continued on page 10601 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, NW, SUITE 600, SOUTH BUILDING • WASHINGTON, D.C. 20004-2601 • (202) 638-3950 ...
2	 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.DEFENSE CREDITUNION COUNCIL, an association of credit unions servingDepartment...
DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.	 3Grow Financial FCU Receives DiamondAward for Outstanding Marketing &Business Developm...
4	 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.50TH ANNUAL DCUC CONFERENCEMoments in Greenbrier History No. 7Janet Sked, DCUC Confer...
DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.	 5Security Service FCU has awarded twenty high school seniors with $1,000 scholarships	...
Employees of Scott CU in partnership with the Armed Forces Financial Network	 recently presented $1,000 in thank you gift ...
8	 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.Service CU President/CEO Gordon Simmons recently signed Statement of Support	 for the...
DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.	 9GOT NEWS?Send your credit union news toBeth Merlo at CU announ...
10	 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.Redstone FCU dedicated its 24th branch to longtime Chair of the Board of Directors,	...
DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.	 11GOT NEWS?Send news about your credit unionto Beth Merlo at to r...
First Class MailUS PostagePAIDAnnapolis, MDPermit 163Defense Credit Union Council601 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.Suite 600Was...
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DCUC May Alert 2013


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DCUC May Alert 2013

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DCUC May Alert 2013

  1. 1. continued on page 10601 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, NW, SUITE 600, SOUTH BUILDING • WASHINGTON, D.C. 20004-2601 • (202) 638-3950 • WWW.DCUC.ORGIssue 5 • May 2013DOD FURLOUGH CEO UPDATEcontinued on page 6DCUC’s Overseas Subcouncil Conference…Still Going Strong!Earlier this month DCUC’s Overseas Subcouncil held its Annual Conference in Dresden, Germany and based on the feedback from attendees and guests, in a word—out-standing! Co-hosted by Andrews Federal Credit Union, from start to finish, every aspect ofthis year’s 40th annual meeting was highly rated and greatly attended! Standing room onlywas the order of the day on May 1…followed by a full house the balance of the week. Our good friend and colleague, and one of the best Economists in the business, BillHampel, (CUNA) set the stage for this year’s main overseas event, offering his insightfuland candid thoughts on the economy’s modest recovery, the Nation’s budget policy, theimpact on credit unions, and the way ahead! Good news/bad news notwithstanding, Bill’sremarks were timely and significant, and an excellent prelude to Colonel “Money” Her-nandez’s (Air Mobility Command) presentation on the “S” word—Sequestration. Inaddition to offering a philosophical and practical view on the budget cuts imposed on theDepartment, “Money” touched on Defense Strategy and addressed the fiscal realities andimpacts of Sequestration, vis-à-vis the Air Force, to include the “bow waves” resultingthereof and the cost in terms of readiness, people, and infrastructure. Elijah “Bennie” Roberts (Department of the Air Force and Andrews FCU’s ViceChair) followed “Money” and focused his remarks on the Overseas Theater and theforthcoming/on-going DOD review to determine the excess and need of the hundreds ofsites in Europe. Bennie’s comments were of considerable interest to the Sub-council’sseven member credit unions, especially in light of potential troop strength reductions andBRAC. That said, and as noted by Bill Hawbecker (DFAS), Major John Schulke (Army),Major Chris Wurst (Army Europe), SSgt Maurice Morrell, (Air Force Europe) and Dr. LuigiAmato (Navy Region Europe and Southwest Asia), while the National Defense Strategycontinues to endure scrutiny and the Department’s landscape overseas continues to shift,the financial quality of life (QOL) of our troops and their families remains a priority! During the months and years that lie ahead, doing more with less will be DOD’smantra, and as a result, partnerships will be key! Financial readiness, financial educa-tion, financial services, and the overall financial support of the DOD establishment—military and civilian personnel—will be vital to ensuring and sustaining the morale and QOLof our troops, DOD civilians and their families! Technology will play a major role, and this year’s industry speakers not only provid-ed an update of their respective organizations, but also discussed the importance of innovation.Whether expanding overseas ATM acceptance, determining the best mix of PIN or PINless,or addressing the U.S. EMV (Eurocard, MasterCard, Visa) conundrum; whether discuss-ing consumer channel preferences and new product lines (such as AskAuto) or highlightingRoland “Arty’’ Arteaga, President/CEO, DCUCOn Tuesday, May 14 at a Town Hall meeting at the Mark Center BRACsite, the Secretary of Defense announcedyet another change to the Department’sfurlough plans. Secretary Hagel advisedthose in attendance, that notwithstand-ing the deep budget cuts imposed by theBudget Control Act of 2011 (Sequestra-tion) and the increased cost associatedwith DOD’s warfighting efforts, the De-partment has been able to address “bud-getary shortfalls through actions otherthan furlough.” While hundreds of thou-sands of DOD civilians (over 90% ofthe DOD civilian workforce) will still befurloughed, in lieu of the 14 days an-nounced last month (the initial plan calledfor 22 days), the SECDEF directed an 11day furlough. According to the Pentagon, the fol-lowing schedule applies:1) May 28 – June 5: Furlough proposalnotices will be served.2) June 4 – June 12: Opportunity forindividual employees to reply to fur-lough notices (employees have 7 calen-dar days from the date the notice wasreceived to reply.)3) June 5 – July 5: Furlough decision let-ters will be served.4) July 8: Furlough period begins (likelyat the rate of 1 day per week throughthe end of September of this year.)DOD Furlough Plans…Change Two!Roland “Arty’’ Arteaga, President/CEO,DCUC
