Initiative for Educational Excellence for Hispanics. • is a member of the National Hispanic STEM Initiative due to its groundbreaking research- based work in Early Childhood and STEM.
  36. 36. Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) PIQE Mission: We are committed to connecting parents, schools and community as partners to advance the education of every child through parent engagement! Learn how to navigate the school system Collaborate with teachers, counselors, and principals Encourage college attendance as early as Kindergarten Support children’s emotional and social development Create a supportive home learning environment Since 1987, more than 500,000 parents have graduated from PIQE’s Parent Engagement in Education Program from 16 language communities in 2,614 K-12 Schools! Community STUDENTS David Valladolid, President & CEO Email:
  37. 37. UTeach Copyright 2011, Michael Marder UTeach If 286 universities prepare an additional 35 math and science teachers per year by implementing UTeach programs, we will be preparing the 10 thousand teachers for 10 million minds our country needs to thrive in the 21st century.
  38. 38. History • MAES was founded in Los Angeles in 1974 by a group of professional engineers to advance and increase the number of Latinos in the STEM fields by creating opportunities and fostering recognition through its professional, technical, and outreach activities. • MAES has University/College and Professional Chapters throughout the U.S., including High School Chapters • Educational outreach programs have been the primary focus and value-add of the MAES organization since its founding, in continuing to advance the MAES Hispanic Talent Pipeline in the STEM fields.
  39. 39. 42 San Antonio STEM Council Mission: The San Antonio STEM Council is an action-oriented, collaborative community of stakeholders driving collective impact of STEM activities in support of San Antonio’s students, future STEM workforce, and SA2020. We develop and coordinate central strategy, advise, raise funds, and serve as a central STEM resource for the community. Dr. Raul (Rudy) A. Reyna, Executive Director, UTSA
  40. 40. For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology
  41. 41. FIRST Programs Never stops building upon itself, starting at age 6 and continuing through middle and high-school levels up to age 18. Young people can join at any level. Participants master skills and concepts to aid in learning science and technology through robotics, while gaining valuable career and life skills.
  42. 42. Jr. FIRST LEGO League
  43. 43. FIRST LEGO League
  44. 44. FIRST LEGO League
  45. 45. FIRST LEGO League
  46. 46. FIRST Tech Challenge
  47. 47. FIRST Tech Challenge
  48. 48. FIRST Tech Challenge
  49. 49. FIRST Robotics Competition
  50. 50. FIRST Robotics Competition
  51. 51. FIRST Robotics Competition
  52. 52. Mascot Parade
  53. 53. Women in IT Luncheon
  54. 54. Robot Driver’s License
  55. 55. Impact A recent Brandeis University study has shown that students involved in FIRST programs are:  More likely to attend college Twice as likely to major in science or engineering More than three times as likely to major specifically in engineering Almost ten times more likely to have an internship while in college * FIRST is currently launching a follow up study to begin this year.
  56. 56. Texas High School Robotics Teams
  57. 57. Alamo Region Sponsors The Edouard Foundation
  58. 58. The Public The most unique combination of Cyber related elements outside the National Capitol Region
  59. 59. Cyber City USA San Antonio, Texas WSJ Sept 2011
  60. 60. • 24th Air Force – AF Cyber Command • 688th Information Operations Wing – AF Information Operations Center of Excellence • 67th Network Warfare Wing (AF Computer Emergency Response Team) • Texas Cryptologic Center (NSA/CSS - Texas) • AF Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency • Navy Information Operations Command Texas • Defense Information Support Agency Mega Center • Joint Reserve Information Operations/Intelligence Center • Joint Information Operations Warfare Center • AF Cryptologic Systems Group (ESC) • AF Electronic Warfare School (AETC) • AF Research Lab Resident Cyber Related Missions 67
  61. 61. Cyber City USA San Antonio, Texas • Cyber City, USA – Largest IT Presence (“Top 10”) • Security Hill • 24th Air Force – AF Cyber Command • NSA/CSS - Texas • AF Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency • Rackspace • USAA • AT&T • Valero • CoSA/Bexar County IT • University Health System • Baptist Health System • HEB • Frost Bank • UTSA
