Novena Sacred Heart of Jesus


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Novena Sacred Heart of Jesus

  2. 2. 1PREAMBLEWhen Fr. de Clorivière was chaplain of the EnglishBenedictines in Brussels, he wrote in English a Novena inhonour of the Heart of Jesus.In this year of faith, in response to the desire of theGeneral Chapter of 2011, to deepen our founding texts ofour spirituality of cordiality, we propose an adaptation ofthis novena.The morning prayer, grace to request & the invitation toreflection are drawn from this Novena of 1770.The pageson the right-hand offer a deepening of the texts.This would be a grace for the Society if each DHM iscommitted to pray this novena for nine days before theFeast of the Sacred Heart. This prayer may be shared withour lay friends.Founders Team 2013
  3. 3. 2MORNING PRAYERO Sacred Heart of Jesus, fountain of eternal life,Your Heart is a glowing furnace of Love.You are my refuge and my sanctuary.O my adorable and loving Saviour,consume my heart with the burning firewith which yours is aflamed.Pour down on my soulthose graces which flow from Your love.Let my heart be united with Yours.Let my will be conformed to Yours in all things.May your will be the rule of allmy desires and my actions.Amen.Prayer of Saint GERTRUDEBenedictine -Eisleben1256-1302
  4. 4. 31st DayTo have seen meis to have seen the FatherJn 14:9Grace to requestFor a heart full of respectfor the Heart whose Loveis immeasurable: the Son is the perfect image of the Father.Invitation to reflectionThe Heart of Jesus was formed by the Holy Spiritof the purest blood of virgins.It is the sanctuary of the Trinity,the seat of the mind of Christ.This is the Heart of our master, our Lord,our God, all grace comes from Him.
  5. 5. 4Text to meditateTo make our prayers effectual and remove anything thatmight hinder the Lord’s merciful designs we must makefresh efforts to please Him, and try with all our hearts toimitate our Divine Saviour according to the text that wehave placed at the beginning of this letter: “In your mindsyou must be the same as Christ Jesus.” Phil.2.51st Circular Letter, p.5.and in my real life…Remember all the blessings I received and to expressmy gratitude to God.
  6. 6. 52nd DayNothing can come between usand the love of Rm 8:38-39Grace to requestFor a heart full of gratitude,entirely consecrated to this Heartwhich gave itself to usInvitation to reflectionThe Heart of Jesus focusesHis infinite love of God for men.The fullness of grace is in Him.Meekness and humility reign in Him.It is the heart of a father,a brother, a friend, a husband, a saviour.The cross and the altar tell us how muchthe Heart of Jesus has loved us and how muchwe must love Him in turn.
  7. 7. 6Text to meditateWhat a lesson for us! How carefully we should we study itin the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This divine Heart, is amasterpiece held in an almighty hand. In it are assembledall created and uncreated perfections, and the treasures ofknowledge and of divine wisdom are contained within it.It is great and holy and beautiful enough to be worthyobject of His good pleasure before whom all greatness, allcreated sanctity disappears. From this heart, as from theirsource, flow all graces and benefits…and in my real life …As for us, how do we act? What ought we to do?1st Circular Letter p.9-10.
  8. 8. 73rd DayI loved them to the Jn 13:1Grace to requestFor the grace of a heart full of compassionfor a Heart full of lovebut not lovedInvitation to reflectionDuring his earthly life, Jesus was persecutedfrom his birth till his death on a cross.His Heart has become a sign of contradiction,his Eucharistic Body is often despised,even by those who believe in God.Even among priests and religiousare found indifference, coldness.How the slightest offenseagainst the Heart of Jesuswould seem detestableif we really loved Himand if we had a realconformity of sentiments with him...
  9. 9. 8Text to meditateYour love O Jesus goes to excess, you want to be wherepeople are, your Heart does not suffer the absence. As adivine sun, you illumine and warm the world, not by raysfallen from far away, but by your actual presence.30 Days Retreat.and my real life…Today, try to have more compassionfor those who suffer.
  10. 10. 94th DayI will sing your lovefor ever, Yahweh.Ps 89Grace to requestThe grace to share in the communion of saints,the gratitude of the blessed to face such loveInvitation to reflectionIn Heaven, everything exudes love and gratitudefor the Heart of Jesus.Saints see face to face the immense loveand grace flowing from his love for men.Now they know that they were loved,their heart is overflowing with gratitude:Heaven heard their hymns of praise andthanksgivingLet the earth be united to heavento love and praise our Lord.
  11. 11. 10Text to meditateI could keep to the Apostle’s words and speak to you ofthe exaltation of the Sacred Humanity and the ineffableglory of that name before which” every knee shall bow inheaven and earth and under the earth”. I could picture toyou the peoples of the earth submitting to religion as arecompense to the desires of our Saviour’s heart; inconsequence, if here below you share in that divine Heart,you will have part in His glory, His happiness.1st Circular Letter p.17-18.and in my real life…Remember those who have gone before usand live the spirit they have given us.
  12. 12. 115th DayBefore the angelsI will sing your praise.Ps 138Grace to requestThe grace of a heart capable of contemplatingthe wonders of the Heart of God witha loving and joyful humilityInvitation to reflectionAngels contemplate the glory of God and rejoice.They worship the divine Heart, Seat of Wisdom,the center where the sky is reconciled with the earth,where God and men are one.For the love of the Sacred Heart, the Angelsare willing to give all the helpand all services to men that appeal to them.
