Social Success: Mastering Social Media Posts


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Discover how to write compelling posts that people will click, like, retweet, share and all that other fun stuff! Don't let your social media posts get lost in the noise. Learn to stand out.

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Social Success: Mastering Social Media Posts

  1. 1. There Is One Strategy You Need In Your Arsenal If You Plan To Conquer Your Market. All Successful Marketers Use This. Seriously – If You Aren’t Using This Strategy You Are Leaving Significant Money On The Table, My Friend! Instantly Increase Results By Implementing This. Created: May 19, 2014 © EcomBuffet 2014 Brought To You By:
  2. 2. People will click on a link in a social media post if it grabs their attention and makes them feel like you have something they can’t miss out on! With the constant barrage of noise on social media, your posts need to be pretty darn compelling in order to stand out enough to get that coveted click. I’m going to share posts that will get you clicks – but it’s not what you are expecting!
  3. 3. Headlines are one of your most valuable marketing weapons. Why? When someone lands on your site or views a social media post – they aren’t “yours” yet. They are standing outside your store – looking at the sign and window display, trying to decide if they want to come in. Your headline is your sign and window display – it has to compel them to take action – to come in and browse! Once they start reading your copy and checking out what you have to offer (clicking product links, looking at pictures etc.) then they are actually in your store! Now they are “yours”!
  4. 4. Site owners are scared of marketing. They don’t want to create hype, they don’t want to be “over the top” and they are sure because their product and/or their content is so good, it will l “sell itself”. To be very blunt, that is a mistake and one I see site owners make far too often. A lot of time, effort and research have gone into writing the perfect headline over the years, for a reason. Headlines and marketing copy are crucial to your success. Don’t be afraid to sell. Toot your own horn. Shout from the rooftops how great you are. Just remember, you need to back up what you are claiming – it’s only hype if it’s not true.
  5. 5. Take a look at headlines on Vogue and Elle and other magazines and try using their formula for your own headlines – they’ve spent a ton of money getting those headlines right so use them as a guide! Check out - you can search your competitors and brands and see what headlines people are using in their ads. These are graphical ads, but they still have headlines. Study Gary Halbert (He is no longer with us, but he left sheer brilliance behind!) Build your own “Swipe file” – every time you see a headline or ad you like, note it in one file that you can refer to for inspiration in the future.
  6. 6. The goal of a headline is grab someone's attention and draw them in, so they will take an action right? Social Media posts have the exact same goal! Master headlines and you’ve mastered Social Media posts!
  7. 7. Create curiosity We all want to be “in the know” – create curiosity and you’ll get the click! There Is One (Simple) Thing You Can Do Today To XYZ. I’m Revealing It Right Now… “There Is One (Simple) Thing You Can Do Today To Improve Results. I’m Revealing It Right Now…” <Insert Name> Did What?? Example: “Carl Smith Did What??” The Inside Truth About XYZ – It’s Not What You Think! Example: “The Inside Truth About Google’s Algorithm – It’s Not What You Think”
  8. 8. Imply scarcity and/or urgency Scarcity is a great motivator to get people to act. They don’t want to miss out! Tip: Fear of loss is a greater motivator than desire to gain! That means people are more often motivated by missing out on something than they are by the thought of gaining that same thing. I Hope I’m Not Too Late! Before You Spend Another Penny On XYZ, You Need This Info “I Hope I’m Not Too Late! Before You Spend Another Penny On Marketing, You Need This Info.” You Have 33 Hours To Get XYZ “You Have 33 Hours To Get Your Free Report On Dominating Google” There Are <insert number> Left At X% Off “There Are 7 Left At 20% Off”
  9. 9. Use action words – verbs! Verbs encourage readership and guides them. You can use words like: Discover, Join etc. Discover XYZ “Discover Insider SEO Secrets” Grab XYZ And Run! Save Up To x% “Grab Your Discount And Run! Save Up To 15%”
  10. 10. Fear / Hit your target’s pain point Don’t be afraid of this strategy. Reminding your prospects what they have to be afraid of and how your product/services alleviates their concerns is a powerful strategy and is age-old. Don’t Buy Another XYZ Until Your Read This “Don’t Buy Another Marketing Course Until You Read This” What You Don’t Know About XYZ Is Hurting Your XYZ “What You Don’t Know About Social SEO Is Hurting Your Business”
  11. 11. Use Social Proof Social Proof is guiding people to take an action by showing them others that took the same action before them. This is also called Social Influence. We all have a propensity to follow the crowd, so social proof is very effective in building trust and guiding people to take action. Examples: Last Month X People XYZ. Did You Miss It? “Last Month 3246 People Read This Free Report. Did You Miss It?” Join XXX Of Your Peers Today, Download This Report Now “Join 32,572 Of Your Peers Today, Download This Report Now” How <insert impressive number> People <insert something they did or accomplished> In <insert amount of time> “How 3674 People Increased Traffic & Leads In Just 3 Weeks”