  62. 62. Cyber Innovation & Research Consortium • University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) • Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) • St. Mary’s University • Texas A&M – San Antonio • Trinity University • Texas State University • University of Incarnate Word • Alamo Colleges (5 campuses)
  63. 63. Cyber Education Pathway High School Jr./Sr or Graduate or lower division BS Bachelor Degree seeking advanced Degree High School Graduate with basic security training Bachelor Degree in Security Field MS Degree in Security Field Assoc. Degree in Security Field “Talent for the Cyber Domain” Assoc. Degree seeking Bachelor’s
  64. 64. Cyber City USA San Antonio, Texas • Texas Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education – Southern Methodist University – University of Texas, Dallas – University of Texas, San Antonio – Our Lady of the Lake University – Texas A&M – San Antonio – Texas A&M University – University of Dallas – University of North Texas – University of Houston – University of Texas, El Paso – Rice University – Richland College (Dallas CCCD)
  65. 65. Cyber City USA San Antonio, Texas • Education • More than 134K Total College Enrollment • University/Community College Programs • University of Texas at San Antonio BS MS PhD • Texas State University BS MS PhD • St Mary’s University BS MS • Our Lady of the Lake University BS MS • Wayland Baptist University BS MS • Trinity University BS • University of the Incarnate Word BS • Texas A&M University, San Antonio BBA BAAS BS MBA • Alamo Colleges AA AS AAS • High School Programs • Alamo Academies - Information Technology and Security Academy • Holmes High School • Southwest High School • Harlandale High School Microsoft Academy • Roosevelt High School Engineering and Technology Academy • Lee High School STEM RAM Academy • John Jay High School Science and Engineering Academy • Sam Houston New Tech Academy • Harmony Science Academy • Memorial High School Toltech T-STEM Academy • Milton B. Lee Academy of Science and Engineering
  66. 66. ITSA-SA CP IV SA Mayor’s Cup Winning Team Cyber Patriot 2012 National Champions!
  67. 67. Center for Information Technology and Cyber Security The “Affordable Degree”: Information Technology and Cyber Security 4/18/2013
  68. 68. Texas A&M-San Antonio
  69. 69. Keys to Affordability • Students’ early awareness of career/education opportunities – Opportunities for high school dual credit • Seamless articulation from high school to community college/university – Degree plan covering high school through university • Coordinated academic advising across educational levels 4/18/2013
  70. 70. BAAS-IT/Security AAS Information Security & Assurance Alamo Colleges with Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) IT Emphasis/Security 2012-2013 Transfer Plan
  71. 71. Early College HS Model Early College HS--> Alamo Colleges-->TAMU-SA TAMU-SA Credit Hours Tuition & Fees 15 3,375.48$ 15 3,375.48$ 6 1,440.22$ Total 36 8,191.18$ Alamo Colleges Credit Hours Tuition & Fees 13 889.00$ 15 1,004.00$ Total 28 1,893.00$ Early College HS Credit Hours Tuition & Fees Total 60 -$ GRAND TOTAL 124 10,084.18$
  72. 72. IT Security Academy Model IT Security Academy-->Alamo Colleges-->TAMU-SA TAMU-SA Credit Hours Tuition & Fees 15 3,375.48$ 15 3,375.48$ 6 1,440.22$ Total 36 8,191.18$ Alamo Colleges Credit Hours Tuition & Fees 15 1,004.00$ 15 1,004.00$ 15 1,004.00$ 15 1,004.00$ Total 60 4,016.00$ ITSA Credit Hours Tuition & Fees 13 15 Total 28 -$ GRAND TOTAL 124 12,207.18$
  73. 73. Community College Model Alamo Colleges-->TAMU-SA TAMU-SA Credit Hours Tuition & Fees 15 3,375.48$ 15 3,375.48$ 6 1,440.22$ Total 36 8,191.18$ AAS Credit Hours Tuition & Fees 15 1,004.00$ 15 1,004.00$ 15 1,004.00$ 15 1,004.00$ Total 60 4,016.00$ Core Courses 15 1,004.00$ 12 831.00$ Total 27 1,835.00$ GRAND TOTAL 123 14,042.18$
  74. 74. Community College Model Alamo Colleges-->TAMU-SA (BS Computer Science) TAMU-SA Credit Hours Tuition & Fees 15 3,375.48$ 15 3,375.48$ 15 3,375.48$ 12 2,792.44$ Total 57 12,918.88$ Core + CS Lower DivisionCredit Hours Tuition & Fees 15 1,004.00$ 15 1,004.00$ 15 1,004.00$ 15 1,004.00$ 3 480.00$ 4,496.00$ Total 63 -$ GRAND TOTAL 120 17,414.88$
  75. 75. San Antonio Makerspace
  76. 76. San Antonio Makerspace
  77. 77. SA Makerspace inside Artpace
  78. 78. San Antonio Makerspace
  79. 79. Geekbus
  80. 80. Geekbus
  81. 81. Geekbus
  82. 82. ESTEAM Empowering women/girls •Entrepreneurship •Science •Technology •Engineering •Arts •Math
  83. 83. ESTEAM Dr. Glangchai •Professor of Entrepreneurship at Trinity •Bio-Medical Engineer and entrepreneur •Product Engineer at 3M
  84. 84. High School Startup
  85. 85.
