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Ind eng-792-ppt

  1. 1. Title Our story of Change from Satya Bharti School, Gunavata , Jaipur ,Rajasthan, Bharti Foundation Problem being attempted to change: “Make a society free from addiction”
  2. 2. • Bharti Foundation – Bharti Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Bharti Group Companies. – The prime objective is to bridge the existing education divide and make quality education accessible to underprivileged children in rural India. – The Foundation aims to help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential. • Satya Bharti School Program – The Satya Bharti School Program is the flagship program of Bharti Foundation. – It aims to deliver free quality education to underprivileged children, with special focus on the girl child across rural India. – Present Operational Status: • Number of Schools Operational: 236 • States of Operation: Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh & Tamil Nadu • Number of Students Enrolled: Over 30,000 Introduction
  3. 3. About the Community • Geographical Location: – 3km from NH 8,Panchayat Labana,Block Amber,Distt Jaipur(Rajasthan) • Cultural Background: – People belong to ST and dependant on labour(daily wages) and agriculture • Role of Satya Bharti School in the Village: – A very positive impact on village increase standard of education.Provide education to underprivileged children,provide quality education,all around development in society,improve living standard of villagers,education every child,to demolish the social evils,to change the ideology of the parents • Participation in ‘Design for Giving’ School Contest: – Drinking is becoming a curse in society and it spoils the life of many families.The community took actively participation.
  4. 4. We ‘Felt’: Most of the people of village involve in agriculture and spend their life through daily wages.The dearness is increasing very rapidly but the wages are not increasing.Whateber they earn through hard work they spent most of the fraction in drinking and smoking.They are not giving ample money to their family and it will make their life very miserable but these drunkens donot care about this and follow the same lifestyle.Their these tasks also spoil life of their children.The students are mentally tortured by their classmate.It will increase tension and pressure among students.These people beat their wives,use abusive language with their neighbors.It will spoil the whole society and give a very bad impact on society.
  5. 5. We ‘Imagined’: If these people are not counseled at time then it will effect the whole society and ruined the village one day. There will be wine soap each and every corner of the village and give a bad impact on society.It increase bad habits among students,child labour,disease among students.
  6. 6. We ‘Did’: We shown a play to villagers,a rally in around the village,convince villagers about the drinking,smoking.
  7. 7. Impact on Community:
  8. 8. Addiction is a curse on society .We donot use it and prevent others also. No family will be ruin due to addiction. We protest the spreadness of this poison at every cost. Impact on Us:
  9. 9. Experience of Community Members & Teachers: • They will not use alcohol,smoking,in their life. • They promised to make a society free from addiction. • Addiction spoils the life of a the members of the family. • They will not allow anyone to start a wine soap in their surroundings in a constitutional manner but if their feelings are not respected then they go to media,courts,NGOs and other social reforming agencies. s
  10. 10. • To follow those people who are using wine,smoking and other type of drugs in their day to day life. • Weekly a rally in the village. • Convince the people about the harmful effect of addiction. • To empower and aware household ladies so that they may protest the wrong deeds and settled their family in a well manner. The Road Ahead…..(in the next 3 months) ig
  11. 11. Students Participating in the Contest: # State District School No. of Students Participating Name of Student Class Rajastha n Jaipur Gunawata 1 pooja 8th 2 Manisha Jangid 7th 3 Raju 7th 4 Manju 6th 5 Rekha 6th 6 Priya 6th 7 khusbu 6th 8 Rajwanti 6th 9 Suman 5th
  12. 12. • School Staff Poonam Jangid,Lokesh saini,Mamta jat,Chandrakant Sharma • State Team- Col.Somesh Gupta,Mr.Sandip Sarda,Mr. Brajesh Bhardwaj – Cluster Coordinator – Arun Naruka Team Responsible:
  13. 13. Thank you