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Q6 what kind of media institution might distribute your media


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Q6 what kind of media institution might distribute your media

  1. 1. Q6-What kind of media institutionmight distribute your media product and why?
  2. 2. Examples of what a media institution is? British Broadcasting Corporation.We all have all experience some formationof media before, but have you everwondered who organises the informationand creates it. British Sky Broadcasting. A media institution is responsible for the product, marketing, distribution and creating the text.
  3. 3. The media institutions which you may recognise all have an organisation with shared goals to live up to their audiences expectations to promote their product.British Board of Film Classification. Many media institutions which Cable Network News. began as magazines are now acted as a company. For example, Smash Hits is a magazine, a music channel and a radio station which appeals to a varied audience.
  4. 4. Publishing Institutions Bauer is a publishing institutions which publishes many magazine company which work with the likes of Q and Kerrang magazine. Hyperlinks to sites Development hell is an independent media publishing institution which is based in london. The publish two magazine, The word and Mixmag that is a large clubbing magazine.
  5. 5. The magazine institution I am going to use• I would like to use a large media publishing institution as I believe it would be a lot easier to access a more varied music genres as it is a pop magazine that covers a broad range of genres. This will attract a mass market that will give more profit to the magazine that they will be able to make the magazine better for the readers. I want to use a magazine institution that already publishes similar magazines such as Bauer similar to Q magazine which is published by Bauer. I have decided to use Bauer as it is a very well-established magazine publishing company which publish a huge range of magazines from womens weeklies to hard-core metal music magazines.
  6. 6. How I could turn my magazine into an media brand?• I could develop my magazine further into an institution to access a big fan base consumer by using an Hit magazine website which is already featured in the magazine as ‘ Therefore, this would access a larger group. As well, to promote the business as a brand a radio station and a television program would be good to access the audience.