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Jherson robles

  1. 1. Is when a group of people go to another land
  2. 2. The Colonizers will often oppress,enslave or kill the people they
  3. 3. Historically, European Countries arethe biggest colonziers-they
  4. 4. The Spanish colonized Latin American,the English Colonized what is nw US,
  5. 5. The English only stole land and broughtwomen.
  6. 6. There was no desire to take indians asslaves because Africans were brought
  7. 7. httpsThe Colonized always come to speakthe language and convert to the religion
  8. 8. Globalization grew from colonization
  9. 9. As the world globalizes, it becomesmore American and European.
  10. 10. Soon,traditional cultures will be gone forever