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Midway Gym Proposal

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Gym proposal

  1. 1. Executive Summary: Legacy Athletics (Midway Location) Westlake CrossFit (WLCF), an existing fitness entity located in Cuernavaca, works with 200+ clients per month and is growing at a 20% rate annually. Since its inception in 2008, WLCF has been providing elite training, nutritional guidance and athletic development services. Its growing client base and repeat customers have proven it to be a regimen that delivers tangible results. For the remainder of this summary, the proposition for Westlake CrossFit’s second location will be called: Legacy Athletics. The original location will be called Westlake CrossFit (WLCF). Legacy Athletics will be a comprehensive fitness and wellness center utilizing functional fitness, sports--specific training, nutrition and sports therapy to aid its clients in realizing even the most ambitious physical goals. Why CrossFit? CrossFit is the fasting growing fitness phenomenon in the world. It now has approximately 6,100 affiliate gyms, most of which are located in the United States. CrossFit not only focuses on strength and endurance (like most other fitness programs), but it also stresses the 10 areas of physical adaptation—accuracy, agility, power, speed, strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina, coordination and balance—to deliver General Physical Preparedness. To expand on its legitimacy, ESPN has partnered with CrossFit and has televised the CrossFit Games for three years now. The CrossFit Games takes the top competitors in the CrossFit arena from around the world and puts them through a rigorous set of events lasting nearly a week. The winning man/woman is appropriately titled ―The Fittest Man/Woman on Earth‖ and awarded $250,000. WLCF has seen results in Westlake Athletes as well: Bailey Hinners – Captain of Westlake’s Varsity Soccer team in 2010, Hinners signed with George Washington’s Division I soccer team in 2010. He is now the senior captain of the team and has been unanimously titled ―fittest on the team.‖
  2. 2. Bailey trains with WLCF during the summer 4x/week. Bailey has fully embraced WLCF’s programming and applied CrossFit’s General Physical Preparedness; and he has not only won WLCF’s multiple endurance tests, but also its strength tests. Bryce Hager – Now playing for Baylor as starting linebacker, Hager used to train at Westlake CrossFit. During his time at Baylor, Bryce has lead the defense through two very impressive seasons, winning the Alamo Bowl and the Texas Bowl. He is a Heisman Trophy hopeful. Other athletes that trained with WLCF on a regular basis during high school: - Tanner Price (starting quarterback for Wake Forest) - Omar Ontiveros (starting fullback for Texas Tech) - Ryan Swope (recently drafted to NFL team, Arizona Cardinals as receiver) Walker and Tucker Hume (soccer stars at Rollins College), and key players with Austin Aztex, which just won the premier division soccer championship. Legacy Athletics’s intentions are clear: We want to enhance Westlake’s sterling athletic reputation and give these young athletes the tools they need to rise to their potential. In doing so, we will contribute to Westlake High being a top tier 5A program. Legacy Athletics will combine multiple domains of fitness and wellness in order to provide the most comprehensive training strategies available in Austin. It will serve its clients by utilizing or re-allocating existing features of the Ben Hur property. Below is a brief description of many of the programs which Legacy Athletics will offer its clients Programs to be Offered: CrossFit Group Classes Legacy Athletics will retain most of the programs already in place with the original Westlake CrossFit (―WLCF‖) while offering new programs to bolster its already strong reputation and create unique CrossFit (―CF‖) experiences. ● CrossFit Group Classes
  3. 3. ● Exclusive Coaching ○ This will be one of the biggest service offerings, catering to CrossFit athletes and sport-specific athletes looking for guidance. This is a client centered approach utilizing proven strength and conditioning principles, quantitative assessments as well as life and nutritional guidance to accomplish their goals. Essentially they have an individualized program built off their lifestyle and goals as well as an assessment. ● Specialty Programs ○ Ladies Lifting that takes into account the physiques and special needs of females ○ Kids’ programs ranging in age from 3­ to 18 years old ■ This is an established program and WLCF has been CrossFit Kids Certified for over 3 years. ○ Longevity (older adults’ program) ■ For clients age 50+ (scaled-back CrossFit regime) ○ Each full-time Legacy Coach will be offered the opportunity to create an unique service offering ■ Kettlebell club ■ Strongman Sports Specific Training Legacy Athletics will provide programs tailored to the specific needs of athletes desiring to take their game to the next level. ● Triathlon ● Running ● Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby, Tennis, Wrestling, etc. ● Olympic Lifting ● Powerlifting Sports Therapy Austin Sports Therapy will operate an in-house satellite location. Legacy Athletics will embrace an integrative approach through the guidance of Austin Sports
  4. 4. Therapy to reduce injury rates and improve functionality ○ ○ ○ ○ PT/ART RockTape Massage Therapy Mobility Nutrition Because all the training in the world is worthless without proper nutrition, Legacy Athletics will provide its clients with qualified nutritionists to provide counseling and develop meal plans. ● Develop nutrition strategies tailored around the client’s goals ● Create meal plans ● Consultation about and sales of applicable Supplements Retail Legacy Athletics will operate a pro shop designed to provide essential products to aid its clients in the completion of their goals. ● ● ● ● CrossFit equipment (jump ropes, grips/gloves, apparel, tape, etc.) Sports Therapy products (RockTape, mobility products, etc.) Supplements In House food services ○ PikNik ○ Eatology Events This location provides Legacy Athletics with many opportunities to create unique fitness events. ● BASIC (expand BASIC into a Fittest Games-type competition for its 3rd year) ○ CF competition with over 130 competitors in its first year
  5. 5. ● Bionic Betty ○ A female-only CF competition (ongoing for 2 very successful years) Revenue In its current manifestation, Westlake CrossFit is projecting roughly $400,000 and maintains 220 clients. WLCF is averaging a monthly membership fee of $175 per client at its Cuernavaca location. The new location will allow Legacy Athletics to expand the CF membership to upwards of 500 members in the next 3 years while increasing the monthly membership fee to an average of $250 if it can procure 5,000 square feet of usable training area. Other income sources will be generated by the pro shop sales, nutrition counseling, personal training, bootcamps and kids’ summer camps. Proposition In order to procure a space that will set Legacy Athletics up for success we are willing to make an attractive offer. We are proposing ● ● ● ● 5 year lease with the option to renew Signage along Capital of Texas Highway and on the building $22.50/square foot 12.5% equity stake