  2. 2. 2 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.DEFENSE CREDITUNION COUNCIL, an association of credit unions servingDepartment of Defense personnel,military and civilian, worldwide.BOARD OF DIRECTORSPatty KimmelChairmanDenise Floyd1st Vice ChairmanGordon Simmons2nd Vice ChairmanDavid DavisTreasurerFrank PadakSecretaryBarb GeraghtyMemberMichael KloiberMemberCOUNCIL STAFFRoland A. ArteagaPresident/CEOBeth MerloDirector for AdministrationJen KenneyExecutive AssistantJennifer HernandezInformation Technology SpecialistJanet SkedConference ManagerMegan MundtComptrolleris the official publication of the Council. Onecopy of ALERT is mailed first-class to eachdefense credit union as a membership service.Defense credit unions may order additionalcopies (three or more) to be mailed in bulkto one address at $10.00 per copy per year.Individual subscriptions mailed first class todefense credit union members are $15.00per year; to all others $25.00 per year.ALERTis published monthly except for the month theannual conference and membership meetingare held. In accepting a limited amount ofadvertising (two advertisements per issue),the Council as a matter of strict policy doesnot in any way endorse either the product orthe vendor. The right to refuse advertising forany reason whatsoever is reserved. DCUC duesare not deductible as a charitable contributionfor federal tax purposes, but may be deduct-ible as a business expense. Reproduction ofALERT material in whole or in part is authorizedfor Council members only. Address all corre-spondence to Defense Credit Union Council,Inc., 601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, SouthBuilding, Suite 600, Washington, D.C. 20004-2601. Telephone: 202/638-3950; FAX:202/638-3410; e-mail:; assembling and distributing Shoebox Gifts, to writing caring cards, to making charitable donations, Fort Bragg Federal CU and Marine Federal CU are partneringwith Support Military Spouses to honor, support, and encourage military spouses. “The idea of building shoeboxes to give to the unsung heroes of the military is agreat idea! To be able to provide a spouse a moment of happiness through a gift acknowl-edging their sacrifices means so much,” said Dave Elliott, President/CEO of Fort BraggFederal CU. SHOEBOXES FOR MILITARY SPOUSES,the nation’s only program of its kind, is the flag-ship of Support Military Spouses. Along with thedelivery of a container of items specifically created toencourage military spouses, SMS’ Shoebox programis designed to establish new links and provide ac-cess to tools that help spouses in accessing financialliteracy information, employment resources, lo-cal mental health, and support organizations thatfoster stronger families. “There is no finer group to be rewarded, as theykeep the home fires burning of deployed Marines and the Navy Corpsmen serving withMarines to give them peace of mind while they are gone; to knowing that their familiesare well taken care of, to allow them to focus on the mission at hand to keep Marinesand themselves out of harm’s way,” said Craig Chamberlin, CCUE President/CEO ofMarine Federal CU. With the support and partnerships of Fort Bragg Federal CU and Marine FederalCU, Support Military Spouses is moving its mission forward. “We ultimately want to an-nually give a shoebox gift to every military spouse across every U.S. military installation,which is approximately 1.4 million spouses each year,” said Dr. Steven and Diane Rumley. Support Military Spouses offers DCUC’s member credit unions a variety of ways tobecome involved through its programs: Shoeboxes for Military Spouses, Financial Free-dom for Military Spouses, Occupational Opportunities for Military Spouses, Pamper-ing Packs for Military Spouses, and Caring Cards for Military Spouses. To partner withSupport Military Spouses or for more information, contact Diane Rumley at 919.274.7344,or by emailing APPRECIATION MONTHMaking a Difference in the Lives of Military SpousesFort Bragg Federal CU and Marine FederalCU Help Support Military SpousesDiane Rumley, Support Military SpousesRIA FCU held their 78th Annual Meeting on April 5, at the Best Western Steeplegate Inn in Davenport, Iowa. At the meeting, Larry Coverstone, Ted Olson and AnthonySconyers were each re-elected to serve three-year terms on the Board of Directors. Special recognition awards were also presented to CEO, Larry Coverstone, and VP ofMarketing, Linda Kurtenbach, for their 35 years of service to the Credit Union. Other directors for 2013 include: Jack Boccarossa, Richard Burns, Robert Henderson,Linda Miller, Richard Hochstetler and Arun Pillutla.RIA FCU Holds Annual MeetingKim Fein, Marketing
  3. 3. DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC. 3Grow Financial FCU Receives DiamondAward for Outstanding Marketing &Business Development AchievementsAdrienne Drew, Marketing Communications SpecialistGrow Financial was recently honored with a Diamond Award, which recognizes outstanding marketing and business development achievements in the creditunion industry. The award was presented by the Credit Union National Association(CUNA) Marketing & Business Development Council, a national network comprised ofover 1,100 credit union marketing and business development professionals. Grow Financial was a winner in the Electronic Marketing category for the VirtualMoney Machine at their Downtown Tampa location. Grow Financial’s virtual moneymachine is an augmented reality, motion reactive video mirror that utilizes a six screenHD video wall. The interaction also uses a touch sensitive glass to select the offer and foremail submission. Members and non-members are welcome to play the virtual moneymachine, and have a chance to win $25 toward a checking account, $100 toward an autoloan or $300 toward a mortgage loan. "The Diamond Award competition is the most prestigious competition for excel-lence in marketing and business development in the credit union industry," said MichelleHunter, Chair of the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council, and SVP ofMarketing & Development at Credit Union of Southern California. "Credit unions thatreceive these awards should be extremely proud of their accomplishments and know thattheir work represents the very best examples of creativity, innovation, relevance, and execu-tion. The Diamond Awards are not easily earned and the CUNA Marketing & BusinessDevelopment Council is proud to honor those who are deserving of this recognition."Navy FCU announced its participa- tion in the nationally recognizedPurple Up campaign to display world-wide support of children of active dutymilitary. Recently, the credit union, whichserves all Department of Defense activeduty, civilian and contractor personnel,expanded its membership to include theCoast Guard, thus serving all areas of thearmed forces. The color purple representsall branches of the military, and the world’slargest credit union displayed its prideby encouraging all 10,000 employeesworldwide to wear purple throughout itscorporate campuses and 229 branchesworldwide on April 26. “All branches of the U.S. ArmedForces, including Coast Guard, and theirfamilies, make sacrifices every day,” saidNancy DeDona, vice president, member-ship. “It’s important to also rememberthe military children and recognize theunique challenges they face. With aworkforce of over 10,000 employees, wehope to make quite a showing—fromheadquarters in Vienna, VA to branchesas far as Korea.” The credit union’s socialmedia outlets will showcased the displayto members and fans of its Facebook andInstagram pages. In addition to Purple Up, NavyFederal offered youth-related productincentives and educational seminars atschools the week of April 22 in an ef-fort to encourage early savings practicesamong children and adolescents. Mem-bers under 18 received a monetary incen-tive when opening youth savings, check-ing accounts, and/or prepaid debit cardsdesigned to teach teens smart spend-ing habits and financial responsibility.