  12. 12. Social Proof Continued… The New XYZ Everyone Is Talking About Example: “The New Social Success Report Everyone Is Talking About” How <insert impressive number> People <insert something they did or accomplished> In <insert amount of time> Example: “How 3674 People Increased Traffic & Leads In Just 3 Weeks” Smart/Strong/Successful People Do XYZ Example: “Successful People Focus on Social SEO To Grow Their Business” Bob, Joe, Sue and Mike All Did XYZ. Will You Too? Example: “Bob, Joe, Sue & Mike All Increased Sales With Pinterest. Will You Too?”
  13. 13. Halo Effect When someone is seen as an authority and trusted, anyone or anything they associate themselves with is seen as more credible, believable and generally good due to the association. Tying yourself to credible sources allows you to enjoy the Halo Effect and have some of their credibility transferred to you. This is a form of social proof, but is worth singling out. <Insert name of influential person in your industry> Thinks XYZ> We Agree. “Google Thinks Your Site Needs Work. We Agree.” <Insert celebrity name> Does XYZ. Wanna Be Like <celeb name>? Find Out How… “Matt Cutts Increases Social Reach Daily. Wanna be like Matt? Find out how…”
  14. 14. Promise a benefit After you promise the benefit, be sure to tell them how they can experience this benefit themselves. Click Here Right Now and You Will Discover How To Eliminate <Insert whatever you want to help them eliminate> “Click Here Right Now and You Will Discover How To Eliminate Bad Links From Your Link Profile” Discover How To XYZ “Discover How To Gain Top Rankings & Grow Your Business” No More XYZ “No More Late Night Sweats Over Google Penalties”
  15. 15. Give and Get Another approach is to let people know what they have to give up to get the info you are promising. Ex: “For Only $7 Get Insider Secrets From Top Bloggers”. It also helps to mention if it’s a quick read or more in- depth so people know how much time they have to spend to get the info you are offering. If it’s a short read, let people know, you’ll likely get more clicks. Something like “Quick & Easy Strategies For….” Give Me X Minutes & I’ll Give You X <fill in blank> Tips “Give Me 3 Minutes & I’ll Give You 3 SEO Tips” Your Email Address For My Top X Best XYZ? “Your Email Address For My Top 7 Best Headlines?”
  16. 16. “How To” If someone has a problem, they want to know exactly what to do to solve it. Simply adding “How To” to a headline is a great strategy most site owners don’t embrace and implement enough. As soon as you add “How To” you are communicating a promise to people – they click and they learn how. Remember, your prospects are all about what’s in it for them. Click Here To Discover How To XYZ… “Click here to discover how to use Social Media to grow your business” How To XYZ Better Than XYZ “How To Write Copy Better Than Your Competitors”
  17. 17. Ask A Question Asking questions engages the reader and makes them more likely to take action, since they feel connected to the copy. Who Wants XYZ? “Who Wants Top Rankings?” If I Could Show You XYZ, Would You XYZ? “If I Could Show You How To Increase Traffic, Would You Join My Membership Program?”
  18. 18. Add Unexpected Societal References Make your headlines more interesting by adding an unexpected twist or analogy. Ex: “What Miley Cyrus Taught Us About SEO” Completely unexpected, right? Suddenly this just got interesting Want To Learn To XYZ Like <insert celeb name> “Want to learn to diffuse Google’s algorithm like Jack Bauer diffuses bombs?” Learn To X Like <insert celeb name> In Just One Day! “Learn To Grow Your Twitter Followers Like Ashton Kutcher in Just One Day
  19. 19. Every one of those headlines could also be used as social media posts (although you may have to alter the length to make the characters work for Twitter). Keep in mind, writing a compelling headline is an invaluable skill. Totally priceless. The same skill will not only allow you to write headlines and social media posts but also email subject lines, landing page text, PPC ad copy and more.
  20. 20. It’ll take some practice and some creativity but you can do it. Use these samples to model your headlines and social posts after and I promise you will increase engagement! Note every one of these headlines can be altered for any product or service – just get creative and play with some ideas.
  21. 21. Director of Marketing for EcomBuffet and Leader of the Social SEO Profit Academy has spoken at conferences, written a book, is regularly published on the top industry Blogs and sites and has been listed among the top SEO experts and Bloggers. Marketing and the psychology behind it has always fascinated Jennifer. She is trained in marketing with a special emphasis on online and digital marketing and copywriting as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media. Jennifer’s focus is always on results based marketing. It's about business growth. That typically starts with identifying and fixing problem areas and new growth potential. The biggest problem most businesses face in today's competitive online marketplace is creating an effective and easy to follow strategy that will increase exposure and get their message heard amid the noise online. Jennifer regularly plans and implements Social SEO campaigns – including on-page SEO, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Creating exposure for brands by effectively communicating on the channels the target audience uses is a specialty of Jennifer’s.
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