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The Windows Runtime and the Web

The Windows Runtime is the runtime that drives Windows 8 and the new Windows Store apps. The runtime enables developers to build rich client apps that run natively on Window 8 devices. In this session, Jeremy Likness explores the various built-in components and APIs that enable Windows Store apps to connect to SOAP, REST, and OData endpoints and syndicate RSS and Atom feeds. Learn how these tools make it easy to build Windows Store apps that are alive and connected to the internet.

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The Windows Runtime and the Web

  1. 1. WinRT and the Web: Keeping Windows Store Apps Alive and Connected Consulting/Training
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  3. 3. Programming the Windows Runtime by Example Consulting/Training
  4. 4. Agenda          WinRT and .NET WebView Simple: HTTP (REST) OData (WCF Data Services) Syndication SOAP Sockets Mobile Services Live Tiles Consulting/Training
  5. 5. WinRT and .NET  Most .NET network classes are available to     Windows Store apps for Windows 8.1 Windows Store apps written in C# have access to a limited .NET profile, in addition to WinRT components provided via projection Many network components have been moved into WinRT (i.e. the HttpClient) Other features include proxies that generate pure .NET code as a function of the IDE (i.e. “add service reference” We’ll focus on C# but the WinRT components are valid for C++ and JavaScript too Consulting/Training
  6. 6. WebView Control  Internet Explorer 11 control  Direct Composition surface so it can be translated/transformed and overlaid (this wasn’t the case in Windows 8, only 8.1)  Capable of rendering SVG and WebGL  Interoperability with the Windows Store app (can call to scripts on the page and vice versa)  Navigation methods (history, journal) built-in Consulting/Training
  7. 7. WebView Control this.WebViewControl.Navigate(new Uri(JeremyBlog)); this.WebViewControl.Navigate(new Uri("ms-appx-web:///Data/Ellipse.html")); // can also navigate to streams with a special URI handler in 8.1 this.WebViewControl.NavigateToString(HtmlFragment); var parameters = new[] { "p/biography.html" }; this.WebViewControl.InvokeScript( "superSecretBiographyFunction", parameters); Consulting/Training
  8. 8. The Embedded Browser: Using WebView WebViewExamples from Chapter03 Consulting/Training
  9. 9. HttpClient  WinRT as of 8.1  Pure control over HTTP  Viable for REST i.e. serialize/deserialize     directly from JSON and/or XML Control headers and manage response as text, stream, etc. GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE Using HttpRequestMessage for custom verbs, etc. Base class for more specialized clients Consulting/Training
  10. 10. HttpClient (and a little JSON help) private static readonly MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue Json = new MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue("application/json"); string jsonResponse; using (var client = new HttpClient()) { client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Accept.Add(Json); jsonResponse = await client.GetStringAsync(productsUri); } var json = JsonObject.Parse(jsonResponse); Consulting/Training
  11. 11. Parsing a REST service with HttpClient and JSON RESTService Example from Chapter05 Consulting/Training
  12. 12. Advanced HTTP Downloads AdvancedHttpExample Example from Chapter10 Consulting/Training
  13. 13. OData (WCF Services)   Add-on for Visual Studio 2013  Allows right-click and add reference for service  Generates the proxy and structures using a data context (similar to Entity Framework / WCF RIA) Consulting/Training
  14. 14. OData (WCF Data Services) Consulting/Training
  15. 15. OData Client Proxy ServiceBase = new Uri("", UriKind.Absolute); var client = new ODataService.DemoService(ServiceBase); var categoryQuery = client.Categories.AddQueryOption("$expand", "Products"); var categories = await Task<IEnumerable<ODataService.Category>> .Factory.FromAsync( categoryQuery.BeginExecute(result => { }, client), categoryQuery.EndExecute); Consulting/Training