“Among our more than 4 million mem-bers, 11% are youth under the age of 18,”noted DeDona. “Showing young saversthe importance of adopting good finan-cial habits early is a core focus for NavyFederal. We hope that getting out tomilitary installations and schools willhave a lasting impact.”Navy Federal Turnsthe World Purpleon April 26Michele Townes, CorporateCommunicationsScott CU has pledged $25,000 to help build a new Rotary Playground in Township Park. The donation will help build a new play space to replace the wooden playgroundthat was removed in 2012 at the park, which is also known as Airplane Park. “The success of this project depends heavily on community support,” said Rod Vaught,Rotary Club president. “We truly appreciate Scott Credit Union’s support, it has beenextremely gratifying to have corporate leaders take such a proactive role to ensure thecompletion of the project.” The Edwardsville Rotary Club began a rehabilitation project on the playground inspring of 2012. It quickly became apparent that the 22-year-old wooden structure wouldneed to be completely replaced. The Rotary Club, the Township and District 7 are teamingup on the project. “The Rotary Club representatives came to us looking for community partners tohelp with the cost of building a new playground on the same site,” said Scott CU Commu-nity Relations Supervisor Ashleigh Deatherage. “With our Home Office here in Edwards-ville and our ‘People Helping People’ philosophy, we felt like this was a great project andwe should give our support.” “We really like the idea of the businesses and people of the community comingtogether to build the new playground,” Deatherage added. “We understand how importantit is to give back to the community and this is a great way for Scott CU to be involved.” The actual construction of the new playground is planned for September 18-22, 2013.It will require lots of volunteer labor from the community. The Rotary Club has hiredLeathers & Associates, who assisted the community for the original build 20 years ago, toprovide the design of the new playground. Scott CU Pledges $25,000 to RotaryPlayground at Township ParkAshleigh Deatherage, Scott CU
  4. 4. 4 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.50TH ANNUAL DCUC CONFERENCEMoments in Greenbrier History No. 7Janet Sked, DCUC Conference ManagerAbove: This ominousblast door protectedthe tunnel entranceto the secret under-ground Cold War bun-ker. Left: The commu-nications center wasused as a backdropfor televised state-ments from membersof Congress.After completing construction of and opening the National Intrepid Cen-ter of Excellence (NICoE), the IntrepidFallen Heroes Fund worked closely withmilitary leadership to determine how bestto further expand care to our woundedheroes in uniform suffering from trau-matic brain injury (TBI), post-traumaticstress (PTS) and other afflictions.  This led to the Fund’s newest effort:designing and building additional cen-ters that will serve as satellites to NICoEand located at some of the major militarybases around the country. These NICoESatellite Centers will extend the carecurrently provided at NICoE out to thehome bases of many of the troops suffer-ing the effects of TBI and related injuries. Data from these centers will be transmit-ted back to NICoE and aid its ongoingresearch program, helping to improve de-tection, diagnosis and treatment. Second-arily, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund willalso provide financial support for researchefforts at these facilities and at NICoE. The NICoE Satellite Centers willbe of smaller scale than NICoE and willfocus on diagnosis and treatment. TheCenters may be built as independentstand-alone structures or may be incorpo-rated into existing structures, dependingon the conditions at each base at whichthe Centers are built.   Ground has been broken on the firsttwo Satellite Centers located at Ft. Belvoir,Virginia and Camp Lejeune, North Caro-lina. At approximately 25,000 square feet,each center has a construction budget ofapproximately $11 million.   The fundraising and construc-tion program for the NICoE SatelliteCenters is projected to extend up tothree years. Once complete, the networkof NICoE Satellite Centers will providethe most advanced care possible toreturning military personnel sufferingfrom TBI, PTS and related afflictions;enhance the means of properly identify-ing and diagnosing these conditions inthe Centers, in other military andVA medical facilities and in the field;ensure the continued care of individualpatients as they move through NICoE,military medical, VA and potentially ex-ternal medical systems; and continuouslyresearch the causes and effects of theseconditions to better understand themand develop the best care and treat-ment possible. In 2009, DCUC first supportedthe National Intrepid Center of Excel-lence and their wonderful work in sup-port of our troops. This year, in cel-ebration of our 50th Annual Conferencewe have decided it would be fitting tohelp fund the construction of two newsatellite centers. Join us again this year, as DCUCcelebrates a significant milestone in itshistory. Help us to support this worthycause in support of our injured troops.DCUC’s 2013 Showcasewith a PurposeHonoring the National Intrepid Centerof Excellence Satellite CentersFreeze-dried food stored along the300-foot truck entrance to the bunkerA Secret is Finally Disclosed…On Sunday morning, May 31, 1992, readers of The Wash-ington Post awoke to a story that confirmed the old rumorsof a secret under the West Virginia Wing. The article de-scribed in great detail a massive underground U.S. Capitol.An emergency relocation center for Congress had been se-cretly maintained for three decades, fully prepared for acti-vation at a moment’s notice. With the Cold War over, thegovernment declassified and closed the operation down, aprocess completed in mid-1995. The Bunker became animmediate media sensation with multiple programs broad-cast in subsequent years. Tours of the Bunker began in De-cember 1995 and quickly became a seemingly mandatorypart of every guest’s Greenbrier experience. At this year’s DCUC Conference, we are offering eachregistered attendee and guest the opportunity to take thishalf hour Bunker Tour free of charge. Be sure to sign upwhen you register for the conference, as we must schedulethe tours with The Greenbrier staff! Stay tuned in June forour final installment of Moments in Greenbrier History.“Paying tribute to and supporting thosewho have sacrificed for our nation”
