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Code First in the Cloud: Serverless Azure Functions with Node.js


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The cloud landscape is shifting to a serverless paradigm that empowers developers to focus on code and business logic, improve innovation and deliver to market faster. This talk focuses on building serverless components in JavaScript with Node.js using Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Application Insights.

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Code First in the Cloud: Serverless Azure Functions with Node.js

  1. 1. Every 15 minutes Clean tableFind and clean invalid data
  2. 2. File added to Blob Storage Transform CSV to data rows Power BI Chart graphic
  3. 3. Photo taken and WebHook called Stores in blob storage Produces scaled images
  4. 4. Loaded web page calls WebHook Completed pageCreate ad based on user profile
  5. 5. Millions of devices feed into Stream Analytics Store data in SQL Online Transform to structured data
  6. 6. Introducing Azure Logic Apps Fast integrations using a visual designer and workflow creation with triggers and actions Connect applications, data and services Connect and orchestrate Azure Functions
  7. 7. ….and more!
  8. 8. Key scenarios for monitoring Monitor • “What’s my app doing?” Alert • “Is my app unhealthy?” Diagnose • “Why is it unhealthy?” Learn • “What is my app doing?”
  9. 9. Azure Application Insights • • •
  10. 10.