Stop the Bullet


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1 in 3 young men in Mathare Valley die of a bullet by age 24. We can stop the bullet - of crime, violence, hunger, pain, anger, ignorance, isolation...

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Stop the Bullet

  1. STOP the BULLET!1 out of 3 young men die of a bullet by age 24.
  2. What is the fate of these young boys?
  3. Here is their reality...Mathare Valley has more than a half million inhabitantsand is notorious for high crime and unemployment.Most families survive on less than 0.80 USD a day.
  4. Since 1992 Mathare Valley has witnessed at least 8 longperiods of violence and countless short ones. It tookcommunity 6 months to restore peace after elections in2007 only to be shaken up by a gang war in early 2010.
  5. 80% of the Mathare Valley population are youth between 0and 25. Most youth only have access to primary education.They are the providers of their families.
  6. Many survive through brewing chang’aa a lethal brew of illegal alcohol or engaging in crime.
  7. Some boysbecomedrugsrunners atthe age of5. Because there is not enough food at home.
  8. 8 out of 10 women survive by selling their bodies. Somegirls end up in prostitution at the age of 9.Because there is not enough food at home.
  9. Maji Mazuri has worked in the slums of Mathare Valleysince mid 1980s. It works together with the community to alleviate the challenges of poverty. It strives for economic independence and social empowerment.
  10. MAJI MAZURI YOUTH GROUP presents: ‘STOP the BULLET!’ Peace Promotion Project
  11. Why is the promotion of peace in Mathare Valley necessary?
  12. STOP the BULLET! “MAJI MAZURI has stopped many bullets for our children. The bullet of crime, the bullet of drugs, thebullet of poverty. My son has a shop and takes care ofme now while I see other sons who use drugs and who get shot by the police.” - Mama Dani (mother of a youth member)
  13. How doesMAJIMAZURIYOUTHGROUPpromotePEACE? By working together with the perpetrators and the victims of violence.
  14. MAJI MAZURI YOUTH GROUP works with children and youth teaching themto determine their own destiny. They have formed a network of youthfighting for Peace in the Kenyan Ghetto: Mathare Valley.
  15. The youth are trained in trauma counseling and on a weeklybasis they reach out to gangs and groups of young women.
  16. The youth give workshops in peace advocacy to members of gangs andother groups in the community. The group is currently building a network of formal and informal youth groups throughout the ghetto to promote peace together in the run-up to the next elections.
  17. “I was shy. I did not think I was somebody…just a ghetto boy. It’s like…Ihad no hope…but Maji Mazuri learned me my talent. I am the drama personnow and I teach youth. I think I would have been dead, you know, join agang and rob a house. The police have shot many of my friends. But now Iam an actor, I am proud…now they can’t shoot me.” Buda (youth member )
  18. STOP the BULLET!No MAJI MAZURIYOUTH member hasever been involved inany type of violence.MAJI MAZURI YOUTHreach out to otheryouth in thecommunity to givethem the skills topromote peace.
  19. The youth from gangs are, at the same time, invitedto join a micro-credit program. As peace advocatesand as small business owners these youth willavoid being mobilized in violence in the future
  20. Help us• Stop the Bullet! Maji Mazuri Youth are making a difference in Mathare through sports, talent development, community awareness, the Green Heroes, etc 21