  5. 5. DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC. 5Security Service FCU has awarded twenty high school seniors with $1,000 scholarships for their college education. “What better way to give back to our community than tosupport these bright, future leaders as they pursue their college educations?” said Jim Laf-foon, Security Service FCU president. “We select our recipients based on a strong academicrecord, well-rounded interests, a character of integrity and focused goals. Each of these stu-dents is outstanding in all these areas.” The student scholars honored were:Cody Jones (Theodore Roosevelt HS, TX); Carolyn Mazuca (Thomas Jefferson HS, TX);Anthony Aktines III (Theodore Roosevelt HS, TX); Noureen Rojani (Douglas MacArthurHS, TX); Natalie Cormier (John Jay HS, TX); Kelsey Wong (Tom Clark HS, TX); BrookeStrowd (East Central HS, TX); Mariah Cannon (John Jay HS, TX); Lillian Hilliard Byas(James Madison HS, TX); Hayley Morrill (Cole HS, TX); Ilianna Walker (William H. TaftHS, TX); Jayme Greene (Communication Arts HS, TX); Maria Calderon (Edinburg HS,TX); Gilbert Costello III (Hondo HS, Hondo, TX); Daniel Martinez (Samuel Clemens HS,TX); Portia Loosli (Riverton HS, Riverton, UT); Brian Likes, Jr. (Las Animas SecondarySchool, La Junta, CO); Shelby Lange (Thomas B. Doherty HS, CO); Ryan Hales (Spring-ville HS, UT); Anthony Jones (Pueblo HS, Pueblo, CO)SSFCU Awards $20K in ScholarshipsJessica Leal, SSFCUAfter 80 years of loyal service to its members, COMSTAR FCU ofFrederick, MD has rebranded itself asNymeo, “A new way to look at money.”The change reflects new service offerings,branch designs, and a renewed commit-ment to its members but is not the prod-uct of a takeover or sale. COMSTAR FCU is a coopera-tive, not-for-profit financial institutiondedicated to promoting each membersfinancial wellbeing. It has served thepeople of Frederick, MD for more than80 years. Now as it looks to its futureas Nymeo, the credit union has decidedto show its members new commitmentand vision by rebranding and expandingservices. COMSTAR FCU is now knownas Nymeo. By helping its membersfind a new way to look at money, thecredit union positions itself against thebusiness-as-usual attitudes of other finan-cial institutions and hopes to become amore helpful option for its current andfuture members. Along with the namechange, the credit union has adoptednew colors and marketing messages.It also overhauled the COMSTAR web-site, adding both clarity and increasedfunctionality. Visitors to the brick andmortar locations in Frederick will alsonote an updated branch design in-dicative of the new brand. All this sig-nals new training for Nymeo staff aswell. Each member is assigned a “finan-cial concierge” to help advise about op-timal products and services based on themember’s individual needs. According to Nymeo President andCEO Victoria M. Johnston, “The deci-sion to re-brand is just another part ofour strategic plan to make this cred-it union the absolute best financialinstitution around—one that providesall the same services and technology asthe big banks, but also the level ofcare and personalization our membersdeserve.”COMSTAR FCURebrands ItselfAs NymeoKristina Morgan, Senior Human Resourcesand Marketing ManagerHanscom FCU proudly made another contribution to the Massachusetts Credit Union League’s statewide book drive, collecting 4,729 books that will find their wayinto the hands of kids in shelters, hospitals and other non-profits throughout the state. Hanscom FCU, continuing its collaboration with the Hanscom Air Force Base thriftshop, has contributed to all 13 years of the MCUL’s most well-known charitable event.Credit unions throughout Massachusetts have collected over 200,000 books over the years,all distributed to children in need by the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless. “Everyone involved looks forward to this process every year,” said Hanscom FCUChairman of the Board Paul Marotta. “Matching up books that need a new home withchildren who can enjoy them is as satisfying as anything we do.”Left to right: Jim Potter, SVP Operations; David Sprague, President/CEO; Paul Marot-ta, Chairman of the Board; and Sandy Imbrogna, training specialist. Photo courtesyHanscom FCUHanscom FCU Holds Successful2013 Book Drive CollectionPatricia Warden-Conty, Hanscom FCU
  6. 6. Employees of Scott CU in partnership with the Armed Forces Financial Network recently presented $1,000 in thank you gift cards to help military families stayingat the Fisher House in St. Louis. The 20 gift cards will be given to family members of injured or ill soldiers or veteransto help them with expenses during their stay while the soldier receives medical treatment. The Fisher House, which is at the VA Medical Center at Jefferson Barracks in St.Louis, is available to military family members who are wounded or injured and are under-going extensive medical treatment. It provides warm, caring, comfortable, and convenientlodging for family members at no charge. This allows each family constant access to theirloved one to help in the healing process, according to St. Louis Fisher House FoundationChairman & CEO Kenneth Schieler. “We have heard stories of family members who stay at the Fisher House and needmoney for their everyday needs. Sometimes it is because their stay at the housebecomes extended while their family member is being treated at the hospital,” said ScottCU President & CEO Frank Padak. “We are honored to partner with AFFN to be ableto provide these gift cards for the family members for free. They are truly a thank you tothe family for their loved ones service to our country.” In 2012, the Fisher House in St. Louis hosted 497 families. The lodging at FisherHouse helped save the military families an estimated $966,800, according to Schieler. Scott CU has supported the local Fisher House with several fund raising efforts.