  86. 86. Can Educational Technology – a Virtual World – be a platform for core academics? Math and science? Career education? Career pathways?
  87. 87. Whyville: A Community • Founded in 1999 • 7 million users served • 50+ sponsors • Economy, government, math, science, journalism, art, much more
  88. 88. WhyReef
  89. 89. ©numedeon,inc.2006 Bioplex
  90. 90. WhyPower – Electricity for Whyville
  91. 91. © 2012 DaVinci Minds WhyPower WhyPower is an integrated STEM* supplemental curriculum for Grades 6-8. It teaches the math, science and career education of the energy industry. WhyPower is built on Whyville, the learning-based virtual world for teens and tweens. *Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
  92. 92. The WhyPower Program MIDDLE SCHOOL 8th Grade Careers & Other Classrooms Curriculum HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE Career Pathways
  93. 93. Lesson Plan Format 1. EXPLORE 2. REFLECT 3. ACCOMPLISH 4. CONNECT
  94. 94. Activity and Standards Tracking Career Badges
  95. 95. Curriculum Supplements
  96. 96. Beaumont ISD CONNECT Worksheet Career Awareness
  97. 97. Beaumont ISD Math, science, care integration
  98. 98. Education Research 1. The role of media in learning – does it matter? 2. Cognitive load – are immersive environments only good for good students?
  99. 99. Thinking About Future Careers Student responses revealed an increase in the degree to which students think about what type of job they will pursue in the future. • Matched pair t-test • Statistically significant at p < .05 • Increase of 0.2 standard deviation change over a relatively short period of time • Of 48 students previously “ambivalent,” average response increased from 2.00 to 2.33 • Caution: Parallel with other school activities
  100. 100. Mathematics Careers, “Choir” Excluded • Students who strongly agreed with the statement “I would like to have a career that uses math” removed. • Students who had strongly disagreed with the statement “I will probably choose a career that doesn’t use much mathematics” removed. • Statistically significant (p < .000) improvement in math career interest. • Data strongly suggest that student engagement in Whyville positively influences students’ intentions to pursue a career that involves mathematics • Future question: Staying power could not be assessed.
  101. 101. Teacher Training What’s a kilowatt-hour?
  102. 102. Teacher Training Beaumont A Range of Emotions
  103. 103. The Winners!
  104. 104. Cliff Zintgraff CEO, DaVinci Minds Doctoral Student, University of North Texas Co-Founder, SASTEMIC Texas Funding & Partners National Funding From TM
  105. 105. Overview: Research and Design Basis and the crucial need to engage in Middle School.
  106. 106. Academia Business/ Industry Military/ Government
  107. 107. Organization Consultants as- needed, (including Grant Writer) FT Office Manager/Admin support PT Intern(s) Executive Director, Joules Webb Board
  108. 108. STEM Connectory STEM Promotion & Messaging in the Community STEM Event Coordination and Sponsorship STEM Event Participation STEM Education Infrastructure Development Core Services
  109. 109. STEM Connectory • K-12 • Higher Education • Industry • Government • Military • Community • Funders CyberStar
  110. 110. Events
  111. 111. Tech City USA Radio