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Jiayi colonialism


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Jiayi colonialism

  1. 1. Colonization PresentationBY Jiayi Chen
  2. 2. Colonization is when a group pf peoplego to another land and take over.
  3. 3. The colonizers will often in the newland.
  4. 4. Historically is Europeans counties arethe biggest colonizers --theykilled.enslaved and oppressed foemorepeople than other group.
  5. 5. Spanish colonized zed Latin America,the English colonized what is new theUS.The French colonized what is newCanada. The Portuguese colonized whatis new Brazil.
  6. 6. But European are not the only colonizedcountry.
  7. 7. Indonesia colonized west papua( formerly papua new guineal)
  8. 8. China colonized Tibet .Russia tried tocolonized Afghanistan.