“When they were raising money to build the Fisher House here, we were excited about theopportunity to help with the effort to provide housing for injured soldiers’ families duringtheir time of need,” Padak said. “Now, we are happy to play a small part in helping themoffer support to the families who are staying at the house. We are thankful for the partner-ship with AFFN.” The St. Louis VA Medical Center has been designated as a “Polytrauma Center”for treating Veterans wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Center provides treatmentfor Veterans suffering from single or multiple traumas and specialized care for traumaticbrain injury, spinal cord injury, advanced prosthetics, and mental health.6 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.Armed Forces Financial Network, Scott CUDonate Gift Cards to Local Fisher HouseAdam J. Koishor, Chief Marketing OfficerApril began the Month of the Military Child, a 30 day celebration of thecourage and sacrifice of military youth. On Fort Belvoir, the celebrationoriginated with a dinner where service-men, family members, and children filledthe Fort Belvoir Community Center’sballroom. The event, hosted by the Direc-torate of Family and Morale, Welfare, andRecreation (DFMWR), featured remarksfrom Fort Belvoir’s U.S. Army GarrisonCommander, Col. Gregory D. Gadson,and Trevor Romain, Co-Founder of theComfort Crew for Military Kids, alongwith raffle prizes for the families. Installations across the military cel-ebrate this special month with familyoriented activities and gatherings. BelvoirFCU supports the Month of the Mili-tary Child by being a primary sponsor atthe dinner where benefits of our member-ship to military families and children arepresented. Throughout the month, theyalso hosted activities for new families ar-riving to Fort Belvoir, provided water toparticipants in the Spring into Spring5K/5MI race, and attended the KidsFeston Fort Belvoir to provide a fun environ-ment where children can play games andwin prizes.Belvoir FederalSupports Month ofthe Military ChildAmy McConnell, MBA, Digital Marketing& Public Relations Managertrends in financial services innovation…Dave Weber and Chad Bennett (AFFN), John Slush-er (CUNA Mutual Group), and Mark Meyer (Filene Research Institute) did a superb joboutlining their research and viewpoints. And speaking of viewpoints, no conference would be complete without a legislative up-date, and we were again fortunate to have John McKechnie (Total Spectrum) join us in Dres-den. As always, John focused on burning issues such as taxation, member business lending,and overregulation, and offered his views on Congress, the CFPB, and NCUA, advisingattendees to remain vigilant and supportive, and encouraging them to speak with one voice. As I expressed upfront, this year’s 40th Annual Overseas Subcouncil conference wasoutstanding! From the location to our speakers to the abundant networking opportunities,DCUC’s 2013 Overseas conference was a major success! A special thanks to our co-host,Andrews FCU, and more specifically, Jim Hayes, Acting President/CEO, and Al Johnson,Andrews’ Senior Vice President European Operations for their leadership and guidance; oursponsors, the Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN), CUNA Mutual Group, and CO-OP Shared Branching/FSCC for their continued strong support of our overseas session; ourconference manager, Janet Sked, whose exceptional efforts and coordination from afar werereflected in this year’s unequivocal success; and our staff, Jenny Kenney and Beth Merlo, whosesuperb logistical support and preparation for this year’s event were key and essential, andJen Hernandez, whose on-sight assistance and technical expertise were valued and welcomed. On to The Greenbrier in West Virginia and DCUC’s 50th Annual Conference andShowcase, August 12-15, 2013, where we will be observing our Golden Anniversary and asignificant milestone in DCUC’s history!CEO UPDATE continued from page 1Call today forinformation aboutthe complimentaryround-trip bus fromWashington, The Greenbrier!Don’t delay; seatsare limited.202.638.3950Bus sponsored by ExecutiveBenefits Solutions.
  7. 7. DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC. 7DEFENSE CREDIT UNIONS IN THE NEWS…TEMECULA, CA—Pacific Marine CU (PMCU) celebrated the grand opening of its newSouth Temecula branch with a public event on Saturday, March 23. The newly openedbranch is located at 31709 Temecula Parkway, and is now the second PMCU branch loca-tion to be serving the Temecula community. The festivities were carnival-themed and gavethe new branch personnel a chance to meet members of the community while they indulgedin free popcorn, cotton candy, sno-cones, and hot dogs. Face painting was also a big hitfor the young and old alike. “We are thrilled to provide more convenient options for ourgrowing base of members in the Temecula area,” said Brad Smith, PMCU Vice Presidentof Strategic Development. “This latest full-service branch is our 12th location in SouthernCalifornia, which is a great way to celebrate our 60 years of helping families with theirfinancial needs and giving back to our local communities.”DEFENSE CREDIT UNION PEOPLE IN THE NEWS…JACKSONVILLE, NC—On April 18, Marine FCU celebrated a career milestone of oneof their Executive Management team members. Wendy McGill, Senior Vice Presidentof Marketing, was recognized by her peers for 30 exemplary years of service to MarineFCU and its membership. At the time of her hiring in 1983, Marine FCU consisted ofone branch and twelve other employees. Her contributions over the years brought aboutsuccessful growth to the tune of 21 branches, 342 employees, $740 million in assets, com-munity involvement second-to-none, and numerous accolades including the Dora Maxwell(on the state and national level) and the Louise Herring awards… ABERDEEN, MD—APGFCU announces the promotion of Susan R. Stover to assistant vice president, loancenters/sales, a new position in the credit union. Stover will oversee APGFCU’s two newCecil County loan centers, scheduled to open in May 2013. The non-cash Loan Centers,called My Loan Center, will offer 24/7 ATMs and serve consumers in Cecil and Harfordcounties. Available loans include mortgages, home equity loans and lines of credit, vehicleloans, credit cards, personal loans, and other consumer loans. Stover brings over 22 yearsof experience in the financial services industry to her new role… SAN ANTONIO,TX—Security Service FCU is pleased to announce the promotion of Norma Salazar toassistant vice president of quality and delivery management. In her new position, she willbe responsible for all aspects of the credit union’s software application change manage-ment, release management, quality assurance and project delivery across multiple busi-ness areas… SUITLAND, MD—The first meeting of the newly created Maryland Fi-nancial Education & Capability Commission was held on Friday, May 10, 2013 at