  13. 13. 12Text to meditateChrist shows us His divinity in its glory, and thehumiliations of His humanity cannot dim its splendour;they only serve to show the value of his love. The less theeyes of the body can see, the clearer is the eye of faith.Who then can hinder us from contemplating our Lord,His sacred humanity, His cross, and the throne of glorywhere He sits at the right hand of the father?2nd Circular Letter, p 32.and in my real life…Open our eyes todayto the hidden divinity of Christ.
  14. 14. 136th DayI found Him whom my heart loves...Sg 3:4Grace to requestFor a heart not centered on self,but turned towards the Lord..Invitation to reflectionMary sings a unique song,she formed the heart of the Son of manwith her blood.The Heart of Mary was formed by the Fatheron the model of the Heart of her Son.In these two hearts are the same feelings,same desires, even love.Jesus receives his mothers human formand communicates his divine beingin a mutual exchange.
  15. 15. 14Text to meditateThis act of charity should be "of one heart and soul" of allthose who are united in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus andMary, but the fire illumines in us must be universal, itmust participate in the qualities of the fire burning in theSacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. It must be active,ardent and strong as death.Here is your Mother, p 50.and in my real life…And if I wrote today my Magnificat with my life?
  16. 16. 157th DayYour attitude should be the same asthat of Christ Jesus.Phil 2: 5Grace to requestGrace to share the love and respectof Sacred Heart of Jesus for God.Invitation to reflectionThe eternal Word loves himselfin the Heart of Jesus, and he communicateshis love for the Father and the Holy Spirit.The Heart of Jesus is burningwith divine love.It may render our hearts similar to His,engraving in our hearts, gentleness,humility, charity.
  17. 17. 16Text to meditateThe love of the Heart of Jesus for God is the love of theSon of God for the Father. The love of the Heart of Jesusfor man is modeled on the love of the father for the son.“As the Father has loved me, I also have loved you”. Itsonly limit is the immense capacity of the heart of God-Incarnate.1st Circular Letter p. 7.and in my real life…Today, welcome and respecteach other as sacred Ex 3: 5
  18. 18. 178th DayThis is my Son, whom I love,with him I am well pleased.Mt 3:17Grace to requestGrace to contemplate the love of the three Personsof the Trinity for the Heart of Jesus..Invitation to reflectionThe Son of God, the incarnate Word,loves his human heart, an instrument of salvationfor the world..God the Father loves the Heart of His only Son,so much that He created manin His image and likeness.God the Holy Spirit loves the Heart of Jesus asthe perfection of his works, the source of all grace,his best sanctuary.
  19. 19. 18Text to meditateAccustom us therefore to the fact that faith gives us thisadorable mystery, to make it the object of our praise, toconfess, in adoration of the triple Sanctus, unity inessence and equality in majesty.30 Days Retreat.and in my real life…Letting my life be questioned by the life of relationshipwithin the Trinity to build communion.
  20. 20. 199th DayI no longer live,but Christ lives in me.Ga 2,20Grace to requestThe grace of transforming union withthe Heart of Christ to love and be loved by God.Invitation to reflectionThe Heart of Jesus responds to the loveof each of the three persons of the Trinitywith all his ability to love.The Heart of Jesus is the source and model of holiness.His love transforms us into Him.
  21. 21. 20Text to meditateO Most Holy Heart of Jesus! source and model ofholiness! be Thou my only life. Grant, I beseech Thee, thatlove may so unite me to Thee, and transform me intoThee, that all my actions, taking their beginning fromThee, and being of the utmost possible conformity withThine, may, through so glorious a union, become pleasingin the sight of God.And that not a single grace bestowed on me be void of fruit,or otherwise than most perfectly corresponded to. Hear me,sweetest heart of my adorable Redeemer! By that plenitudeof all good gifts so lavishly outpoured in Thee, and of whichwe have received everything, I conjure Thee to hear andgrant my prayer.Amen.Novena in honour of the Heart of Jesus p 57.and in my real life…To abandon myself to theSpirit to configure me toChrist to serve the Kingdomof God.
  22. 22. 21PRAYER OF FATHER DE CLORIVIÈREAge 33, MAY 22, 1768,DAY OF PENTECOSTO Jesus strengthen me by the Holy Spirit who descendedon this day on the Apostles, transforming them into newpeople. I do not deserve such a favour, but your goodnessis infinite. Since you like to inspire in me the love ofperfection, you will not refuse me the grace to liveperfectly.Complete your work, O Lord, to the glory of your Name,imprint this divine likeness in me and make me and myfeelings and interior sentiments and in all my outwardconduct, a perfect image of you.Blessed Virgin, Mother most loving and compassionate, Iimplore the grace of your all-powerful intercession. St.Joseph and St. Peter, St. Ignatius and St. Francis Xavierand all the saints of the Society of Jesus, help me withyour prayers and your example, that I am able to walkevery day in the footsteps of our Divine Redeemer.Amen!Intimate Notes
  23. 23. 22
  24. 24. The Heart of Maryis the most perfect imageof the Heart of her Son.