Our heart to god’s heart


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Our heart to god’s heart

  1. 1. “Our Heart To God’sHeart”Communion of Reparation Vigil
  2. 2. The devotion to the SacredHeart of Jesus can beconsidered as ancient as theChurch itself.IntroductionIt began on Calvary, whenJesus’ Divine Heart wastransfixed by the lance.
  3. 3. IntroductionHowever, this devotion wasonly practiced by few chosensouls and it is only on theseventeenth century that theHeart of Jesus was honoredin a solemn manner.In the year 1675, JesusChrist appearead to a piousnun, Margareth MaryAlacoque in a monastery inParay-le Monial, France
  4. 4. Introduction“Behold, this Heart whichloves men so ardently, isso little loved in return”Jesus then desired that aspecial feast should be setapart to honour his Heart,and to offer it in worshipand reparation.
  5. 5. Means of Honoring theHeart of Jesus
  6. 6. 1. Frequent CommunionSince the object of thedevotion to the sacredHeart of Jesus is to enflameall Hearts with love, thememorial of all the miraclesof love of Jesus is the HOLYEUCHARIST.
  7. 7. 2. Frequent visit to Jesusin the Blessed SacramentThere is nothing soacceptable to the SacredHeart of Jesus, or sobeneficial to our souls, as tovisit him regularly in thesacrament of His love, TheMost Blessed Sacrament.
  8. 8. 3. To Sanctify the firstFriday of every month.“You must communicate onthe first Friday of everymonth so as to honor myoutraged Heart.”The first Friday of eachmonth is therefore a feastday establish by our LordHimself, a day which hisDivine Heart expands tobestow on us copious andspecial grace.
  9. 9. 4. To venerate it’spictures.Jesus desired that therepresentation of His Heartshould be publicly exposed,in order for him to touch thecold hearts of men.He promised to pour forthabundant grace to thosewho honor it.
  10. 10. Nine Offices and Nine Thorns ofthe Sacred Heart of Jesus
  11. 11. 1. WorshipperSouls who do notvisit the Eucharistin the tabernacle“I looked for one thatwould comfort me, and Ihave found none”
  12. 12. 2. LoverThose who refuseto receive HolyCommunion“Take and eat. Withdesire I have desired toeat this Pasch with youbefore I suffer”
  13. 13. 3. VictimSouls in the stateof Mortal Sin“I nourished you with myown flesh, and you haddespised, persecuted andbetrayed me.”
  14. 14. 4. DiscipleConsecrated SoulsLiving in Sin“But what is morepainful to me is thecoldness of the heartsconsecrated to me”
  15. 15. 5. Faithful ServantTepid Souls“Behold this Heartwhich love men somuch and which is solittle loved in return”
  16. 16. 6. SuppliantUngrateful Souls“That which grieves memore than all I havesuffered in my passion isthe ingratitude of men.”
  17. 17. 7. PromoterSouls who makebad Confession“Can a man hide firein his bosom and hisgarments not burn?”
  18. 18. 8. Zealous FriendSouls who receivedCommunion withMortal Sin“Make a ferventcommunion in the spirit ofreparation”
  19. 19. 9. ReparatorSouls in Purgatory“Each time that youdeliver a soul by theoffering of the HolySacrifice, it is as pleasingto me as though youredeemed me fromcaptivity.”
  20. 20. Challenge!Each of us mustpractice thespirituality of theHEART!
  21. 21. C- onversionAll of us needs to changeour lives to put them in linewith God’s demands.We should incarnate thisconversion into an affectiveaction.No renewal can moveforward without it.
  22. 22. O- ffering our dailylivesOffering our daily lives inall sincerity andseriousness to God meansasking him to workthrough each of us, tofulfill his will and purposenot only in ourselves butalso in the ongoing courseof the plan of salvation.
  23. 23. R- eparationIn my flesh I fill up what islacking in the suffering ofChrist, for the sake of hisbody the Church Col. 1:24So it was written: theMessiah had to suffer and onthe third day rise from thedead. Then repentance andforgiveness in his name willbe proclaim to all the nationsLuke 24:46
  24. 24. May the Hearts ofJesus and Mary bepraised every where!Ave Maria!