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CV de Jeremy dumont


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GAME CHANGING & IMPACTFUL BRAND EXPERIENCES FOR THE FUTURE #socialinnovation #experiencedesign #collectiveintelligence

My experience in strategic planning and project management leads me to manage innovation projets in design consultancies or open innovation hubs. I am also interested to manage brand communications for a company embracing digital, social and environmental changes.

My strengths :
‍ — Market, consumer, usage & habits research
⚡️ — Experience design applied to brands, products, spaces, campaigns...
 — Innovation & transformation project management
 — C suite advisory and satisfaction
 — Collective intelligence and Open Innovation (parners / consumers)

 — My articles :
1- To (re) engage employees digital transformation must make sense #socialinnovation #purpose
2 - Social innovation to meet client expectations with a positive impact on society and environment #innovationsociale
3 - Experience design to create value and collectively visualize the customer experience to be delivered #experiencedesign
4 - Brand entertainment the new way to communicate to millennials # brandcontent
5 - The account planner and the designer, actors of corporate innovation and transformation #planner

My book and articles are here :

Published in: Design
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CV de Jeremy dumont

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