  16. 16. Connecting to OData using WCF Data Services ODataServiceExample from Chapter05 Consulting/Training
  17. 17. Syndication (Atom/RSS)  WinRT (mirrors the .NET equivalent very closely)  Parses Atom and RSS  Suitable for both consuming and publishing  Also capable of converting between formats (i.e. read an Atom and serve an RSS) Consulting/Training
  18. 18. Feed Syndication private static readonly Uri CSharperImageUri = new Uri( "", UriKind.Absolute); var client = new SyndicationClient(); var feed = await client.RetrieveFeedAsync(CSharperImageUri); var group = new DataFeed(feed.Id, feed.Title.Text, AuthorSignature, feed.ImageUri.ToString(), feed.Subtitle.Text); from item in feed.Items let content = Windows.Data.Html.HtmlUtilities.ConvertToText(item.Content.Text) let summary = string.Format("{0} ...", content.Length > 255 ? content.Substring(0, 255) : content) Consulting/Training
  19. 19. Syndicating a Feed SyndicationExample from Chapter05 Consulting/Training
  20. 20. SOAP  IDE provides similar interface to OData  Uses WSDL to understand the shape of the service  Considered a more complicated protocol but is very widely used and has built-in security, encryption, and other features that are beneficial to the enterprise  Generates a proxy (client) that is used to handle the communications (RPC-based)  Can also use channel factories to create clients Consulting/Training
  21. 21. SOAP Consulting/Training
  22. 22. SOAP Proxy (Generated Client) var proxy = new WeatherSoapClient(); var result = await proxy.GetWeatherInformationAsync(); foreach (var item in result.GetWeatherInformationResult) {; } Consulting/Training
  23. 23. SOAP Proxy (Channel Factory) using ( var factory = new ChannelFactory<WeatherSoapChannel>( new BasicHttpBinding(), new EndpointAddress(""))) { var channel = factory.CreateChannel(); var forecast = await channel.GetCityForecastByZIPAsync(zipCode); var result = forecast.AsWeatherForecast(); foreach (var day in result.Forecast) { day.ForecastUri = await this.GetImageUriForType(day.TypeId); } return result; } Consulting/Training
  24. 24. Connecting to SOAP-based Web Services SoapServiceExample from Chapter05 Consulting/Training
  25. 25. Sockets  HTTP sits on top of TCP  Sockets communicate at a lower level – TCP/UDP  Newer WebSockets protocol for HTML5 uses HTTP ports for a simpler sockets interface  Use for real-time bi-directional communication  Windows 8.1 can be a “server” … process isolation makes it impractical except as demos, but works fine as a client Consulting/Training
  26. 26. WebSockets WebSocketExamples from Chapter10 Consulting/Training
  27. 27. TCP Sockets SocketsGame from Chapter10 Consulting/Training
  28. 28. Windows Azure Mobile Services  Affectionately referred to as WAMS  Literally right-click and “add Connected Service”  Create simple CRUD and other types of services using hosted SQL  Create push notifications for live updates and notifications within your app Consulting/Training
  29. 29. Windows Azure Mobile Services Consulting/Training
  30. 30. Windows Azure Mobile Services Consulting/Training
  31. 31. Windows Azure Mobile Services Consulting/Training
  32. 32. Windows Azure Mobile Services public static MobileServiceClient WinRTByExampleBookClient = new MobileServiceClient( "", "APPLICATION KEY"); // query var table = App.WinRTByExampleBookClient.GetTable<Subscriber>(); var query = table.CreateQuery() .OrderBy(x => x.LastName) .ThenBy(x => x.FirstName); Subscribers = query.ToIncrementalLoadingCollection(); // insert var table = App.WinRTByExampleBookClient.GetTable<Subscriber>(); await table.InsertAsync(SubscriberBeingEdited); Consulting/Training
  33. 33. Tiles and Notifications Consulting/Training
  34. 34. Bonus Example - LiveConnect LiveConnectExample from Chapter06 Consulting/Training
  35. 35. Recap          WinRT and .NET WebView Simple: HTTP (REST) OData (WCF Data Services) Syndication SOAP Sockets Mobile Services Live Tiles Consulting/Training
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  37. 37. Questions? Consulting/Training