theMaryland Department of Housing and Community Development in Crownsville, MD.Andrews FCU Community Outreach Coordinator Melissa Gardner, CCUFC, will serveas the credit union representative. Gardner, appointed by Governor Martin O’Malley tothe Commission last October, fills the lone credit union seat. Senator Katherine Klausmeier(District 8 – Baltimore County) and Delegate Dana Stein (District 11 – Baltimore Coun-ty) serve as co-chairpersons for the Commission. The Commission’s task is to improve thefinancial education and capability of residents of the state by monitoring the imple-mentation of public and private initiatives, by making recommendations on the coordina-tion of financial education and capability efforts across state agencies, and by submittingreports on its findings.DCUC’s 50th Annual ConferenceAugust 12–15, 2013 • Greenbrier HotelWhite Sulphur Springs, WVThe 50th Annual Conference Preliminary Program is nowavailable. Go to to see more informationon guest packages, tours and the Golf Tournament.Pacific Marine CU (PMCU) proudly presented a $7,100 donation to thelocal Wounded Warrior Homes (WWH),an organization that provides transitionalhousing to service members with Trau-matic Brain Injury and Post TraumaticStress. The check presentation took placeat their newest transitional home in Vista,CA, a place service members were alreadycalling home. The donation was the result of amonth-long campaign that took placeat each of PMCU’s twelve branch loca-tions. Employees and members partici-pated by making monetary donationsand signing donation cards that weredisplayed throughout each branch. This is not the first time thatPMCU has raised funds in support of theWounded Warrior Home organization; inDecember 2012 a check for $3,000 wasgifted on behalf of the Credit Union.Pacific Marine CU’s top donation col-lecting employees present a check toWounded Warrior Homes at their new-est transitional home for military veter-ans. Photo courtesy Pacific Marine CUPacific Marine CURaises Money forLocal WoundedWarriorsKimberley DeLauro, Marketing SpecialistGOT NEWS?Send news about yourcredit union to Beth Merloat
  8. 8. 8 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.Service CU President/CEO Gordon Simmons recently signed Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve certificates stating the credit union’s support for theEmployer Support of The Guard and Reserve. The certificate will be displayed in each ofthe credit union’s 40 branches worldwide ESGR is a Department of Defense agency that seeks to promote a culture in whichall American employers support and value the military service of their employees.The agency recognizes outstanding support, increase awareness of the law, and resolve con-flicts through mediation. “We are committed to helping the men and women in the military and theirfamilies,” says Simmons. “Service Credit Union has remained dedicated to the NationalGuard and Reserve. We want to make sure that our employees are aware of ourcommitment.” The certificates state that Service CU recognizes “the National Guard and Reserve asessential to the strength of our nation and the wellbeing of our communities. In the highestAmerican tradition, the patriotic men and women of the Guard and Reserve serve volun-tarily in an honorable and vital profession. They train to respond to their community andtheir country in time of need. They deserve the support of every segment of our society.” Service CU pledges that employment will not be denied because of service in theGuard or Reserve, employee job and career opportunities will not be limited or reducedbecause of service and employees will be granted leaves of absence for military service in theGuard or Reserve, consistent with existing laws, without sacrifice of vacation. The creditunion also appreciates the values, leadership and unique skills service members bring to theworkforce and will encourage opportunities to hire Guardsmen, Reservists and Veterans. “We at Service CU take pride in supporting, in every way possible, our employeeGuard members, but also via financial services we provide our tens of thousands of activeduty and Guard members of this credit union around the world,” says Simmons. “We aregrateful for their profound dedication and sacrifices in the protection of our great nation inkeeping the peace while preserving our liberty.”Service CU employees and Employer Support of The Guard and Reserve representa-tives flank Service CU President/CEO Gordon Simmons, left holding certificate, andESGR State Chairman David Quinn, right holding certificate. The certificate repre-sents a Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve. Photo courtesy Service CUService CU President/CEO Signs Guardand Reserve Statement of SupportLori Holmes, Assistant Vice President of MarketingHanscom FCU congratulates the most recent graduating class of theAirman Leadership School, and is proudto continue supporting the much de-served celebration. Airmen must complete the five-weekALS course before attaining the rank ofstaff sergeant, the first step toward a careeras a military supervisor. The ALS at Hans-com Air Force Base is unique because itoffers the course to multiple services, withthe Air Force joined by the Air NationalGuard and Coast Guard. This year’s class includes 10 Air Forceand two Coast Guard members, origi-nating from Hanscom AFB, Pease AirNational Guard Base, Westover ReserveBase and United States Coast Guard Base,Boston. “Helping these young men andwomen celebrate with a proper dinnernever gets old for us,” said Hanscom FCUChairman of the Board Paul Marotta.“For what they’ve already accomplishedand what they hope to, they deserve allthe support we can offer. We’re proud tocall them friends of Hanscom FCU.”Hanscom FCUContinues Supportof LeadershipSchool GradsPatricia Warden-Conty, Hanscom FCUOn Saturday, May 4, Fort Camp- bell FCU employees braved thestormy weather and helped 151 localhouseholds reduce the risk of identitytheft and fraud while helping the envi-ronment. Cintas was on hand to receivethe sensitive documents of local residentswith just over 8,100 pounds of shred.Cintas takes the shredded paper to berecycled into secondary paper productssuch as paper towels and tissue whichhelps protect our natural resources.151 Households TakeAdvantage of FreeShred Day EventVickilynn Gillette, MembershipDevelopment Specialist
  9. 9. DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC. 9GOT NEWS?Send your credit union news toBeth Merlo at CU announced it has been awarded 2013 grant funds from the Federal Home Loan Bank to be disbursed to low-and moderate-income homebuyers within its twelvecounty service area. Eligible first-time homebuyers may apply for up to $15,000 in matching grantfunds to be used for the down payment and closing costs involved with purchasing theirhome. Under the WISH Program, FHLB will provide matching grants through TravisCU up to $3 for every dollar contributed by the homebuyer toward a home purchase.The program is designed to help working households in high-cost areas purchase homes. Additionally, Travis CU works with the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) of SanFrancisco to offer the Individual Development and Empowerment Account (IDEA)program to low and moderate-income households. FHLB sets aside a portion of its an-nual Affordable Housing Program contribution to provide matching grants through TravisCU for down payment and closing cost assistance to eligible first-time homebuyers whohave saved under Individual Development Account (IDA) or Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)programs. This program provides up to $15,000 for each household, matching up to $3 foreach $1 saved by the homebuyer. “The recent recession has hit communities hard all across Northern and CentralCalifornia, but its impact has been especially harsh for those who were already strug-gling to make ends meet,” said Patsy Van Ouwerkerk, president and CEO of Travis CU.“These grants are designed to provide low and moderate-income individuals and familiesthe chance of realizing their dream of homeownership. Even in this challenging economicclimate, with these grants, I believe we can help these families achieve their financial goals.” Travis CU is one of only five credit unions in California to receive grant funds for theWISH and IDEA programs this year.Travis CU Receives Federal WISH andIDEA Grant Funds to Assist First-TimeHomeownersShérry Cordonnier, Director of Corporate RelationsArmy AviationCenter FCU Boardof Director MemberPassesEmily Darnell, Marketing SpecialistArmy Aviation Center FCU Board of Director Member Roger Turnquist,has passed away. Mr. Turnquist was 99years old and still an active board memberat the time of his passing. He had a longcareer of service spanning over 35 yearswith AACFCU and his community. Heserved 21 years on AACFCU’s Board ofDirectors. Mr. Turnquist began his vol-unteer service in 1978 with Mobile Se-curity FCU. He served 14 years on thatboard, and when AACFCU merged withMobile Security FCU, he joined AACF-CU’s supervisory committee. He actedas the liaison between Little Flower FCUand AACFCU that resulted in a mergerin April 2005. He has worked with theCUNA Volunteer Achievement Programand attended various credit union confer-ences and seminars spanning his 35 yearsof volunteering. He will be greatly missedby the Board of Directors, managementand staff of AACFCU. Mr. Turnquist issurvived by his wife, Wilma, and son,Phillip. We extend our condolences tohis family.Keys FCU honors the Key West 2013 Military Service Member of the Year, Petty Officer JefferyHunter. Scott Duszynski, President/CEO, of Keys FCU pre-sented Petty Officer Jeffery Hunter with a Navy Sword andScabbard for his hard work and dedication. Keys FCU also provided a $250 sponsorship in supportof the Military Service Member of the Year Awards Banquet,hosted by the Navy League Key West Council and the KeyWest Area Chief Petty Officer Association. Left to right: Keys FCU’s President/CEO, Scott Duszynski, and 2013Military Service Member of the Year for Key West, Petty Officer JefferyHunter. Photo courtesy Keys FCUKeys FCU Rewards Key WestMilitary Service Memberof the Year, Petty OfficerJeffery HunterMary Lou Carn, Marketing Director
  10. 10. 10 DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC.Redstone FCU dedicated its 24th branch to longtime Chair of the Board of Directors, Charles L. Ray, Jr., on Friday, April 19, 2013. The branch was dedicated to Mr. Rayduring its grand opening. He passed away in March. Approximately 100 people attend-ed the event including members of Mr. Ray’s family, and the Garrison Commander ofRedstone Arsenal, Colonel John Hamilton. A bronze plaque honoring Mr. Ray, which ispermanently mounted in the building’s entrance along with his photograph, was unveiled. Chair of the Board of Directors for Redstone FCU, Dr. Dorothy W. Huston spokeabout Mr. Ray’s service to the Credit Union at the ceremony. “For those of you who hadthe good fortune of knowing Mr. Ray, you know that he was a man of exceptional moralcharacter and great dignity who committed his life to service,” she said. “It is especiallyfitting that this branch of Redstone FCU, located on Redstone Arsenal, be dedicated tohim, because both the Credit Union and the Arsenal were institutions he served with greathonor for many years of his life. His work helped to shape each of them into what theyare today. In fact, had it not been for his 23 years of tireless service to our creditunion, we would likely not be here today celebrating the grand opening of its 24th branch.” Mr. Ray, who passed away on March 5, served as Chair of the Board of Directorsof Redstone FCU from 1983 until 2011. He began serving the Credit Union as a volun-teer in 1977 as a Committee Member. During his tenure on the board, Mr. Ray oversawexponential growth of the Credit Union and guided its transformation into the largestCredit Union in Alabama, and one of the 25 largest federal credit unions in the nation. During his long and successful career, Mr. Ray owned and operated Nelms Memo-rial Funeral Home. He also worked as a school teacher in the Madison County PublicSchools, and then went to hold prestigious positions with the Huntsville-Madison CountyCommunity Action Agency and the US Army Aviation and Missile Command. Hiscommitment to service extended beyond the Credit Union. He was a member ofmany community service organizations, and served on the Board of Directors for Red-stone Village, First Stop, Harris Home for Children, Huntsville Human Relations Com-mission, and the Interfaith Mission Service, among many others. In 2010 he was recog-nized nationally for his outstanding service as an inductee into the Defense CreditUnion Council’s Hall of Honor.Redstone FCU Dedicates New RedstoneArsenal Branch to Late Charles L. Ray, Jr.Ken Jost, Senior Assistant Vice President Marketing SAC FCU held the Topping Off Cere- mony for its newcorporate head-quarters in Papillion, NE. The eventmarks a major construction milestoneand signifies that the structural steel workis completed on the new building. Joining Gail DeBoer, SAC FCUCEO, and SAC employees wereseveral Mayors and local officials, SAC’sboard of directors, and representativesfrom the Leo A. Daly and MCL corpora-tions. SACemployeesandboardmemberssigned the beam. DeBoer stated, “Likethis building, today’s ceremony and allthe signatures on the final beam serve as asymbolic representation of SAC’s successand commitment to the communitieswe serve.” SAC expects to be moved intothe building in March of 2014. The new corporate headquarters willstand four stories tall and contain 90,000square feet. The facility will include afirst-floor branch with both drive-upand external ATM options. The build-ing will allow for the consolidationof all corporate departments, which arenow dispersed through-out the metro-area. The building’s design will accom-modate the projected growth for the next20 to 30 years.Left to right: Jean Howard, Pat Jones,Marilyn Ogorzaly, Jerry Needham,President & CEO Gail DeBoer, SVP Op-erations Robin Larsen, John Goble, Dr.Julia Cronin-Gilmore. Photo courtesySAC FCUSAC FCU HoldsTopping OutCeremony onNew CorporateHeadquartersJackie Boryca, Vice President, MarketingJoin us in wild and wonderful West Virginia for dynamicspeakers, important educational sessions, and networking events.50th Annual DCUC ConferenceAugust 12–15, 2013 • Greenbrier Hotel • White Sulphur Springs, WVA Will the furlough plan change again next month? Some individuals at the Pentagonand in the Field believe it could…and will; others, however, claim it firm! From ourperspective, regardless of which camp you support and/or believe, one thing is for cer-tain—we must prepare for the worse scenario. We must be ready on July 8 to assist theDepartment’s civilian workforce, if the furlough takes hold…and based on the informa-tion we have received and reported to DOD to date —you are! You are prepared to help!Help your members and your respective Commands bridge the personal and organiza-tional financial gaps resulting from this year’s extraordinary budget cuts. In that regard, please know from me that your plans have not gone unnoticed! Forgiven my recent meetings with the Military Departments’ leadership, rest assured,they know of your special efforts and are most grateful, as I, for your sustained andsteadfast support of the Total Force! Thank you for doing what you do best—taking careof the DOD establishment!DOD FURLOUGH continued from page 1
  11. 11. DEFENSE CREDIT UNION COUNCIL, INC. 11GOT NEWS?Send news about your credit unionto Beth Merlo at to right: Scholarship winners Xinye Zhang, Christopher Crowe, LFCU VP ofMarketing Randy Saltzman, and scholarship winner Gabriella McLemore. Not inphoto—scholarship winner Khalyiah Brown. Photo courtesy Langley FCULangley FCU Awards $20,000in College ScholarshipsSue Thrash, Director of Research & CommunicationsLangley FCU recently presented four deserving young members with the Jean M. Yokum $5,000 College Scholarship award for academic achievement. The fourwinners are Khalyiah Brown, Christopher Crowe, Gabriella McLemore and Xinye Zhang. Khalyiah Brown will graduate from Heritage High School. She is a member of theNational Technical Honor Society, Youth Volunteer Corps, and Youth LeadershipAcademy. Her love of animals inspired her long-range goal to become a Veterinarian. Christopher Crowe will graduate from York High School. He has participated inthe mentorship program at NASA Langley’s Crew Systems & Aviation Operation Branchand is the Co-Founder/Co-President of the Horticultural Society. He plans to focus on acareer in Biomedical Engineering that deals with immunology and infectious diseases. Gabriella McLemore will graduate after being home schooled, in addition to attend-ing Thomas Nelson Community College. She has tutored middle school students in mathsince 2001 and was the recipient of the AWANA Citation Award in 2013. Gabriella plansto attend James Madison University to study being an Occupational Therapist. Xinye Zhang will graduate from Grafton High School. He has attended The Gov-ernor’s School for Science and Technology since 2011 and has been the recipient of theOutstanding Student Award three years in a row (2010-2012). Xinye plans to pursue a ca-reer in the world of finance, with the hopes of one day working on Wall Street. The Jean M. Yokum College Scholarships are awarded to successful applicantswho are members of LFCU’s Constellation Club. The club is designed for children throughthe age of 18 and provides a tool for parents to teach their children the importance offinancial responsibility.Resolutions to BePresented at AnnualMembership MeetingIf you have a resolution that you wouldlike DCUC to adopt, here’s yourchance. Submit a written resolution toDCUC prior to June 3, 2013, to be actedon by the committee and included withthe Call of the Annual Meeting which isissued 60 days before the annual meeting.Proposed resolutions should be forwardto Beth Merlo, Director for Administra-tion, DCUC 601 Pennsylvania, NW,South Bldg., Suite 600, Washington,D.C. 20004. You may also email pro-posed resolutions to orfax them to 202/638-3410. If you haveany questions, please call 202/638-3950.Two seats on the DCUC Board of Directors will be filled at the annualbusiness meeting at The Greenbrier inWhite Sulphur Springs, WV, Wednesday,August 14. The regular three-year termof the Marine Corps Representative anda Representative-at-Large expire this year.At this writing, David Davis, the incum-bent Marine Corps Representative willnot be seeking re-election. Denise Floyd,the incumbent Representative-at-Large,will be seeking re-election. Any party in-terested in serving on the DCUC Boardis invited to advise the Council so that wemay publish it in the Alert.Two Directors ofthe DCUC Boardto Be Elected atAnnual ConferenceSign up for the 20th AnnualVADM Vincent LascaraGolf Tournament now!Sunday, August 11, 2013Details at
  12. 12. First Class MailUS PostagePAIDAnnapolis, MDPermit 163Defense Credit Union Council601 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.Suite 600Washington, D.C. 20004-2601For the latest creditunion news, visitwww.dcuc.orgor scan theQR code below:Andrews FCU sponsored the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (S.H.A.P.E.) Air Force Awards Banquet. The banquet, held annually, recognizes select individualsfor their superior performance, as well as community service. This year’s banquet was hosted by United States Air Force Maj. Gen. Michelle D.Johnson, Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations and Intelligence, SHAPE, Belgium. GeneralJohnson was recently appointed as the Air Force Academy’s first female superintendent.Her appointment was recently confirmed by the United States Senate.Left to right: Michael Bartelle, Andrews FCU Vice President, Overseas Operations,Staff Sergeant Alejandro A. Rull, Captain Richard P. Willie, Senior Airman Mark S.Lemerond and Technical Sergeant Joshua E. Watts. Photo courtesy Andrews FCUAndrews FCU Sponsors S.H.A.P.E.Air Force Awards BanquetScott Bolden, Marketing Communications Officer